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Ten ways we can help you!

27/02/2014 - Matt Chatterley

It's been quite some time since we've posted about the various ways that handmade-crafts.co.uk can help you to promote your makes (and indeed, your handmade business), so I thought I'd put together a re-cap listing all the different things you can do here (and clearing up which are free and which are not).

So here we go.. TEN (count ‘em!) ways we can help promote your crafts!

1. Submit your links to our directory!

Whether it's your Website, Blog, Facebook Page, Shop – or any other link you've got – as long as it's UK and Craft based, we want it for our directory (please don't submit links to individual posts or products within a site, though). Submissions are FREE!


2. Let us know about your Events!

Craft Fayres (or indeed, Fairs), Workshops, Fetes and Open Days – whatever they may be and whether they are free for the public to attend or not, we list events for FREE, all you have to do is submit them to us. If you're not running an event, but you know someone who is, then send them our way, too!


3. List your Competitions and Giveaways!

Our newest feature, Competition Listings, has two types – a basic listing is FREE, but you can also choose to pay £1 (via our token system) for a premium listing which appears above free listings and allows you to add a picture!


4. Promote your products (or services) with a Classified Advert!

Although they're really meant for individual product listings, you can also use our Classified Ads to promote your website, a service – or anything else that is UK based and craft related. A standard listing costs £1 per month and gives you a single image and lets you pick a single category. A premium listing costs £5 per month, but lets you have up-to five images and 3 categories.

Classifieds also have their own Facebook Page, here: https://www.facebook.com/HMClassified


5. Sponsor one of our Monthly Blog Giveaways

You must have seen one of our Giveaway blog posts by now! Every month we run a post for roughly a week, sponsored by one of you! It's a great chance to interact with our community and to show off your lovely makes in front of a wide audience. These posts attract a lot of attention and all you need to do is to offer a prize (we recommend a value of around £20)- there is no charge for taking part.

Interested? Contact us for more details and to discuss available dates.

6. Write a Guest Blog

Fancy writing a tutorial, a how-to, telling us part of your business story, or something else about your craft or business? Why not get in touch with us to arrange writing a Guest Post for our blog! We'd love to feature you – it makes our blog more interesting for readers, gives us fresh content and lets us advertise you at the same time – and guess host much it costs… nothing at all!

7. Send us a Press Release

New Product launch? Taking on some retail space? Seasonal Collection on its way? If it's news-worthy, we want you to write a Press Release and send it to us, so that we can publish it (Free!). We'd love to be the go-to source for craft news, but we can't do it without our loyal team of roving reporters (yes, that's all of you out there!)


8. Good old fashioned Adverts

Our site has three advertising areas – the banners at the top/bottom (which count as the same), two square boxes on the right at the top and four square boxes a little further down. If you'd like to advertise in one of these, you might be surprised to know it's not expensive, starting from just £5 per month. In 2013, we averaged over 2400 visitors a month, which is a lot of eyeballs for a fiver!

We top these up with AdWords when they're empty, so if some lovely crafty people wanted to fill them, things would look much nicer..!

More information is available here: http://www.handmade-crafts.co.uk/Advertising.aspx

9. Come and join us on Facebook!

We're on Facebook (admit it, you are too), so come and like our page and join in. Post up the link to your own page and comment on the things we're posting. We want you to promote yourselves (as long as you don't spam us, of course)!


10. Twitter

We're on Twitter too. Due to the sheer volume of people following us, we simply can't follow everyone back, but we're always happy to have a bit of a chat and to re-tweet interesting snippets to our lovely, crafty followers!


Hold up, isn't this site free?

So, you've noticed that we charge for some of the features above. It's something we've started to introduce (although I hasten to add we've always been up-front about this), because simply put, there are costs associated with running the site –and at the moment they come out of our own pockets.

We'd quite like Handmade Crafts to make a bit of a profit – because then we could use that money to advertise and improve the site itself, which would be great for everyone who uses it. So please do think about advertising with us, or listing a few classifieds – a little here and there lets us do an awful lot more!

PS. We're VAT registered here at Mattched IT, so we have to charge you VAT on top of all the prices above. Sorry about that!

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