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November Crafts Giveaway - Beadercollie!


Welcome to the November Handmade Crafts Giveaway!

Hello everyone and welcome to our November Give-away! You can enter now in the usual way (visit our sponsor and then come back and post a comment telling us which of their crafted goodies you like the most and why) and we will be accepting entries up until the end of Sunday 28th November 2010.

Time to talk about this month's sponsor, Cazz at Beadercollie..!

Beadercollie - Beautiful Handmade Jewellery!

Lollipop Necklace by Beadercollie Cazz started beading many moons ago - but the illness (and eventually, loss) of a very special dog stopped her in her tracks. Then when her current dog Riley (a Springer Spaniel / Border Collie cross) was still a pup, there simply wasn't time. Still, she did get started again and this year has started getting into more craft fairs and trying to sell her work - with the ultimate goal of escaping her day job at Royal Mail!

She does beading, polymer clay and resin but is always keen to learn more crafty things to do.

Recently added to the website are resin trinket dishes, which are proving popular - especially the ones made with hundreds and thousands. Cazz is fairly new to working with resin and is looking forward to trying fabric with it as well. Amongst her other favourite things to make are lollipop necklaces (with focal beads made by Tan Grey of tanofcourse.co.uk). These are one of a kind, which makes them even more special.

She is currently working on a couple of individually commissioned necklaces and is happy to undertake further commissions.

Christmas Snowflake decorations by Beadercollie Star Earrings by Beadercollie You may be wondering why 'Beadercollie'? Well, it's simple - it's a combination of her love of dogs (particularly border collies) and beading! She will be making a collection of border collie themed necklaces in the future, which will be auctioned in support of the charity 'Border Collies In Need' - something she has done in the past.

And what can you win?

The prize on offer is a pair of beaded star earrings in a lovely crystal coloured seed bead - they catch the light beautifully, as well as two beaded snowflake christmas decorations made with seed beads and swarovski crystal.

More about Beadercollie
Contact: beadercollie@live.co.uk
Website: www.beadercollie.co.uk

Giveaway listed at: ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions

Comments (33)

Gravatar for Lynne Callister

Ooooh the summer apples necklace is the one for me...It is so warm looking in a cold morning with sparkle and beauty...here's hoping

Posted by Lynne Callister on 24/11/2010 08:53:45

Gravatar for claire woods

Beautiful star earrings - would be perfect for Christmas.

Posted by claire woods on 24/11/2010 10:14:15

Gravatar for Josie

ohh lovely stuff, especially the jewellery! My favourite is the beaded necklace with the huge green and brown glass bead... Stunning, would look good with so many of my clothes and see me through many different seasons!

Posted by Josie on 24/11/2010 11:13:26

Gravatar for Eleanor Jackson

I love Cazz's vintage/recycled range, especially as that kind of ecologically responsible stuff is what I like to make myself. But what really, REALLY stands out for me are the gorgeous little netted snowflake earrings. Subtle, yet sparkly. Sparkly, yet subtle :)

Posted by Eleanor Jackson on 24/11/2010 11:49:24

Gravatar for carole

perfect item for christmas

Posted by carole on 24/11/2010 13:29:30

Gravatar for Yvonne

You have created some lovely items for your site and I would particularly like to own the gorgeous Christmas snowflake decorations ...

Posted by Yvonne on 24/11/2010 17:19:23

Gravatar for Jenn

The Eeyore bracelet is simply darling!!! I love the tree of life necklace as well!

Awesome Awesome work!!!

Posted by Jenn on 24/11/2010 23:24:26

Gravatar for phyllis ellett

Another brilliant blog and what lovely things to wear.

Posted by phyllis ellett on 25/11/2010 06:20:24

Gravatar for Mary Preston

Just beautiful. I have my fingers crossed.

Posted by Mary Preston on 25/11/2010 06:40:06

Gravatar for Julie Clark

lovely stuff cant wait for the border collie themed necklaces

Posted by Julie Clark on 25/11/2010 06:43:41

Gravatar for Colette Mellor

The Filigree Butterfly earrings are beautiful and would match any outfit.

