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As part of our mission to help support and promote Arts & Crafts in the UK, we wanted to provide somewhere that people could show their support and give encouragement to British Crafters - and here it is. By signing our list of craft supporters, you can let the people who produce all those fantastic British Crafts know just how great you think they are!

And as our way of saying thank-you, if you put in your website URL too, we'll give you a some link love.

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  • 814. Camille sutheran from United Kingdom supports handmade craft!26th Jan 2015

    hi I have two pages Little Sparkles fairy doors and The little owl house. I love selling at craft fairs and Etsy
  • 811. Susan Maidment from United Kingdom says this about crafts:9th Jan 2015

    Handmade is art and craft from the heart and the hands, unique and personal,the perfect token of love
  • 809. L Jameson from United Kingdom says this about crafts:10th Oct 2014

    As a designer-maker myself, I always look to fellow crafters, when choosing materials and gift ideas.
  • 806. Evica from United Kingdom says this about crafts:5th Jun 2014

    Love, oh love!
  • 803. Sue Palmer from United Kingdom is a big craft fan!26th May 2014

    All the clothing on this site is hand knitted to a very high standard and can be produced to your own requirements.
  • 802. Hazelmadeit from United Kingdom loves handmade crafts..30th Mar 2014

    I promise to only sell products that have been designed and created from scratch in the UK.
  • 801. Claire from United Kingdom says this about crafts:18th Mar 2014

    I've recently started crafting whilst being on maternity leave and I love it. I find it really relaxing and gets rid of any stresses I've had during the day. I love searching for and looking at other people's handmade items. Some people are extremely talented. I support handmade 100%
  • 800. Sarah Evans from United Kingdom says this about crafts:27th Feb 2014

    Make, Live, Love Handmade <3
  • 799. Dawn Jackson from United Kingdom is a big craft fan!7th Feb 2014

    Buy from small local businesses to get quality and unique pieces of art.
  • 798. Suzy winstanley from Jersey (CI) is a big craft fan!16th Jan 2014

    Hi i took knitting back up 2 years ago after not touching a set of needles since I was a child. I now knit or crochet everyday.Ugg booties are my favourite make, along with hats, gloves, leg warmers, scarfs and ponchos. I have a fb page which I've shared with friends, so haven't advertised as yet.
  • 797. Trish Bullock from United Kingdom is a big craft fan!1st Jan 2014

    I am a passionate (and aspiring free range human) art, crafter and photographer, my main interest being making jewellery. It's a great thing for handmade crafters to be part of an online community sharing ideas, successes (and failures, to learn from them) and links to our work.
  • 796. Anne Evans from United Kingdom loves handmade crafts..11th Nov 2013

    Great website ! Lovely to see so many others crafting, everyone should do it x
  • 795. Gemma from United Kingdom supports handmade craft!10th Nov 2013

    I support handmade as this supports communities, it helps famalies pay the bills and helps people keep doing the one thing they love. You also know it has been handmade with love and not mass produced in a factory.
  • 793. Jill Lawrence from United Kingdom loves handmade crafts..31st Oct 2013

    Huge fan - I make jewellery myself and only stock UK handmade products in my shop
  • 791. Justbod from United Kingdom says this about crafts:12th Oct 2013

    Handmade-Crafts thanks for supporting British Crafts – great website! I love creating & the places it takes me, the people I meet. I am inspired by nature & history & if I ever manage to convey a fraction of the beauty of nature or the skill of our ancestors, I will feel very proud indeed.

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