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NANA: More than just Coffee and Craft!

13/09/2013 - Matt Chatterley

A couple of days ago, we received a tweet from @wearenana. Nothing big, or dramatic, just a little tweet asking for a re-tweet to help them towards their goal on Kickstarter.

When I read about what they do – and what they want to do, I thought it was one of the best ideas I've heard in a long time – and something which could really do some good at a time when all we hear about is how our communities are falling apart – and about we are neglecting our older folk.

So, I contacted NANA and the lovely Yasmin answered a few questions – I think her answers explain the project far better than I can, so you are:...

NANA - Nannies

What is NANA – and How did it start?

NANA - Waitress NANA is a comfort food & craft cafe hosted by lovely older ladies. We hate the idea that just because you've retired you're expected to sit in your slippers waiting for Countdown to start. There are activities for over 55's but they don't suit everyone, especially those that still feel like they're under 30 and want to get stuck in with something that benefits the community. So on the one hand there's incredible older ladies stuck in doors needing something to do and on the other there's a whole community of people looking for great food at a reasonable price.

We launched NANA as a pop-up from our local pub, Monday-Friday, 10am-3pm which was very popular but we were limited by time. People wanted to come after work or at the weekends so we knew we needed our own, full-time space. Fast forward a few more months and here we are. We have the space, we just need to fix it up!

What's your vision for the future?

We want to see NANA cafes all over the country! From running the pop-up we found that we were helping older women much more than we initially thought we would. We're not just tackling boredom issues anymore but social isolation, loneliness and depression. This issues aren't unique to East London and we want to be able to help people in other areas.

How can people get involved and help?

NANA - With Baby We're always on the hunt for more NANA's! We're looking for older ladies with a few spare hours a week who want to help out. It may be by cooking, serving, sharing a recipe, teaching craft skills or keeping an eye on the children whilst parents get a moment of peace. It could be something completely different!?

Whatever it is, if you are yourself or you know of someone who sounds ideal get in contact!

You can also help with a tweet or by buying a coffee…

If you like the sound of NANA and would like to help (I suspect particularly if you live in or around East London), then please consider helping to publicise them via their original tweet, below. You could also give them a couple of quid on Kickstarter to buy a tea or coffee. And if you don't want to drink it, they'll give it to someone who looks like they could do with it – you can't say fairer than that!

You can also visit NANA on Kickstarter...

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