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New to Handmade Crafts – Classified Ads!

16/05/2013 - Matt Chatterley

Classified Ads For quite some time we've been debating ‘what to do next?' in terms of Handmade Crafts. One of the problems is that a lot of time goes into the site (even just keeping in touch with everyone and moderating submissions), making it hard for us to justify spending more time on development.

Sales of advertising slots help towards the costs, but don't really pay the bills for hosting, let alone time spent – so we decided to make the options on offer more flexible with the aim of raising a bit more from sales. This will help us to further develop and improve the site – and to do more to promote arts and crafts!

The result is: Classified Advertising

Our existing ads are great if you want to build a bit of brand awareness, but if you want to advertise a specific item, are running a special offer – or having a bit of a de-stash, they're not quite right.

For just £1 (+VAT), you can place an advert in our classifieds section for a month – including one picture of your item(s)! A premium option is also available, which allows up to 5 images. All purchases must be pre-paid by topping up your account (we're hoping to re-use these tokens for other features – including the standard advertising in the future), which currently works via PayPal.

Go on, check it out!

So there you are – please go and check out the listings which some users have been kind enough to place already – and if you've got something crafty to sell, why not submit your own?

View classified adverts now »

But don't forget..

The money we make from advertising is used to pay for the costs associated with (and to fund future development) of this site. If you want to get some publicity for free, you can submit links to our directory or events to our map. You can also send us your press releases and craft news, sponsor a monthly giveaway or write a guest blog – drop us a line to discuss!

Click here for more information on advertising with handmade-crafts.co.uk.

PS. Rosa will be back with the May giveaway early next week - we just wanted to get this bit of news out first!

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