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October Giveaway - Shabby Chic Treats!

17/10/2012 - Matt Chatterley

Shabby Chic Treats - add a little colour to your Autumn!

Shabby Chic Treats - BullAs you may have guessed, we're trying to hold off talking about Christmas (oops, I said it!) for just a little longer - however, this month's lovely sponsor might come in very useful if you're keen to buy handmade this year.

While we normally feature a crafter/maker, this month we're featuring someone who doesn't necessarily make all her stock herself, but nonetheless has an obvious passion for handmade (and beautiful) things - and is hard at work creating a fantastic online shop for others who feel the same.

It's something we definitely agree with - and the idea of "boutique" online shops sitting amidst the larger options out there appeals a lot, perhaps because it meshes better with the handmade ethos in some ways.

The giveaway might be a bit different, but the rules are just the same: to enter, visit our sponsor's link (at the end of the post) and post a comment here, telling us which item(s) in their shop tempt you most. Entries are accepted at our discretion and the winner will be chosen at random. The giveaway will close at midnight on Wednesday 24th October 2012.

Shabby Chic Treats - Birdie PS. We are in dire need of sponsors for next year so if you're interested, please get in touch!

Here's Kirsty from Shabby Chic Treats!

I created Shabby Chic Treats out of my love for all things scrumptious and luscious.

The Shabby Chic Treat's ethos is to showcase as much home-grown talent as possible and to cater for all budgets.

The home-grown talent is certainly eye-catching and ranges from the cheeky highland cows, hand-crafted on the Isle of Skye to the beautiful Scottie dog cushions hand-made in Scotland.

Shabby Chic Treats - Rose Cushion Some other treats to tempt you include lovely polka dot metal bird hooks and stunning bird cage tea-light holders. If purses or laptop sleeves are your thing, there is a beautiful range of Disaster Design treats with new lines added this week.

The October giveaway

The October treat giveaway is a beautiful hand-made vintage rose cushion measuring 16” square.

You can visit the website at www.shabbychictreats.co.uk.

You can also contact via email on shabbychictreats@yahoo.co.uk.

Visit Shabby Chic Treats now!

Giveaway listed at: ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions and Competitions Today.

Comments (53)

Gravatar for j4ck86

I like the greeting cards

Posted by j4ck86 on 17/10/2012 10:28:32

Gravatar for Caroline Higson

I love the placemats and the figurines (especially the cute sheep and cow!)

Posted by Caroline Higson on 17/10/2012 10:38:42

Gravatar for alison ferrara

i love the Flutters & Fancies purse - perfect gift for my daughter :)

Posted by alison ferrara on 17/10/2012 10:50:01

Gravatar for iain maciver

love the gretting cards

Posted by iain maciver on 17/10/2012 13:47:29

Gravatar for VANDA

love the gretting cards

Posted by VANDA on 17/10/2012 14:33:05

Gravatar for pip

I love all your things and, must say, my favourite if probably the rose cushion :)

Posted by pip on 17/10/2012 18:09:38

Gravatar for Vic

The wooden Christmas trees are so cute

Posted by Vic on 17/10/2012 18:28:22

Gravatar for Gina Andrews

Great drawer knobs!! lovely stuff :-)

Posted by Gina Andrews on 17/10/2012 19:16:43

Gravatar for Linda Rumsey

I love the cushions, especially the Scottie Dog, but the rose comes a close second!

Posted by Linda Rumsey on 17/10/2012 20:50:29

Gravatar for Pauline Wilson

I love all the wooden Christmas tree decorations

Posted by Pauline Wilson on 17/10/2012 22:08:58

Gravatar for Carol stirmey

it would be the clocks, that tempt me

Posted by Carol stirmey on 18/10/2012 02:37:16

Gravatar for Gabrielle Svensson

I love the Slate Heart Chalkboard

Posted by Gabrielle Svensson on 18/10/2012 09:43:27

Gravatar for Wendy Fleckner

I love the 'Needle & Thread' handbag.

Posted by Wendy Fleckner on 18/10/2012 09:55:45

Gravatar for Mary Preston

I was quite taken with the Wooden tree decoration - Silent Night.

Posted by Mary Preston on 18/10/2012 10:56:20

Gravatar for Sam

The hand painted drawer knobs - especially the polka dot ones.

Posted by Sam on 18/10/2012 11:29:53

Gravatar for Louise Hutchings

The Scottie Dog cushion is lovely. I love anything with Dogs on.
Great prize fingers crossed.

Posted by Louise Hutchings on 18/10/2012 11:43:02

Gravatar for Joanne Darnell


Posted by Joanne Darnell on 18/10/2012 14:31:25

Gravatar for Judith (from Israel)

The Cornish slate heart coasters tempt me the most.

Posted by Judith (from Israel) on 18/10/2012 16:38:49

Gravatar for Kathy D


Posted by Kathy D on 18/10/2012 17:48:55

Gravatar for Bridget Anderson

The sheep collection is adorable!

