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September Crafts Giveaway - Ohilikethat!


Welcome to the 5th Handmade Crafts Giveaway!

How time flies - this is the 5th giveaway we've run here on our blog since we started it in April - and long may it continue. We've got a few more names on our list of sponsors, but if you're interested in offering a prize, please do get in touch - we think these posts offer a good promotional opportunity and would love to keep them going!

Don't forget, you can now Submit Craft Links to our directory - we'd love to build the biggest and best collection of UK Craft Links on the web!

You know the score if you want to enter, we're sure. Just read the post, visit Mary's website and then come back and leave a comment telling us which of her pieces you like best (and why!). Entries will be accepted until the end of Sunday 26th September 2010 and the winner will be announced early the following week.

Now we're going to turn you over to this months Crafter, "Mary d-w" from "Ohilikethat"!

Meet Mary. Be nice, she's nervous!

Ohilikethat bracelet I'm Mary Dawson-Williams, affectionately known as Mary d-w!

I had been making jewellery bits and pieces at home and was asked to take some of them into work for the girls to look at. One particular girl picked up several pieces and looking at each one said "Oh, I like that!" at each one.... and Ohilikethat was born!

I've always been "arty" and love crafting but jewellery became a passion for me about 5 years ago and I couldn't believe how well received my jewellery was at craft fairs and fetes that I went to. I was specialising in semi precious and Swarovski crystal pieces working with sterling silver. I've even had one of my Swarovski crystal necklaces worn on tv by the weather presenter Clare Nasir, which was a major thrill.

Ohilikethat's mantra is "hand-made jewellery, tiaras and pretty things!" Ohilikethat agate slice necklace

I took a break from jewellery making about 2 years ago, but can happily say that I have my mojo back and am loving experimenting with new styles.

The piece I'm giving away is one of these - it's a gorgeous slice of semi-precious agate that I've wire-wrapped and put with antiqued silver chain. You'll see that the circle joining the pendant to the chain has the word "believe" embossed on it, making it a lovely and unique gift.

Every piece of Ohilikethat jewellery comes carefully wrapped in tissue paper inside a fushcia pink organza bag (and a wee choccie as an extra treat), so that receiving a piece of my jewellery is that little bit extra special.

More about Ohilikethat?
Website: www.ohilikethat.co.uk
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/OhILikeThat/370380963820

Giveaway listed at: ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions

Comments (44)

Gravatar for Emily

My favourite item is the Siam red heart necklace, it's really striking.

Posted by Emily on 22/09/2010 11:34:53

Gravatar for claire woods

I like the Swarvoski crystal heart

Posted by claire woods on 22/09/2010 13:06:23

Gravatar for carole

i like everything

Posted by carole on 22/09/2010 13:42:20

Gravatar for pip

ohilike the rose quart rose :)

Posted by pip on 22/09/2010 18:12:21

Gravatar for yael

Loooove the Rose Quartz rose, maybe cause i'm a bit romantic :)

Posted by yael on 22/09/2010 23:12:38

Gravatar for Mary Preston

The Shades of Red crystal bracelet is just gorgeous.

Posted by Mary Preston on 23/09/2010 01:05:38

Gravatar for Julie Reid

love the liquid gold bracelet - so bang on trend for this winters 'in' colours and its very well made!

Posted by Julie Reid on 23/09/2010 13:03:09

Gravatar for Lewis

The Butterfly fairy

Posted by Lewis on 23/09/2010 15:06:19

Gravatar for Pamela Cook

I just love that unusual bangle - it looks beautiful and would really be a talking point

Posted by Pamela Cook on 23/09/2010 15:50:19

Gravatar for GingerBread

The Red malachite earings are a beautiful shade!

Posted by GingerBread on 23/09/2010 17:12:12



Posted by JAMES HOLYLAND on 23/09/2010 19:58:52

Gravatar for Jo McMillan

Everything is amazing. Really good site


Posted by Jo McMillan on 23/09/2010 21:57:04

Gravatar for Nicola B

I love the liquid gold crystal bracelet. So beautiful and striking.

Posted by Nicola B on 23/09/2010 22:16:50

Gravatar for hannah kemp

i love it all! but think my fave is the silver shadow bracelet.

Posted by hannah kemp on 24/09/2010 11:50:39

Gravatar for Lucy W

I love the Siam Red Swarovski Heart. It is very striking and romantic.

Posted by Lucy W on 24/09/2010 14:58:48

Gravatar for Mary D-W

Thank you for all the lovely comments :-)
Come and join us on Facebook too - just look up Ohilikethat, look forward to seeing you all there!

Posted by Mary D-W on 24/09/2010 16:25:05

Gravatar for kelly

I love the Lady In The Moon necklace as it's really pretty and unusual.

Posted by kelly on 24/09/2010 16:57:07

Gravatar for Tammi Morrell-Knapton

I like the shades of red crystal bracelet!

