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Summer Giveaway - Kims Colourway

29/07/2014 - Matt Chatterley

It's Summer Time! And the crafting is good!

Kim's Colourway - Flower Bunting

Hi everyone! It's been quite a while since we've blogged - or posted a giveaway - but we're back! Plans are afoot to get the blog going again, but based on the difficulties we have had finding sponsors (as well as our time committments), we are going to drop the giveaways back to one a 'season' for a while.

Kims Colourway - Shark HatThat said, we are still very much on the look out for guest posters - so if you're involved in something exciting (and crafty), or just want to share a bit of your knowledge - or an amazing make - please do get in touch.

We are delighted to welcome back an old friend (as in, one who has been a friend for ages, I'm not insinuating that she's old!) - the wonderful Kim from Kim's Colourway!

The rules are as always.. comments left before midnight (GMT) on Friday 8th August 2014 will be entered into the draw and we'll announce the winner shortly after. Entries are accepted at our discretion and the winner will be selected at random.

PS, if you're running your own giveaway, why not add it to our competitions page and get some extra publicity for free? Click here for more information!

Now, over to Kim!

Kim's Colourway - Flower Bunting (detail)

Hi, my name is Kim and I have been running my business, Kims Colourway, for almost 7 years. I’ve always been creative so I have done so many different artist things such as painting, designing, sketching, crocheting, knitting...the list goes on. At the moment, I am crocheting items to sell through Kims Colourway and I’ve just discovered papercutting which I am just doing as a hobby for myself.

Kims Colourway - Letter PillowsI rediscovered crocheting while I was pregnant with my second child and my love for crochet grew from there. I love how I can create something beautiful and sometimes even wearable such as a cardigan from something so simple as wool. I’ve made so many different items over the years but the strangest has got to be a Sorting Hat which was used at a Harry Potter themed craft fair.

I had some trouble deciding what to make for this giveaway because there are just so many ideas to choose from but with some help from Matt and Rosa, we chose this flower bunting. It’s really bright and cheerful, perfect for the summer.

Visit Kims Colourway now!

Giveaway listed at: ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions and Competitions Today.

Comments (61)

Gravatar for Andrea Fletcher

These are amazing.

Posted by Andrea Fletcher on 29/07/2014 17:54:26

Gravatar for Linda Rumsey

I love the flower bunting - would go so well in my daughter's bedroom!

Posted by Linda Rumsey on 29/07/2014 18:14:00

Gravatar for Rachel Craig

Nice colourful prize.

Posted by Rachel Craig on 29/07/2014 23:00:27

Gravatar for KATHY  D

This is great bunting - very colourful and cheerful

Posted by KATHY D on 29/07/2014 23:44:46

Gravatar for Mary Preston

So very clever & beautiful.

Yes please!!

Posted by Mary Preston on 30/07/2014 02:32:02

Gravatar for amy


Posted by amy on 30/07/2014 11:27:19

Gravatar for Judith R.

Yes, this flower bunting really is perfect for the summer.

Posted by Judith R. on 30/07/2014 13:16:01

Gravatar for Miss Tracy Hanson

Great give away. Love the colours and nice and cheerful. :)

Posted by Miss Tracy Hanson on 30/07/2014 21:20:18

Gravatar for Lynn Heath

Lovely - would look great in the kids room, a real splash of colour!

Posted by Lynn Heath on 01/08/2014 07:24:30

Gravatar for donna large

lovely giveaway

Posted by donna large on 01/08/2014 13:41:02

Gravatar for Charlotte T

The bunting is gorgeous! <3

Posted by Charlotte T on 02/08/2014 23:11:01

Gravatar for denise jenkins

lovely idea! Would be just the job for my daughters barn wedding. We need LOTS of bunting

Posted by denise jenkins on 03/08/2014 11:48:56

Gravatar for melanie betteridge

this is fantastic never seen it before its unique!

Posted by melanie betteridge on 03/08/2014 13:16:06

Gravatar for Rosie Holloway

Stunning - trying to learn crochet, hope I get as good as you :)

Posted by Rosie Holloway on 04/08/2014 12:59:40

Gravatar for Nigel Greaves

Wonderful giveaway!

Posted by Nigel Greaves on 04/08/2014 14:39:33

Gravatar for Helena Williams

So very pretty!

Posted by Helena Williams on 04/08/2014 18:27:11

Gravatar for michelle banks

so pretty x

Posted by michelle banks on 04/08/2014 18:27:28

Gravatar for Valencia

Amazing .... Love the flower bunting.

Posted by Valencia on 04/08/2014 18:40:00

Gravatar for Rach J

Ahhh, that's gorgeous! My grandad learned how to crochet during the war and used to make us blankets when we were little - he even crocheted a dress for me once (well, it was the 70's!)

Posted by Rach J on 05/08/2014 11:28:43

Gravatar for elaine stokes

this is gorgeous

Posted by elaine stokes on 05/08/2014 15:08:28

Gravatar for Melissa Hunter

Beautiful love, love, love bunting!!

Posted by Melissa Hunter on 05/08/2014 20:32:55

Gravatar for Ceri jones

Lovely work just started crocheting myself am in awe of your skill!

Posted by Ceri jones on 05/08/2014 21:20:17

Gravatar for Kate Johnson

Would love to win this for my baby's party coming up would look great in the house

Posted by Kate Johnson on 06/08/2014 08:42:30

Gravatar for Vivienne Carey

i'm inspired. I've recently got back into crochet too. Recently crocheted some ruffle bottom nappy covers for my daughter.

Posted by Vivienne Carey on 06/08/2014 09:51:21

Gravatar for Julie Edwards

Fantastic items!!