Posted by Bridget Anderson on 18/10/2012 20:04:06

Gravatar for harpom

Love the cushions

Posted by harpom on 18/10/2012 22:45:09

Gravatar for Jo welsh

I love the heart placemats -would really set the table off.

Posted by Jo welsh on 19/10/2012 13:19:29

Gravatar for Hannah Bartram

I love the Scottie dog cushion.

Posted by Hannah Bartram on 19/10/2012 14:26:03

Gravatar for Michele Marino

Love your handmade items !

Posted by Michele Marino on 19/10/2012 16:46:16

Gravatar for sandy port

I love the Red post box egg cup and salt cellar lid

Posted by sandy port on 20/10/2012 10:57:44

Gravatar for Paula

The scottie dog cushion is beautiful.

Posted by Paula on 20/10/2012 14:51:29

Gravatar for Sandy Ferguson

Fab range!!

Posted by Sandy Ferguson on 20/10/2012 16:33:17

Gravatar for hali brandreth

I like
Beach hut clock red & white stripe

Posted by hali brandreth on 20/10/2012 22:57:08

Gravatar for gem

I love the cushion - gorgeous

Posted by gem on 21/10/2012 15:48:39

Gravatar for Eleanor Jones

I love the Slate Heart Chalkboard

Posted by Eleanor Jones on 21/10/2012 17:48:59

Gravatar for Dawn Chapman

i love the greeting cards

Posted by Dawn Chapman on 22/10/2012 09:20:50

Gravatar for S Ripley

A like the Cheeky Ram and the Highland cow figures, my mum lives on a farm and would love these!

Posted by S Ripley on 22/10/2012 16:47:48

Gravatar for Lauren

My fave item is the Wooden tree decoration - red santa face ....very sweet and festive!

Posted by Lauren on 22/10/2012 19:04:18

Gravatar for Nicola White

I love the greeting cards

Posted by Nicola White on 22/10/2012 21:31:49

Gravatar for Karen Whittaker

I just love the Christmas tree decorations! You could fill a whole tree for a low price and it would look coordinated and elegant

Posted by Karen Whittaker on 22/10/2012 22:20:18

Gravatar for Paul Ward

Some of the best products around.

Posted by Paul Ward on 22/10/2012 23:02:57

Gravatar for Lucy Carter

i love the figurines

Posted by Lucy Carter on 23/10/2012 10:01:44

Gravatar for Seamus Quinn

I like your figurines and cushions cool

Posted by Seamus Quinn on 23/10/2012 13:40:36

Gravatar for tara

I love your work

Posted by tara on 23/10/2012 14:58:43

Gravatar for carol phile

I love the Scotie dog cushion as well as the prize rose one - am a sucker for cushions!

Posted by carol phile on 23/10/2012 16:57:19

Gravatar for Lee Wells

I love the clocks and my missus would love me if I won her the rose cusion ;)

Posted by Lee Wells on 23/10/2012 21:02:42

Gravatar for Emma Bradshaw

Love the wooden heart candles.

Posted by Emma Bradshaw on 23/10/2012 21:07:34

Gravatar for elizabeth serjeant

really pretty cushion

Posted by elizabeth serjeant on 24/10/2012 01:05:29

Gravatar for Emma L

I love all the cushions. Can't have too many cushions on your settee or bed.

Posted by Emma L on 24/10/2012 01:28:21

Gravatar for Brigitte Leprince

Great competition! I adore the slate heart clock! But I also love the rose cushion too.

Posted by Brigitte Leprince on 24/10/2012 04:46:42

Gravatar for Maria Messruther

love the laptop sleeves, salt and pepper pots, the egg cups, figurines and cushions lol love lots of the items

Posted by Maria Messruther on 24/10/2012 10:10:01

Gravatar for LORNA WILS

All of the items are so lovley. Like the rose cushion best!

Posted by LORNA WILS on 24/10/2012 12:25:16

Gravatar for Irene Murdoch

Pretty rose cushion!

Posted by Irene Murdoch on 24/10/2012 14:31:54

Gravatar for Karen Kerner

I love the rose cushion and the other craft items are just lovely.

Posted by Karen Kerner on 24/10/2012 16:03:11

Gravatar for Matt @ Handmade Crafts

Thank you very much for entering, everyone, but our October giveaway is now closed!

Congratulations to Lorna Wils, our winner for this month - we'll be in touch shortly.

See you all in November for our end-of-the-year giveaway :)

Posted by Matt @ Handmade Crafts on 26/10/2012 07:37:26

Gravatar for Ning fathia

I love the hand painted drawer knobs! Can't you imagine the labor?

Posted by Ning fathia on 01/11/2012 14:09:44

Gravatar for Handbagsbyhelen

Ooo, I do love that Highland cow

Posted by Handbagsbyhelen on 03/11/2012 07:58:13

Gravatar for shabby chic

i love the Flutters & Fancies purse - perfect gift for someone as a present.

Posted by shabby chic on 11/02/2013 17:52:20

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