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November/December 2011 Crafts Giveaway - Kims Colourway


November/December Giveaway - Win a pack of crocheted snowflakes!

Kims Colourway

Welcome to the final crafts giveaway of 2011! Thats right! We'll be taking a break from these giveaway posts during December, but we'll be back in January to resume business as usual. If you'd be interested in sponsoring a giveaway from February onwards, please do get in touch with us as we need to build up a short list of volunteers for 2012.

Our blog won't be desolate next month - we've got a great guest post to publish for a start (if you're interested in writing a guest post, please do get in touch).

The rules are unchanged. To enter, visit our sponsor's links (at the end of the post) and then post a comment here, telling us which of their items is your favourite. Entries are accepted at our discretion and the winner will be chosen at random. This giveaway will close at midnight on Sunday 4th December 2011.

Anyway, with a suitably festive giveaway, please welcome back...

Kim from Kims Colourway!

Hats by Kims Colourway I make a wide variety of items such as hats, scarves, ponchos, blankets, bags, as well as seasonal items for Easter and Christmas. Most of my items are custom made and to order which means the customer gets exactly what they want instead of buying mass produced items that everyone has. I love getting requests to make something new as it's very challenging. I really enjoy making the items for my customers and I love to see them being used, knowing I've have made someone happy.

I have always been creative and have done so many different crafts in my lifetime. When I was 13 years old my grandmother taught me how to crochet snowflakes for Christmas using crochet cotton. I didn't realize back then that I would be crocheting for a living later in my life! I still crochet snowflakes every year as a tribute to her.

For this month's giveaway, I will be sending the winner a pack of 5 white crocheted snowflakes which will look great on the Christmas tree, hanging on windows for a festive feel or even add to a special gift. I hope the winner loves the snowflakes as much as I do!

Kims Colourway - Snowflakes

Visit Kims Colourway now!

Giveaway listed at: ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions and Competitions Today.

Inevitable Movember Plug!

PS. If you'd like to support our Movember attempts, please visit our Mo Space. Or simply laugh at our photos on facebook. But if you do have a giggle, please make a donation!

Comments (53)

Gravatar for Linda Rumsey

The hat ans scarf sets are really cute!

Posted by Linda Rumsey on 24/11/2011 14:51:34

Gravatar for carole

love the hats

Posted by carole on 24/11/2011 14:54:53

Gravatar for Carole Parker

I love the cute little chicks x

Posted by Carole Parker on 24/11/2011 15:16:11

Gravatar for Dot Horne

I love all the hats kim and the poncho is beautiful as well, keep on crocheting your work is fab x

Posted by Dot Horne on 24/11/2011 15:18:30

Gravatar for pip

I really like the scarves :)

Posted by pip on 24/11/2011 15:49:39

Gravatar for Pauline Wilson

How could you not like the creme egg cosies, aww

Posted by Pauline Wilson on 24/11/2011 16:51:00

Gravatar for Louise

the sock monkey called 'Berry' is pretty funky

Posted by Louise on 24/11/2011 16:56:47

Gravatar for Ann

I love the owls, especially the red and pink one

Posted by Ann on 24/11/2011 16:56:49

Gravatar for Tracy Nixon

I love the felt owls on Kim's Facebook page! My two daughters collect them! Very wise lol!

Posted by Tracy Nixon on 24/11/2011 18:12:35

Gravatar for diane findlay

the facebook owls are just toooooooo cute , the snowflakes are just beautifull thanks for the chance to win some

Posted by diane findlay on 24/11/2011 18:53:45

Gravatar for Svetlana

love the hats

Posted by Svetlana on 24/11/2011 19:11:21

Gravatar for Angie Allen

Love the hats

Posted by Angie Allen on 24/11/2011 19:47:42

Gravatar for Bryan Roberts

The little knitted cupcakes are adorable!

Posted by Bryan Roberts on 24/11/2011 20:02:28

Gravatar for claire woods

very cute.

Posted by claire woods on 24/11/2011 21:41:04

Gravatar for Karen Scammell

The owl hats!

Posted by Karen Scammell on 24/11/2011 22:22:04

Gravatar for K DUNN

i love the hats too! they are beautiful!

Posted by K DUNN on 24/11/2011 23:30:14

Gravatar for Teresa Lee

Seems like quite a popular one, but I agree the owl hat is my fav also.

Posted by Teresa Lee on 25/11/2011 00:48:16

Gravatar for carol coldicott-stirmey

Oh,loving the hat and scarf sets, very original

Posted by carol coldicott-stirmey on 25/11/2011 01:37:49

Gravatar for Nathachia Pierre

The hats are gorgeous!And I completely agree with the previous comment. The owl one is the winner of all.

Posted by Nathachia Pierre on 25/11/2011 04:08:49

Gravatar for Judith (from Israel)

The Roselette top is my favourite.

Posted by Judith (from Israel) on 25/11/2011 07:27:37

Gravatar for Nicola H-A

I'm another fan for the owl hat -the eyes are fab! Have a happy crochet Christmas!