Posted by Julie Edwards on 06/08/2014 13:32:25

Gravatar for JENNY MACE

Delightful and unique - would look lovely at a certain little girl's Birthday party! x

Posted by JENNY MACE on 06/08/2014 14:48:52

Gravatar for Daniel

Beautiful! Absolutely Beautiful!

Posted by Daniel on 06/08/2014 21:33:10

Gravatar for Rebecca Evans

Pretty for garden or bedroom _ what a lovely idea :-)

Posted by Rebecca Evans on 07/08/2014 00:14:21


lovely bunting you are very creative!

Posted by CAROLINE WATSON on 07/08/2014 07:56:12

Gravatar for Clare S

These are really lovely

Posted by Clare S on 07/08/2014 08:26:02

Gravatar for Elizabeth Ferguson

I'm glad you decided on the flower bunting as a prize - love it.

Posted by Elizabeth Ferguson on 07/08/2014 10:04:52

Gravatar for Laura Whittle

Lovely bunting - would be great for my daughter's room

Posted by Laura Whittle on 07/08/2014 11:21:17

Gravatar for Jon Penner

My kids would adore this!

Posted by Jon Penner on 07/08/2014 14:56:42

Gravatar for Angela Paull

Love this bunting - am looking for something to string across my new "shabby chic" Welsh Dresser and these would be perfect :-)

Posted by Angela Paull on 07/08/2014 15:46:32

Gravatar for IR Ayse

lovely.Great for my baby`s bedroom.fingers crossed

Posted by IR Ayse on 07/08/2014 16:48:06

Gravatar for Helen Craigs

These would look brilliant for my daughter's wedding, she loves bunting and this is so different.

Posted by Helen Craigs on 07/08/2014 17:39:41

Gravatar for Madeline Johns

this bunting is STUNNING! would look absolutely AMAZING in my vw campervan:-)

Posted by Madeline Johns on 07/08/2014 17:44:05

Gravatar for Carroll Marsh

This Bunting is so heartachingly Beautiful,You are Very Talented indeed!This would suit so many occasions and rooms!Thank-You for all your time and Effort X

Posted by Carroll Marsh on 07/08/2014 23:53:47

Gravatar for Rachel Jones

WOW I love them. How lush

Posted by Rachel Jones on 08/08/2014 07:29:11

Gravatar for Sue Carter

Love the bunting, such a colourful way to brighten up a bedroom.

Posted by Sue Carter on 08/08/2014 08:16:25

Gravatar for Mark Ryan

Lovely bunting, would definitely brighten up a garden party!!

Posted by Mark Ryan on 08/08/2014 09:36:58

Gravatar for MichelleD

These are beautiful, great prize!

Posted by MichelleD on 08/08/2014 09:49:01

Gravatar for Wendy Guy

These are beautiful and a lovely idea that I can make with the children in our crochet club at school

Posted by Wendy Guy on 08/08/2014 10:00:20

Gravatar for Michelle Wild

Unusual decoration a celebration of summer.

Posted by Michelle Wild on 08/08/2014 10:04:41

Gravatar for Pam Francis Gregory

These look great!

Posted by Pam Francis Gregory on 08/08/2014 10:21:19

Gravatar for stacy precious

I NEED this for the top table at our wedding, it would look lush!! :)

Posted by stacy precious on 08/08/2014 11:21:24

Gravatar for Helen Purvis

Gorgeous summery bunting! Good luck with winning everyone! :)

Posted by Helen Purvis on 08/08/2014 13:17:25

Gravatar for Sandra

Perfect for my August birthday celebrations, I love it!

Posted by Sandra on 08/08/2014 15:37:12

Gravatar for champaklal lad

great giveaway

Posted by champaklal lad on 08/08/2014 19:06:28

Gravatar for lisa tebbutt

very pretty you very clever

Posted by lisa tebbutt on 08/08/2014 19:52:02

Gravatar for Chris Burrell

The flower bunting is really pretty. I'm i. The process of decorating my daughter's bedroom at the moment, and it would look great in there.

Posted by Chris Burrell on 08/08/2014 20:29:23

Gravatar for Kim Lawrence

From one Kim to another - these are gorgeous!

Posted by Kim Lawrence on 08/08/2014 20:59:17

Gravatar for victoria thurgood

these are so pretty

Posted by victoria thurgood on 08/08/2014 21:23:42

Gravatar for Caroline Howard

Lovely idea, would brighten up any room

Posted by Caroline Howard on 08/08/2014 21:52:09

Gravatar for Suzanne Williams

Beautiful, so inspiring!

Posted by Suzanne Williams on 08/08/2014 22:09:02

Gravatar for Chevaune Stanley

My Summer house is crying out for this jolly bunting!!

Posted by Chevaune Stanley on 08/08/2014 22:48:15

Gravatar for lesley styles


Posted by lesley styles on 08/08/2014 23:32:31

Gravatar for Kim H

Thank you and good luck to all who entered the giveaway. I'm always available to take custom orders, just get in touch. Regards, Kims Colourway

Posted by Kim H on 12/08/2014 09:49:19

Gravatar for Matt @ Handmade Crafts

Thank you everyone for entering and we are very pleased to announce the winner of our summer Giveaway.... (drumroll) .. Michelle B!

Well done Michelle - Kim will be in touch with you shortly. And to everyone else, we hope you'll join us next time - we'll be back soon with a post, but our next Giveaway will be in the autumn... so enjoy the rest of your summer in the meantime!

Posted by Matt @ Handmade Crafts on 13/08/2014 09:47:28

Gravatar for Jenna O

Oh what a lovely hat!

Posted by Jenna O on 20/08/2014 18:45:35

Gravatar for Ananasa

Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing this, we love it!

Posted by Ananasa on 09/09/2014 11:21:40

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