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October 2011 Crafts Giveaway - Kooky Crafts


October Giveaway - Win a Cushion from Kooky Crafts!

Heart Shaped Cushion by Kooky Crafts With Halloween just around the corner, the clocks going back on Sunday and the nights drawing in, many people say that they can find Autumn a little bit depressing. So just incase, we're here to bring you another wonderful giveaway, sponsored this month by Ali, aka Kooky Crafts.

As ever, the rules are as follows. To enter, visit Ali's links (at the end of this post) and then come back here and leave a comment telling us which of her items is your favourite (or which ones are your favourites if you just can't decide). Entries are accepted at our discretion and the winner will be chosen at random. The giveaway will close at midnight on Monday 31st October 2011 and we will draw the winner shortly after.

Meet Ali from Kooky Crafts

Scotty Dog Cushion by Kooky Crafts Hello, my name is Ali and I've recently set up Kooky Crafts as a place to sell some of the handmade crafts I've been making.

I have always enjoyed making things but never really took things much further until I went on a short evening course in dressmaking. Although I enjoyed the course, I realised that I much preferred making smaller items, especially using felt.

Starting off with requests from friends (as soon as they found out I could sew) led to quite a few more orders, so I decided to set up places to sell my bits and pieces online which means I get to spend time making the things I love and share them with other people too!

The prize for the giveaway is a handmade felt heart shaped or square cushion with your choice of one of my felt embellishments hand stitched to the front!

You can find all my embellishments in the Kooky Crafts Etsy and folksy shops - and you can also see a few examples below!

Felt Embellishments by Kooky Crafts

Visit Kooky Crafts now!

Giveaway listed at: ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions and Competitions Today.

Comments (67)

Gravatar for Katherine Aitken

I love the Black Felt Scotty Dog Cushion.

Posted by Katherine Aitken on 26/10/2011 18:17:52

Gravatar for Pauline Wilson

The floral butterfly clips are really pretty. And I just love all the embellishments, so cute.

Posted by Pauline Wilson on 26/10/2011 18:54:25

Gravatar for Angela Moore

I'm really taken with the Tweety Owl TIny Felt Bag Keyring

Posted by Angela Moore on 26/10/2011 20:08:32

Gravatar for Tracy Nixon

I love the Red Felt Scotty Dog Cushion shown on Kooky Crafts Facebook page - the design reminds me so much of cath kidston, whom I admire and look towards for inspiration! Great giveaway thank you!

Posted by Tracy Nixon on 26/10/2011 20:27:52

Gravatar for Duncan Wheeler

Heart shaped with the scotty dog!

Posted by Duncan Wheeler on 26/10/2011 21:06:18

Gravatar for Amanda Ward

The frog is just gorgeous. My mother in law collects frogs which is just as well as when I kissed her son he turned into my prince. This would be an ideal present for her

Posted by Amanda Ward on 26/10/2011 21:12:04

Gravatar for Nicola Hogan-Araujo

My daughter adores the Wooden Heart Shaped Butterfly Painted Hairclips, and I cannot resist the smiley icecream cone embellishment.

Posted by Nicola Hogan-Araujo on 26/10/2011 21:19:28

Gravatar for catherine makinson

FB Cat Makin (liked)

love the little felt house

Posted by catherine makinson on 26/10/2011 21:47:00


I love it! Especially the frog how cute!

Posted by CAROLINE DAVISON on 26/10/2011 22:20:47

Gravatar for Linda Rumsey

I love the Lilac Felt Heart Scotty Cushion above. Would look great in my daughter's bedroom!

Posted by Linda Rumsey on 26/10/2011 22:42:34

Gravatar for dot horne

All x your items are lovely, but I have a little neice in mind who would just love that cusion for xmas! lol

Posted by dot horne on 26/10/2011 23:10:33

Gravatar for Kate Taylor

The scottie dog is my favourite! I really really want a real dog but we have 3 cats so a gorgeous cushion might be a better idea!

Posted by Kate Taylor on 26/10/2011 23:26:48

Gravatar for Susie

The tatty heart hangies are lovely - I've tried to make similar myself but they looked more like potatoes than hearts!

Posted by Susie on 26/10/2011 23:44:31

Gravatar for David Nicolson

I think the Lilac Felt Scotty Dog Cushion is really beautiful - reminds me of the playful white scottie dog called Roy my aunt had when I was young.

