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Review: iMake Magazine - A Crafty taste of Guernsey

09/09/2013 - Matt Chatterley

iMake Magazine Issue 1 When I saw that our friend Martine at iMake was looking for people to review the first issue of her new “iMake Magazine”, I couldn't resist asking for a copy – the perfect excuse for a different blog post here, plus who can resist taking sneak peek anyway?

I was fairly confident that it'd be worth reading anyway – for those of you who haven't followed Martine's blog, podcast or indeed any of her other (occasionally madcap, more or less by her own admission) schemes – she has a really fun style and tone when writing, which makes it not just easy to read but enjoyable too.

The same is true for iMake Magazine – and I have to say that the pieces by other contributors are in a similar tone as well, which makes for a really coherent feel. They're clearly a group of people who have similar interests – and feel similarly about those interests.

It's a fun read and isn't too long – about right for a tea or coffee break – but is much more than just a magazine. Several of the articles encourage you, the reader, to have a go at the same activity – or suggest things you could try out yourself. I suspect that if you have creatively inclined (perhaps slightly older) kids, you could get some really good holiday project ideas from it too.

The stand-out for me, personally, was Jen's article about her recent move to Guernsey and the love affair she has embarked upon with foraging – something which has always interested me although I have yet to turn my hand to it (I've stuck to the cooking part in the past). You can read more from Jen at her own blog – She Who Went Away.

If you're looking for something a little bit different, or as the cover says, you want to: “Experiment with pesto, upcycle your old records, start a podcast, be inspired … make time, take time, and enjoy living a creative life” .. then grab yourself a copy today!

iMake Magazine is available from iMake's Etsy shop for £3.50, or from their Craftsy shop for $5.50, or you can learn more at iMakeMagazine.com.

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Gravatar for Joanne

A lovely review, I'll be checking out this new magazine.

Posted by Joanne on 09/09/2013 18:16:10

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