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Dreamy Giraffes - Amigurumi Wool Week
11th to 17th October 2010

We saw a tweet from one of you recently which mentioned "Wool Week" - we were quite curious about this as it sounded interesting, so we sent out a couple of tweets and did a little bit of research.

We didn't know much to start with (and probably still don't, investigative journalism isn't exactly our forte), however between the sparse bits of information and conflicting stories out there, we've grabbed a few good links and some basic facts (we hope).

What, Why and When?

According to Woolipedia, Wool Week is part of a wider Campaign for Wool, backed and led by some impressive names including HRH Prince Charles. The ultimate goal of the campaign as a whole is to stimulate demand for wool and to increase it's value as a commodity.

Sheep are trimmed regularly on welfare grounds, but the low value of wool has caused some farmers to cite that they even lose money on trading it - so by sponsoring a series of events such as Wool Week, "The Wool Project" hopes to improve the situation.

We have seen several sets of dates for Wool Week, although the most commonly repeated are those we have quoted - 11th to 17th October 2010 (for example, see Fashion Online's article about Jaeger's participation).

What we'd like to do!

Very simple! We'd like you to leave us a comment or send us a message with anything wool-related. In particular, we are interested in:

  • Wool and knitting related links for our directory
  • Press Releases from those of you who have woolly news
  • More information about things being organised for Wool Week

It'd be good if we could collect a solid selection of information here so that it's easier for people to find out about this and what is going to be happening, online!

So leave us a comment, or get in touch, and we'll all look forward to wrapping up warm in October!

Comments (12)

Gravatar for lyn britton

I believe we should concentrate on encouraging children and young people to take up crafts, especially knitting.

Posted by lyn britton on 11/08/2010 11:11:07

Gravatar for VIctoria

Wow I never knew there was a woolopedia or a wool week!

I dont know if youd be interested but I produce hand thrown yarn bells for knitting and crochet projects!

Posted by VIctoria on 12/08/2010 14:16:12

Gravatar for Julia York

Deja vu!! I was just reading about this in the Rowan Newsletter. Apparently, their Purelife wools are all made from British Sheep breeds raised by British hill farmers.

I'm with Lyn though part of supporting the farmers is finding ways of getting more folk involved in knitting, crocheting, weaving etc to stimulate demand. This newsletter says it's also about encouraging us as consumers to buy wool carpets... jackets... use wool felt, the whole spread of wooly items.

Posted by Julia York on 13/08/2010 20:26:49

Gravatar for Kate Scofield

My small company produces millspun yarns from fleeces bought direct from farms in Lancashire,& handspun handknitted garments fromthe same fleeces.Available by mail order!

Posted by Kate Scofield on 18/08/2010 19:47:19

Gravatar for Laura Rosenzweig

I'm not finding it particularly easy to get information about Wool Week. I'd like to know much more as I too produce products from locally sourced British wool. Do you have more information on how small producers can get involved in this initiative?

Posted by Laura Rosenzweig on 21/08/2010 13:20:39

Gravatar for Matt Chatterley

Hi Laura - no - we don't have a lot of information, I'm afraid. I'll see if I can get in touch with anyone official and find out, though, as it'd be good if we could publish a statement or something similar!

Posted by Matt Chatterley on 21/08/2010 13:22:01

Gravatar for Matt Chatterley

A brief update - we have now what we believe to be the official twitter account and website for the Campaign for Wool and thereby Wool Week!


We are going to try to contact them above and find out more!

Posted by Matt Chatterley on 23/08/2010 08:38:05

Gravatar for Jason

Great article. Nothing warmer than wool. I'll have to check out Woolipedia aswell.

Posted by Jason on 17/09/2010 17:30:27

Gravatar for angela wilson

I know very little about wool,time to rectify this i think as i enjoy knitting and at the moment i am making yarn dolls for a friend to sell in his shop. It would be good to maybe add a bit of history of wool to these cute dolls don't you think?

Posted by angela wilson on 20/09/2010 11:15:09

Gravatar for Ruth Weatherill

Anyone else remember the old British Wool Marketing Board strapline - "Wear British Wool - 34 million sheep can't be wrong" - not sure how many sheep there are in Britain now - the figure might need updating!

Posted by Ruth Weatherill on 06/10/2010 21:58:32

Gravatar for Claire Pidoux

For anyone interested - to celebrate Wool Week we have a promotion on our Organic British Wool products - www.naturalsimplicity.co.uk.

Posted by Claire Pidoux on 10/10/2010 20:30:16

Gravatar for Dave Ross

Hello from New Zealand. Our tv news carried a story about wool week but it featured an NZ firm FORMARY I think who are belnding 70/30% wool (NZ of course)& jute (shredded coffee sacks) to be woven in EU somewhere and made into seat fabric for 8000 starbucks shops.
I'm looking forward to the yarn orders at my work.
Greetings UK and see you here for the rugby world cup!

Dave at WoolYarns Ltd.

Posted by Dave Ross on 13/10/2010 00:21:32

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