Posted by Tammi Morrell-Knapton on 24/09/2010 20:28:55

Gravatar for Joanna

Golly it was a tight choice! I like the Atlantasite pendant, such an unusual yet exquisite colouring, but the nod has to go to the Liquid Gold Bracelet, what girl doesn't love a bit of shiny bling? :)

Posted by Joanna on 24/09/2010 20:48:32

Gravatar for SueS

I love all Marys work But i love the blue heart necklace set. Lovely vibrant colour

Posted by SueS on 24/09/2010 21:01:59

Gravatar for Joni

Just love the red and white glass heart necklace - red if my favourite colour and this necklace is really feminine

Posted by Joni on 25/09/2010 08:07:48

Gravatar for Carol Emmett

I love the Atlantasite pendant - the contrast between the organic, slightly rough look of the stone and the silky smooth gleam of the beads. It's also a great colour - difficult to match to an outfit, but an absolute showstopper if done properly!!

Posted by Carol Emmett on 25/09/2010 10:21:26

Gravatar for LISA

Silver shadow crystal bracelet VERY PRETTY

Posted by LISA on 25/09/2010 13:57:34

Gravatar for MARK

Swarvoski crystal heart sparkly

Posted by MARK on 25/09/2010 13:58:46

Gravatar for RICHARD

Rose Quartz rose unique

Posted by RICHARD on 25/09/2010 13:59:35

Gravatar for Thelma

Felt and button flower brooches standout

Posted by Thelma on 25/09/2010 14:01:11

Gravatar for THOMAS

Pink pearls love everything pink

Posted by THOMAS on 25/09/2010 14:02:00

Gravatar for sue mc

I like the Siam Red Swarovski heart

Posted by sue mc on 25/09/2010 17:33:26

Gravatar for Michelle Rice

I love everything, but sepecially the Rose Quartz rose, gorgeous!

Posted by Michelle Rice on 25/09/2010 18:30:38

Gravatar for Claire Alice Reavy

I love the crystal heart, its so pretty :)

Posted by Claire Alice Reavy on 25/09/2010 20:35:48

Gravatar for Sarah Price

I love the Shades of Red crystal bracelet. I have been eyeing up a dress (I am yet to succumb!) which this bracelet would complement perfectly. Tempting!

Posted by Sarah Price on 25/09/2010 20:36:49

Gravatar for Samantha

I really like the butterfly fairy, its pretty and bold

Posted by Samantha on 25/09/2010 22:28:26

Gravatar for Leonie Sanford

The butterfly fairy if i absolutely had to choose. love them all though

Posted by Leonie Sanford on 26/09/2010 00:40:47

Gravatar for Laura R

I just adore the Liquid Gold Crystal Bracelet, it just drips glamour, perfect for a night out with that LBD!

Posted by Laura R on 26/09/2010 09:49:06

Gravatar for june houlton

Elegance and class,cannot be surpassed.
Red heart.

Posted by june houlton on 26/09/2010 13:43:48

Gravatar for Jan H

I too have a name for a pending website 'I can do that' but that certainly would not be the case for your products. As I have learnt that it is not just the skill in making these artefacts but the art and talent of design. Your felt pieces are superb in their simplicity

Posted by Jan H on 26/09/2010 13:56:11

Gravatar for Claire Mangles

I like the liquid gold crystal bracelet. It looks perfect for Autumn/Winter nights out.

Posted by Claire Mangles on 26/09/2010 14:42:35

Gravatar for Samantha Newall

Wow i love everything its all beautiful.

Posted by Samantha Newall on 26/09/2010 15:32:39

Gravatar for Lynne Callister

Red malachite & goldstone bracelet is the one l like....just love bracelets and mary does them so so well.....

Posted by Lynne Callister on 26/09/2010 19:07:51

Gravatar for Matt Chatterley

Thats it ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls - the September Crafts Giveaway is now closed!

We will update the blog with the lucky winner's name as soon as possible!

Posted by Matt Chatterley on 27/09/2010 06:56:18

Gravatar for (Keywords removed)

Those tiger-eye beads remind me of when I saw a craft show that focused purely on wooden jewellery and how good it looked when compared with the sparkly and often very expensive counterparts. I think wooden jewellery is a brilliant gift for green enthusiasts, any thoughts?

Posted by (Keywords removed) on 27/09/2010 17:52:15

Gravatar for Jemma

I like the Atlantasite necklace, my dad was a geologist and that shade of green reminds me of him. Plus it's a quirky shape! :)

Posted by Jemma on 29/09/2010 21:30:08

Gravatar for chris

I like your stuff, very nice, very striking - original with flair - keep it coming.

Posted by chris on 01/10/2010 01:25:05

Gravatar for Olivia

Very nice artworks and handmade crafts. Unique and gorgeous designs as well. Keep up the good work!

Posted by Olivia on 04/10/2010 10:36:01

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