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October Crafts Giveaway - Jane Means!


Welcome to the October Handmade Crafts Giveaway!

Welcome back (albeit slightly late - sorry, we've been really busy!) to our blog - and thus to our next Giveaway. Remember, if you're interested in offering a prize, please get in touch - these giveaways are only possible with your support!

A minor change from the normal rules this month; we are starting a day late, so we will be closing a day late. Read this post, visit Jane's website and then come back and leave a comment about what you've seen! Entries will be accepted until the end of Monday 25th October 2010 and the winner will be announced shortly after.

Jane Means - Britain's Gift Wrapping Expert!

Cellophane wrapped rose bottle by Jane Means Since starting out with a small budget (but a head full of ideas) in 1995, Jane Means has built an impressive business and reputation. Known as The 'Gift Wrap Guru' by many well known companies, she also runs courses for retailers and charities.

In addition to the Gift Wrapping School, Jane Means also provides a luxury service for several big names including Selfridges and Banana Republic (among many others). She can even claim to have wrapped a gift for the Queen!

As well as travelling nationwide to run private courses in homes and workplaces (and running workshops), Jane also provides demonstrations to clubs and galleries and at charity events, exhibitions and trade events. And just incase that isn't enough to keep her busy, she regularly appears on the BBC - radio (and television), including her involvment as a judge in 'Gift Wrapper of the Year'.

Assorted Ribbons by Jane Means Editors note: Jane has also been very supportive to us here at handmade-crafts.co.uk since the beginning and is usually one of the first to reply when we ask for feedback - so it's a real pleasure to feature her here this month!

And what can you win?

This months prize is a set of the latest collection of gingham and grosgrain ribbons designed by Jane Means.

These gorgeous ribbons have been featured in the press are ideal for wrapping gifts, scrapbooking, sewing and other creative projects.

More about Jane Means
Website: www.janemeans.co.uk
Online Shop: www.janemeans.com

Giveaway listed at: ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions

Comments (73)

Gravatar for Rose Charles

Wow! What a wonderful idea!
We should all send our husbands & partners on wrapping courses before Christmas! That way our gifts would look as wonderful wrapped as they do open :-)

I just love the Easter eggs too :-)

Rose X

Posted by Rose Charles on 21/10/2010 11:12:58

Gravatar for Holly Hinton

Ooh - I just love all of the stunning ribbons Jane has on her site. To be able to buy 100m rolls is brilliant too - will have to get some!!!

Posted by Holly Hinton on 21/10/2010 11:28:21

Gravatar for Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics

Gorgeous ribbon! It would look stunning wrapped around my sets of coasters, and I would enjoy wrapping gifts with it :)

Posted by Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics on 21/10/2010 11:42:50

Gravatar for Heather aka Niftyknits

I really like the pleated paper effect, I'd never thought to try that. Thanks for the free handout on wrapping, I shall try to raise my game this Christmas!

Posted by Heather aka Niftyknits on 21/10/2010 12:01:46

Gravatar for Kella

I love her site very inviting, there was a lot of eye candy in her online shop but the items that caught my eye as per different is the coloured jute twine, perfect for individualising my gift wrapping ideas.

Posted by Kella on 21/10/2010 12:09:27

Gravatar for carole

some of these ribbons would be ideal with the festive season coming up count me in please

Posted by carole on 21/10/2010 12:32:07

Gravatar for susanne

these ribbons are so gorgeous I'm tempted to start wearing ribbons in my hair again!

Posted by susanne on 21/10/2010 12:38:27

Gravatar for zarah robinson

Gosh these are just gorgeous.

Posted by zarah robinson on 21/10/2010 12:40:30

Gravatar for Amit

I love the gift packaging!

Posted by Amit on 21/10/2010 13:58:32

Gravatar for Sally @ Our Little Craft Company

What a wonderful website...love the tips and the mail order shop. I am so enthralled with it I have passed the website address to all my family members. LOVING IT!!!!

Posted by Sally @ Our Little Craft Company on 21/10/2010 13:59:17

Gravatar for Lucy Farfort

Such a fab and individual idea, i'm not surprised her company is doing so well. Love the beautiful ribbon. Thanks Jane for the giveaway

Posted by Lucy Farfort on 21/10/2010 14:14:25

Gravatar for Cherryl Thomas

To me, a beautiful wrapped parcel is more important than the gift inside. It shows that someone loves and cares enough to take the time and effort. Jane's wrappings are absolutely divine and her love for what she does is clearly evident.

