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The benefits of being a UK manufacturer

14/11/2014 - Poly Postal Packaging

Poly Postal Packaging

We hope you all enjoyed the first guest post by Poly Postal Packaging, which we published a while back.. because.. well.. there's more! Here's the next part - we asked them to give us both sides of the coin as they are a genuine UK Manufacturer, something which I'm sure you will agree is quite special in this day and age.

The benefits of being a UK Manufacturer

Read our blog post on The Toils of Being a UK Manufacturer and you’ll understand some of the challenges we face every single day.  It’s not easy being a UK manufacturer, as we’ve tried to explain, but it’s a challenge we never shy away from and it’s one we actually enjoy.

Yes it’s a slog at times but it also has numerous benefits and there’s plenty of value in being a manufacturer within the UK packaging industry.

To prove this point our next post explains why the challenge of being a manufacturer never outweighs the joys of delivering a first class packaging service.

We’re closer to you!

Deal with overseas suppliers and it’s hard to establish a close working relationship, the sheer distance involved makes this an impossibly. Okay, you might get to fly out and visit their facilities once, maybe twice a year, that’s as much personal contact you’ll have with them though.

Skype’s not the same and emails are impersonal, it’s good to meet and greet your clients on a regular basis.

Being based in the UK gives us a distinct advantage over our overseas rivals; we like to be closer to our customers so we can provide a better service for you.

Being closer to a customer means:

  • It’s easier to contact us
  • Shipping is faster
  • Mailing is cheaper
  • Products are easier to track
  • Customer service is better

We love the challenge of industry ‘peaks and troughs’

The UK manufacturing sector experienced a period of growth during the first quarter of 2014. Reports from the National Institute of Economic and Social Research indicated that economic recovery in the UK was broadening in general and the country was going through a bit of a boom.

Strong domestic demand was the key factor in driving this growth but sadly this period has been taking a downward during the second quarter.

Pace of UK Manufacturing

Since the summer there has been a significant slowdown in UK manufacturing growth, as you can see the second quarter ended on a bit of a soft note.

Whilst this is an extra challenge it’s also part of the fun of manufacturing in the UK. Our business was built on the foundations of hard work and determination. It’s not easy, but the sense of satisfaction you feel as you nurture a business through challenging times make it a pleasure to work in the industry.

We can price products cheaper to make our business competitive

Keeping costs down is never easy as a UK manufacturer. Like most businesses there are overheads to account for, staff wages to pay, base materials to buy and we hope to make a profit at the end of the day!

Manufacturing in the UK places us in a strong position though. Take wage costs in China for example. They have increased by an average of 22%, this rise has to be covered somewhere and it affects the final price of goods.  

 At one time it was cheaper to outsource manufacturing to overseas companies. Today the gulf in price isn’t as wide and UK manufacturers are just as competitive as companies aboard.

Manufacturing in the UK isn’t easy but there are numerous benefits.  Support local businesses like Poly Postal Packaging and you know you are buying products from a business that strives hard to deliver excellent standards of service.


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