Posted by David Nicolson on 27/10/2011 01:48:14

Gravatar for Mary Preston

I just love the Black Felt Scotty Shaped Dog Cushion.


Posted by Mary Preston on 27/10/2011 03:50:16

Gravatar for sonia snutg

I love the lilac felt Scotty Dog cushion it is so beautiful.

Posted by sonia snutg on 27/10/2011 08:39:49

Gravatar for Ray Southerden

They are all crazy but the frog is my fav keep the good work up you have a natural talent

Posted by Ray Southerden on 27/10/2011 08:43:19

Gravatar for Bev Davis

Tweety Owl Bag Charm. Its so cute!

Posted by Bev Davis on 27/10/2011 09:10:10

Gravatar for (Keywords removed)

This is so crafty! The dog pillow is so cute!

Posted by (Keywords removed) on 27/10/2011 09:45:45

Gravatar for Natasha Mees

ali made me a bunting 'lucy's room' for my sis when she moved into a house share and she loves it! ive got the bug and want more made now! thanks ali!

Posted by Natasha Mees on 27/10/2011 10:02:50

Gravatar for Helen

I love the hair clips, but everything looks so amazing!!
Well Done

Posted by Helen on 27/10/2011 11:24:55

Gravatar for Jayne Hammond

There is some lovely things on here and the sock monkeys from Kooky Crafts are really lovely.

Posted by Jayne Hammond on 27/10/2011 11:50:07

Gravatar for JULIE


Posted by JULIE on 27/10/2011 12:04:16

Gravatar for Svetlana

Black Felt Scotty Shaped Dog Cushion

Posted by Svetlana on 27/10/2011 12:10:52

Gravatar for Carol

I adore the heart shape cushion.

Posted by Carol on 27/10/2011 12:13:10

Gravatar for william cope

i just adore the smiling toadstool. my mum collects different toadstools and puts the in jars in our shed. so the toadstool pillow will be a great present for my mum

Posted by william cope on 27/10/2011 12:41:01

Gravatar for Jeni M

I <3 the icecreams, they're so cheeky and they make me dream of a hot summer by the seaside! I also love the scottie dog on the lilac heart, the pillow is such a gorgeous colour and the scottie siloutte (sp) just pops!

Posted by Jeni M on 27/10/2011 12:48:31

Gravatar for Samantha

The red cushion with the doggie on is just to die for! But it was definitely a tough choice between the two colours. They all look great.

Posted by Samantha on 27/10/2011 13:49:58

Gravatar for laura sterling

I justlove the Black Felt Scotty Dog Cushion

Posted by laura sterling on 27/10/2011 14:16:43

Gravatar for ellen

the white dog on a cushion is cute

Posted by ellen on 27/10/2011 14:23:07

Gravatar for Jo Pearcey

I love the sock monkeys but everything is amazing. Ive given the hair clips as presents and they went down a treat. I have orders in for Christmas! Keep going Ali.

Posted by Jo Pearcey on 27/10/2011 14:36:14

Gravatar for Judith (from Israel)

My favorite is the Handmade Felt Happy Daisy Embellishment.

Posted by Judith (from Israel) on 27/10/2011 15:31:24

Gravatar for michelle knight

i love the heart shaped cushion with the dog

Posted by michelle knight on 27/10/2011 16:38:35

Gravatar for Helena Bull

such cute stuff, i'll be hunting you out on Folksy

Posted by Helena Bull on 27/10/2011 17:55:40

Gravatar for FionaLynne Edwards

I love the Smiley Ice cream Felt Clip - sooo cute!

Posted by FionaLynne Edwards on 27/10/2011 18:06:13

Gravatar for Phil Darling

I'm loving the black felt terrier - reminds me of Wally - my terrier

Posted by Phil Darling on 27/10/2011 18:55:22

Gravatar for fiona

I love hearts, have them all over the house, being scottish means scottie dogs are a favourite too

Posted by fiona on 27/10/2011 20:21:24

Gravatar for Emma Holness

I love the black felt dog cushion.

Posted by Emma Holness on 27/10/2011 20:51:42

Gravatar for Katy Peri

Love it

Posted by Katy Peri on 27/10/2011 21:00:26

Gravatar for Anna Emslie

Oooh I love your heart shaped scottie dog cushion!