Posted by Cherryl Thomas on 21/10/2010 14:32:31

Gravatar for Dufflebobble Crafts

Beautiful things, such a talented lady! The tips on your site are great too Jane thank you.
v.nice indeed

Posted by Dufflebobble Crafts on 21/10/2010 14:36:54

Gravatar for Emily Hutchinson

I love wrapping gifts with ribbon, and all my family now know to keep it so I can have it back - i can't stand to see ribbon go in the bin with the wrapping paper!

Posted by Emily Hutchinson on 21/10/2010 14:42:42

Gravatar for Helen Cruse

What an artist! Heavens, I think I'm doing well if I manage to hide the sellotape on my packages! So much to learn just from looking at her site! Heaven knows if my brain could cope with input at a course! It is, as they say, "all in the presentation"

Posted by Helen Cruse on 21/10/2010 14:43:49

Gravatar for andrea tinkler

really beautiful x

Posted by andrea tinkler on 21/10/2010 16:53:10

Gravatar for Irene Strange

Now I love wrapping up presents, and Jane's site is both beautiful and inspirational - love the choice of ribbons in the mailorder bit too - so tempting!

Posted by Irene Strange on 21/10/2010 17:21:30

Gravatar for Emma Murphy

This is my dream job...and I never knew it existed. I've been a crazy gift wrapping fan since I was a tiny kid :)

Posted by Emma Murphy on 21/10/2010 17:28:42

Gravatar for Abby

Love the denim style ribbons...might have to get me some of those!

Posted by Abby on 21/10/2010 17:42:54

Gravatar for Claire Hurd Design

So pleased to have been introduced to this website and shop. I love beautiful gift wrap and am completely sold on elegant packaging! Such a great idea for a company.

Am off to browse more (with my fingers crossed for the prize draw!)

Claire x

Posted by Claire Hurd Design on 21/10/2010 17:43:22

Gravatar for pip

that is a fantastic shop... perfect for adding a special touch to online sales! I love it :)

Posted by pip on 21/10/2010 18:19:46

Gravatar for Anna Belle Designs

In my business we wrap gifts for people all the time. Your tips will definately come in handy for us. Loved your many different choices of ribbon and your online shop looks wonderful!

Posted by Anna Belle Designs on 21/10/2010 18:33:49

Gravatar for claire woods

great idea.

Posted by claire woods on 21/10/2010 21:58:17

Gravatar for Faridah Brooker

Can't believe there are courses for gift wrapping!!!! Fantastic.

Posted by Faridah Brooker on 21/10/2010 22:27:03

Gravatar for Samy

I love giving and recieving gifts, so much nicer when they are beautifully wrapped, I also use ribbons in my daughters hair so pretty

Posted by Samy on 21/10/2010 23:13:31

Gravatar for Carol McWhirter

EEK! I can't resist a good ribbon, I even collect them all from presents etc. I use them for everything, esp jewellery!

Posted by Carol McWhirter on 22/10/2010 10:00:47

Gravatar for Karen Jones

Just lovely, such clever ideas and beautiful wrapping can make any gift that bit extra special....

Posted by Karen Jones on 22/10/2010 13:22:34

Gravatar for Michelle Rice

I LOVE all the ribbons and coloured jute. Just the thing for wrapping homemade gifts for Christmas and birthdays. Having wide ribbons is very handy too, FAB!

Posted by Michelle Rice on 22/10/2010 13:24:18

Gravatar for Joolz St Cyr

I was researching new places to get ribbons and was pleased to find this! I wrap my presents every year in brown paper with different colour ribbons depending on who it is going to. I would love to add some of these to my stash!

Posted by Joolz St Cyr on 22/10/2010 15:40:40

Gravatar for Maxine Lee

Fabulous...especially love the caramel spotty ribbon x

Posted by Maxine Lee on 22/10/2010 16:44:21

Gravatar for Lynne Snee

They put the art back in presents.

Posted by Lynne Snee on 22/10/2010 18:01:10

Gravatar for Rachel

Gorgeous wrapping makes a pressie more special :-) Those ribbons are fantastic!

