Frequently Asked Questions about Handmade Crafts

The response which Handmade Crafts gets is amazing, but some crafters (and handmade crafts fans) have contacted us with questions (which is great - don't stop) - so we felt we should start listing the answers to here.

How much does it cost to join Handmade Crafts?

The only thing we charge for is advertising. Everything else is free. And we mean free. We aim to provide ways to promote your crafts business or just to talk about the wonderful things you make. It won't cost you a penny to join our site.

When will Handmade Crafts be launched / updated?

The site has come a pretty long way since we first reserved the domain in December 2008!

We consider the site "live", but we are always working on improving it. Your suggestions and comments form an important part of this process, so please do keep them coming. If you're not a member yet, why not register for handmade crafts or sign our pledge so we can keep you posted with the latest news?

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Who can join Handmade Crafts?

Anyone can submit links and other resources to Handmade Crafts, although we do moderate everything and will only publish items which we feel fit our guidelines and are suitable for the site.

How do I get a link added to the directory?

This has caused some confusion recently, so we're going to try and de-mystify things!

We used to keep a list of craft links in a hand-updated page, however since the launch of our new directory system, we are working hard on moving these over.

All links must now be submitted via our craft link submission form, which is available once you have logged in. You may need to register first, even if you have previously signed our pledge.

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How can I advertise a craft fair on the site?

In order to submit an event (which could be a craft fair, workshop or many other things besides), you need to register first (this helps us reduce the number of spam submissions which we receive). Once you've registered, you'll see a menu which gives you the option to submit links and events.

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How do I get a press release added to the site?

You just need to contact us with the details of your press release - a few suitably written paragraphs and ideally a picture or two as well. You can email us directly at, or use our contact form.

Please review some of our existing craft press releases first to get an idea of the best writing style!

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My question isn't here!

Just give us a shout. We'll answer your question and (if the answer will help other users in the future), add it to this page!

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