Posted by Anna Emslie on 27/10/2011 21:34:42

Gravatar for Karina Goldie

I love the smiley Ive cream felt clips

Posted by Karina Goldie on 28/10/2011 11:05:55

Gravatar for Jo Parkin

I love the giraffe, so cute!! x

Posted by Jo Parkin on 28/10/2011 11:08:51

Gravatar for Solange

Heart shaped with the scotty dog!

Posted by Solange on 28/10/2011 11:12:12

Gravatar for Amy C

I like the Handmade Felt Smiley Icecream Embellishments - very cute

Posted by Amy C on 28/10/2011 11:27:43

Gravatar for amanda egglestone

Love them all, they are so cute! Do love the giraffe the best though

Posted by amanda egglestone on 28/10/2011 14:20:56

Gravatar for Esther

I love all of the bobby pinds so sweet and original.

Posted by Esther on 28/10/2011 15:48:59

Gravatar for Sarah

have just collected a beautiful sock monkey ready for the arrival of my new grandson, a lovely gift for a new baby!

Posted by Sarah on 28/10/2011 16:52:30

Gravatar for laura


Posted by laura on 28/10/2011 19:06:36

Gravatar for Katy Curtis

I love the red felt heart scotty dog cushion - adorable!

Posted by Katy Curtis on 28/10/2011 20:22:33

Gravatar for Isabelle Smith

super cute cushions :) i love the heart one and mushroom

Posted by Isabelle Smith on 28/10/2011 22:49:48

Gravatar for Tina Cottam

I love the red heart cushion with scotty embellishment!

Posted by Tina Cottam on 28/10/2011 23:25:50

Gravatar for kate lancaster

The floral butterfly clips are lovely

Posted by kate lancaster on 29/10/2011 07:39:18

Gravatar for Louise

I think the panda is beautiful, although I am biased towards pandas, I simply adore them x

Posted by Louise on 29/10/2011 15:44:25

Gravatar for Rebecca Denyer

I love the Scotty Dog cushion

Posted by Rebecca Denyer on 29/10/2011 21:32:38

Gravatar for Angela Sandhu

I love the Handmade Felt Killer Whale Embellishment

Posted by Angela Sandhu on 30/10/2011 01:05:06

Gravatar for Karen Barrett

Thanks for the giveaway
I love the Tatty Heart Hangies

Posted by Karen Barrett on 30/10/2011 08:04:27

Gravatar for Emma Bradshaw

I love the mushroom enbellishment - it's so cute!

Posted by Emma Bradshaw on 30/10/2011 09:11:53

Gravatar for Gary Humphrey

Black Felt Scotty Dog Cushion looks great

Posted by Gary Humphrey on 30/10/2011 13:49:58

Gravatar for Vicky McAra

So many items here are adorable. Love the frog and ladybug. Too cute.

Posted by Vicky McAra on 30/10/2011 16:06:19

Gravatar for Kirsty Norton

I love the lilac heart cushion with the Westie. I love all things Westie so would look great in my living room!

Posted by Kirsty Norton on 30/10/2011 20:00:34

Gravatar for India Laslett

Pink heart with brown scottie
Love your work

Posted by India Laslett on 30/10/2011 21:56:03

Gravatar for Annaloa Hilmarsdottir

I would like a Green felt cushion with a white dog.

Posted by Annaloa Hilmarsdottir on 31/10/2011 14:25:35

Gravatar for Karen Jones

Love it all!, So cute but the black scottie is my favourite.xx

Posted by Karen Jones on 31/10/2011 15:16:00

Gravatar for Katherine

I love all of your items! the giraffe embellishments are so cute!

Posted by Katherine on 31/10/2011 20:41:10

Gravatar for Matt Chatterley

Thank you very much everyone for your comments (and for entering). The giveaway is now closed and we will announce the lucky winner shortly!

Posted by Matt Chatterley on 01/11/2011 07:10:47

Gravatar for Kooky Crafts

Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has entered the giveaway for one of my cushions, and also for all the lovely comments :-)

And I hope the lucky winner likes their prize!

Posted by Kooky Crafts on 02/11/2011 15:27:54

Gravatar for Matt Chatterley

And congratulations go to Amy C, who is this months winner!

Well done Amy, thank-you very much to Ali @ Kooky Crafts and thanks also to all those of you who entered - better luck next time - and see you in November!

Posted by Matt Chatterley on 03/11/2011 09:22:03

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