Posted by Rachel on 23/10/2010 00:14:18

Gravatar for Jodie Crown

Lovely looking ribbons, would make xmas presents look extra special =)

Posted by Jodie Crown on 23/10/2010 12:57:08

Gravatar for Carol Emmett

What great packing ideas. I like to use brown paper anyway - plain, decorated with gold enamel paint, or crumpled then flattened out for a textured effect. But dying the raffia with beetroot juice is something I'd never thought of!

Posted by Carol Emmett on 23/10/2010 13:39:32

Gravatar for Lucy Wilson

Beautiful ribbons! I have always loved gingham. It's so country!

Posted by Lucy Wilson on 23/10/2010 15:26:14

Gravatar for Jean Gallagher

How fab!! Great for my fundraising cards.

Posted by Jean Gallagher on 23/10/2010 20:34:59

Gravatar for Kate F

These ribbons are simply beautiful!

I'd love to win the prize, would tide me through Christmas when I seem to end up wrapping presents for my boyfriend & brother & dad...oh well at least I'm already training my toddler son to have an awareness of the importance of gifts looking aesthetically pleasing!

Posted by Kate F on 24/10/2010 01:01:22

Gravatar for sarah

the ribbons are absolutely beautiful, they look top quality and can make any gift look a million dollars, would be really useful for my mum to use as she has just started a new degree in textiles so she could finish off some of her pieces just perfectly,
love the idea of the courses, will definately be looking into that, I really think a that small touches and details make all the difference!

Posted by sarah on 24/10/2010 02:46:30

Gravatar for Mandy Mason

What a great idea. Don't think I would ever get my presents looking that lovely even after a course. :0)

Posted by Mandy Mason on 24/10/2010 10:00:06

Gravatar for Margaret Pratt

I would love to do one of the courses then maybe my carefully chosen gifts will give even more pleasure to my family and friends.

Posted by Margaret Pratt on 24/10/2010 12:43:27

Gravatar for Rachel Bell

Gorgeous ribbons. Makes me excited about xmas and wrapping all those presents ! :)

Posted by Rachel Bell on 24/10/2010 13:48:12

Gravatar for Kelly Ashford

What a lovely website with fab ideas for making gifts look special.
I especially like the black lace tissue paper and the slate labels.

Posted by Kelly Ashford on 24/10/2010 18:13:34

Gravatar for laura bodmer

The ribbons look beautiful. We are looking to set up a craft club at the school I work at (for the adults!!) and they would be a great start to our materials.

Posted by laura bodmer on 24/10/2010 18:21:37

Gravatar for Alyssa Randell

I am a complete ribbon-oholic! I just love how the wrapping can turn something ordinary into a really special gift! I just wish my boyfriend understood that too!

Posted by Alyssa Randell on 24/10/2010 19:27:44

Gravatar for hannah

The ribbons on offer look fantastic,
i love the seasonal feature, if i receieved a presnt with such amazing gift wrapping i would never want to open it! will definately be using fthe websit for some inspiration for christmas pressie wrapping this year. x

Posted by hannah on 24/10/2010 19:35:54

Gravatar for Rachel

I would love to be able to have beautiful looking presents, I try but can never quite pull it off. The courses are a fab idea and I love the different ribbons. xx

Posted by Rachel on 24/10/2010 19:46:35

Gravatar for Horse portraits

Ribbons have many uses. You can make flowers out of it, use it as a design in your gift and many other more. Everything may depend on how you will use it creatively and artistically so that you will appreciate its form, from simple to elegant one. Thanks for sharing this information.

Posted by Horse portraits on 25/10/2010 07:54:11

Gravatar for Debz

Such pretty ribbons!

Fantastic ideas for gift wrapping too. thanks for this feature!

Posted by Debz on 25/10/2010 10:04:45

Gravatar for Lynne Callister

Ooooh those ribbons look fab and l would just love them..Here's wishing.
Have loads of ideas for giftwrapping. they would look awesome wrapped around jars of homemade jam and chutney with assorted material and papers...ooooh can not wait...

