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October Crafts Giveaway - The Winner!


And the winner of the October Giveaway is...!

Congratulations to Claire from Claire Hurd Design, who was picked at random as the lucky winner in our October give-away, kindly sponsored by Jane at www.janemeans.co.uk.

Our thanks to everyone else who entered and of course to Jane for offering a beautiful prize! If you didn't get lucky this time then keep an eye on our blog - the November give-away is being planned for around mid November.

Would you like to offer a prize?

We originally compiled a list of crafters who had kindly offered to sponsor our give-aways and we hope that they are proving worthwhile for those who have taken part - but it doesn't end here. We'd like to keep them going indefinitely and in order to do so.. well.. we need more volunteers!

If you'd like to sponsor a giveaway and have your own feature here, then please get in touch and we can answer any questions you may have and/or give you a bit more information.

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Wow, so pleased to be the winner! Thank you very much to Jane and Handmade-Crafts.


Posted by Claire Hurd Design on 26/10/2010 10:39:43

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Damn, i was holding off buying one of these in the hope that i may have won. I'm on my way to buy one now, so i guess Jane is getting the customers she deserves!

Posted by (Keywords removed) on 30/10/2010 03:32:29

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Congratulations to Claire for bagging that special give-away! Hope you guys continue this stuff so others can have chances of winning give-aways too. Thanks for this one!

Posted by (Keywords removed) on 02/11/2010 10:05:17

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Congratulations Claire. This gives encouragement to many other people to participate and share their craft work. Do you have any craft work on display??

Posted by (Keywords removed) on 16/11/2010 13:41:38

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Congratulations Claire! Now I should keep my crafts coming and participate in the hopes that I will be the next big thing! :)


Posted by (Keywords removed) on 19/11/2010 06:49:43

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