Posted by Nicola H-A on 25/11/2011 18:11:30

Gravatar for lois levy

love the hats, so unique

Posted by lois levy on 25/11/2011 18:40:25

Gravatar for cazz

Love the snowflakes but the buntings great too.

Posted by cazz on 26/11/2011 10:28:43

Gravatar for Ileana Fernandes

I love the creme egg tea cosies! So Cute!

Posted by Ileana Fernandes on 26/11/2011 15:32:08

Gravatar for laura stewart

i like the hats

Posted by laura stewart on 26/11/2011 16:14:31

Gravatar for Katy

What a fab prize - perfect finishing touch to my tree

Posted by Katy on 26/11/2011 19:16:10

Gravatar for sally Hall

hats are so cute!

Posted by sally Hall on 27/11/2011 11:01:09

Gravatar for Angela Sandhu

I like all the hats x

Posted by Angela Sandhu on 27/11/2011 11:32:24

Gravatar for Helen Eskins

Am loving the felt owls and the grey rosie hat. As I have a little girl I think if pushed I'd say the hat x

Posted by Helen Eskins on 27/11/2011 11:33:05

Gravatar for Bekki

I may be a little biased (as the blue & green one pictured at the top is my little nephew's for Christmas!) but I love the owl hats!! Sooo cute!! And btw, can 100% vouch for Kim's amazing and friendly service : )

Posted by Bekki on 27/11/2011 11:45:10

Gravatar for Sarah Freidin

Your owl hats are beyond adorable!! <3

Posted by Sarah Freidin on 27/11/2011 12:42:06

Gravatar for rachel

I love the hats best.

Posted by rachel on 27/11/2011 13:11:16

Gravatar for Beverley Levett

The cupcakes are yummy
The fruit is a delight
The pumpkins are scary and gave me a fright
Cosy eggs with chicks and bunnies
Lovely cocoons to dress your honey's
But top of the tree
especially for me
a snowflake or two it has to be!

Posted by Beverley Levett on 28/11/2011 10:43:00

Gravatar for Ali

Love the little snowflakes and the pink dog hat is very cute

Posted by Ali on 29/11/2011 18:22:47

Gravatar for Hayley Wells

I love all the little tops and cardigans, very vintage girly xx

Posted by Hayley Wells on 01/12/2011 10:38:32

Gravatar for Laura Stokes

I really love those owl hats!!
So cute.

Posted by Laura Stokes on 01/12/2011 11:20:58

Gravatar for Clare White

I really like all of them!

Posted by Clare White on 02/12/2011 14:20:49

Gravatar for Lorraine Saeed

The snowflakes are simply stunning :)

Posted by Lorraine Saeed on 02/12/2011 18:39:48

Gravatar for jane druce

owl hats

Posted by jane druce on 02/12/2011 22:48:36

Gravatar for Lewis Pearce

I like all the hats

Posted by Lewis Pearce on 02/12/2011 22:52:01

Gravatar for Amanda H

I love the snowflakes and the elf hat is adorable, what a talented designer :)

Posted by Amanda H on 03/12/2011 13:34:14

Gravatar for Gabrielle Svensson

I love the felt owls, they are so cute!

Posted by Gabrielle Svensson on 03/12/2011 14:10:25

Gravatar for Kevin Dooley

The knitted cakes made me chuckle, love the attention to detail!

Posted by Kevin Dooley on 03/12/2011 14:38:10

Gravatar for Maria Knight

I love the knitted cakes......i may be placing some oreders for these very very soon! My friends have a running joke about me knitted and as im getting married soon these would look fab on cake stands for the centre peices at our wedding.

Posted by Maria Knight on 03/12/2011 19:30:47

Gravatar for Mark Palmer

The hats

Posted by Mark Palmer on 03/12/2011 20:39:06

Gravatar for Carolina

Everything is lovely. Cakes are very cute too!

Posted by Carolina on 03/12/2011 23:51:02

Gravatar for Bernie

I love the name bunting - it is so cute!

Posted by Bernie on 04/12/2011 12:58:29

Gravatar for Miss Josie Holland

I love the pink rose hat.

Posted by Miss Josie Holland on 04/12/2011 17:27:36

Gravatar for Paul Witney

Love the owl hats

Posted by Paul Witney on 04/12/2011 20:49:00

Gravatar for Matt Chatterley

Thats all folks! Thank you very much for your support - the winner of our last giveaway in 2011 is...

... Jane Druce! Congratulations Jane - Kim will be in touch shortly! :)

For those of you who weren't lucky this time - we'll be back in the new year with more great sponsored giveaways. See you then!

Posted by Matt Chatterley on 06/12/2011 18:03:24

Gravatar for Ashley

That owl one is hilarious!

Posted by Ashley on 13/12/2011 21:26:39

Gravatar for Sherrie

Oh yeah i am loving the hats!! i think i would look rather good in one of them. Nice work!!

Posted by Sherrie on 14/01/2012 16:53:14

Gravatar for Matt

The hats are awesome! I've got one similar with a bear on it ^_^

Posted by Matt on 19/01/2012 09:52:27

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