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Tutorial: How to make a foam water lily

15/09/2012 - Stacey Lowe

Guest Post by Stacey Lowe

Water lilies are one of the most beautiful flowers. Now you can make your very own. The gluing can be a bit tricky but it is well worth it when you see the results. They also float just like the real thing! Thanks to www.foamcompany.co.uk who provide foam cut to size below is great fun tutorial providing the kids with hours of fun during the holidays.

You will need:

Green foam sheet
Pink foam sheet
Yellow foam sheet

Step 1
Cut out a lily pad shape from the green foam, approximately 15cm across.
Foam Water Lily 1

Step 2
Take the pink foam sheet and cut out two petal shapes, one about 14cm across and the other 11cm. Cut a slit into the middle of both.
Foam Water Lily 2

Step 3
Next, cut out the petal shape from the yellow foam. Make this one about 9cm across and make the petals a bit thinner as shown. Cut a slit to the middle on this piece as well.
Foam Water Lily 3

Step 4
Take the 11cm pink petals and overlap the two petals nearest the slit and glue in place.
Foam Water Lily 4

Step 5
Take the other pink petals and overlap this one a bit further and then glue.
Foam Water Lily 5

Step 6
Take the yellow one and overlap as far as possible then glue.
Foam Water Lily 6

Step 7
Start with the 11cm petals on the bottom and glue the other pink petals inside.
Foam Water Lily 7

Step 8
When dry, glue in the yellow petals. The bottoms can be trimmed to make them flatter for gluing.
Foam Water Lily 8

Step 9
When the flower is dry, glue it into place on the lily pad.
Foam Water Lily 10Foam Water Lily 11

We have shown instructions for a pink and yellow lily but it can also be done in white and pink. Try different colour combinations. Why not decorate your garden pond with them for a special occasion. Or have them in amongst floating candles. They look best when you have a few of them, so get creative and make your own. Thanks to the foamcompany.co.uk the foam specialists for this fun foam tutorial.

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