Posted by Lynne Callister on 25/10/2010 11:08:47

Gravatar for melissa cooper

Wow loving the ribbons and have had some nice ideas to use for the festive season that is creeping up on us

Posted by melissa cooper on 25/10/2010 11:10:21

Gravatar for sandoy944

oh my god you are the queen of wrap i kneel at your feet it should be taught in school as a useful life skill instead of useless things

Posted by sandoy944 on 25/10/2010 11:22:15

Gravatar for Hannah

Love the ribbons look very pretty, love items gift wrapped like the ones on the site, make pressies so much more exciting to open!!

Posted by Hannah on 25/10/2010 11:26:04

Gravatar for Denise

Wow, beautiful ribbons and a lovely website, bookmarked for a good look later :)

Posted by Denise on 25/10/2010 12:01:39

Gravatar for Nicola

Great website Jane, I had no idea there were courses for gift wrapping, how fab. May contact you for trade ribbon supplies in the future :) x

Posted by Nicola on 25/10/2010 14:20:47

Gravatar for Ria Painter-Coates

Oh my goodness how have I not seen this site before, I am obsessed with making sure every present I hand out is beautifully wrapped, absolutely love all the ribbons espeacially the spotty ones, also got my mind working over load with the wired ribbons, love the site :)

Posted by Ria Painter-Coates on 25/10/2010 15:55:35

Gravatar for Michelle Gothard

LOVE LOVE LOVE the ribbon.
I would look amazing wrapped around all my homemade xmas pressies! Beautiful!

Posted by Michelle Gothard on 25/10/2010 16:26:24

Gravatar for Patti

Gorgeous ribbons, they will enhance my handmade accessories and gifts beautifully.

Posted by Patti on 25/10/2010 17:40:27

Gravatar for Hannah N

Wow what lovely ribbons and what fab gift wrapping, mine never look like that but i do normally have the help of my 3 year old ( That's my excuse anyway !) xx

Posted by Hannah N on 25/10/2010 20:01:42

Gravatar for LISA

love the ribbons

Posted by LISA on 25/10/2010 20:15:30

Gravatar for MARK

brilliant gifts

Posted by MARK on 25/10/2010 20:16:00

Gravatar for RICHARD

great site

Posted by RICHARD on 25/10/2010 20:17:14

Gravatar for Thelma

great ideas

Posted by Thelma on 25/10/2010 20:18:37

Gravatar for THOMAS

super for wrapping

Posted by THOMAS on 25/10/2010 20:19:14

Gravatar for Claire

Fab tissue paper and ribbon would be ideal for wrapping my bags when sending out to customers

Posted by Claire on 25/10/2010 20:57:44

Gravatar for Elizabeth Turner

I love wrapping presents and I think it makes such a differnce to receive a beautifully wrapped gift. The courses look ideal to learn new skills and what a wonderful shop - so much I want to buy!

Posted by Elizabeth Turner on 25/10/2010 21:51:38

Gravatar for Leanne

I am new to this site and am sooooo excited as to what I am goin to find!! So far, I am amazed at the loverly cratfs I have seen!
Happy Crafting everyone!!

Posted by Leanne on 25/10/2010 21:53:43

Gravatar for Helen McGinn

Really gorgeous! That red ribbon screams 'Christmas' to me, although it'd be beautiful on any gift! x

Posted by Helen McGinn on 25/10/2010 22:07:16

Gravatar for Karen Kerner

What gorgeous ribbons--they would enable me to make really beautiful creations!

Posted by Karen Kerner on 25/10/2010 22:15:56

Gravatar for Stef

Those ribbons are really pretty!

Posted by Stef on 25/10/2010 23:01:59

Gravatar for MrsShilts

Ohh these are gorgeous! What a wonderful range of ribbons. I'd use these for Christmas decorations and gifts :)

Posted by MrsShilts on 25/10/2010 23:07:41

Gravatar for Leanne

I am new to this site and am sooooo excited as to what I am goin to find!! So far, I am amazed at the loverly crafts I have seen!
Happy Crafting everyone!!

Posted by Leanne on 25/10/2010 23:35:18

Gravatar for Steve

The giveaway has now closed. Thank you for all your comments. The winner be announced here later this morning.

Posted by Steve on 26/10/2010 00:05:01

Gravatar for Janet Lambert

A professionally wrapped gift is always a pleasure to receive, thanks for making it possible for so many people.
Oh and won't you just hint who those celebs might be?

Posted by Janet Lambert on 26/10/2010 08:22:17

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