Posted by Colette Mellor on 25/11/2010 10:30:00

Gravatar for Lewis P

Lovely items! fab xmas prezzies

Posted by Lewis P on 25/11/2010 13:15:35

Gravatar for Kim White

Lovely jewellery. And it would give me an excuse to buy the perfect outfit to match them!

Posted by Kim White on 25/11/2010 14:42:06

Gravatar for Sarah Laycock

The Big Flower would be my favourite. I can't wait for the border collie themed items - I have 2 BCs and lost my beloved Battersea Rescue collie cross aged 18.5 years last September - so loved and so missed. Don't get me started on my love for this breed - I'll be here all day!!!!

Posted by Sarah Laycock on 25/11/2010 16:09:00

Gravatar for Lesley Armston

Some many reasons to choose more than one for each of the girls in a mum/grannys life...Blue necklace for my daughter to match her eyes, the green apple for my elder daughter, Eyore for my youngest grandaughter (3) and star earings for the elder of granduaghters as she has stars in her eyes!!

Posted by Lesley Armston on 25/11/2010 17:34:22

Gravatar for laura stewart

i also like the The Filigree Butterfly earring they are beautifull

Posted by laura stewart on 25/11/2010 20:37:42

Gravatar for Carol Emmett

Love the lucite leaves necklace - it has the look of the vintage pieces that I love.

Posted by Carol Emmett on 27/11/2010 14:08:39

Gravatar for greig spencer

love the prize would look great on my tree lol

Posted by greig spencer on 27/11/2010 16:03:32

Gravatar for Catherine Mcblain

love all but the filigree butterfly earrings are the best

Posted by Catherine Mcblain on 27/11/2010 16:19:55

Gravatar for Faridah Brooker

Love the starfish pendants - in all the colours!

Posted by Faridah Brooker on 27/11/2010 17:07:22

Gravatar for Carolyn Hollingworth

Lots of lovely things at excellent prices for Christmas and a sad but inspirational story. I really like the dog and paw bookmark, useful, different and would make a great present!

Posted by Carolyn Hollingworth on 27/11/2010 17:14:32

Gravatar for jud

The Christmas Snowflake Decorations are just magical.

Posted by jud on 27/11/2010 17:58:50

Gravatar for Kelly Ashford

I love the Autumn bracelet. The colours of the beads are so pretty together and I think it would look great worn with any outfit.

Posted by Kelly Ashford on 27/11/2010 20:58:13

Gravatar for camilla Stenmark

the earrings are hot, i want them

Posted by camilla Stenmark on 27/11/2010 21:59:53

Gravatar for James Gwyther

The christmas snowflakes...be wonderful in my living room!

Posted by James Gwyther on 27/11/2010 22:13:55

Gravatar for Samantha Ripley

I love it all so hard to choose, the star earrings are beautiful, so talented

Posted by Samantha Ripley on 27/11/2010 23:58:14

Gravatar for chrissi visage

as I am normally an earring fancier - the Tibetan butterfly drops would have been my first choice. But then I saw the Teal Pop necklace and that is so lovely - to see that in my christmas stocking would make my day! & the new year!

Posted by chrissi visage on 28/11/2010 10:59:39

Gravatar for clifford

I think I have found heaven

Posted by clifford on 28/11/2010 11:47:01

Gravatar for Ricky Willis

This would make a lovely Christmas present for my Beautiful Girlfriend.

Posted by Ricky Willis on 28/11/2010 13:32:25

Gravatar for Kym Davidson

They are so beautiful! My favourite ones are the bottom pair, the beading makes them look like they're made of ice and I bet they sparkle a treat!

Posted by Kym Davidson on 28/11/2010 14:11:31

Gravatar for june houlton

All Handmade Crafts,have style and flair,lines exclusive,staff who care.

Posted by june houlton on 28/11/2010 14:37:28

Gravatar for Eleanor Weeks-Bell

The red apple is gorgeous and would make a wonderful christmas gift for my niece - she loves fruity jewellery!

Posted by Eleanor Weeks-Bell on 28/11/2010 22:25:49

Gravatar for Matt Chatterley

Thanks very much for your comments (and thus entries), everyone - no more entries are being accepted now and the winner will be announced via a new blog post shortly!

Posted by Matt Chatterley on 29/11/2010 06:15:53

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