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March Giveaway - The Daphne Tree

12/03/2014 - Matt Chatterley

Did you hear that? Spring has Sprung!

The Daphne Tree - Rocket ShirtTempting fate, I suspect, but over the last few days the weather here has taken a turn for the better - I'm even thinking about getting out into the garden to start planting things for this year! With Mothering Sunday almost upon us and Easter on the horizon, it's a busy time for some of you (isn't it always!), but I hope you can take time out to join in this months Giveaway!

Our sponsor this month is the lovely Nic from The Daphne Tree, who is offering a personalised baby/toddler T-Shirt (see end of post for more details). Her makes are really cute and I'm wondering if I should hide this post from Mrs Handmade-Crafts!

As ever, the rules are as follows. To enter, visit our sponsor's links (at the end) then come back and leave a comment on this post telling us which of their lovely makes is your favourite - which are you most tempted to buy?

Comments left before midnight (GMT) on Sunday 23rd March 2014 will be entered into the draw and we'll announce the winner on the following Monday. Entries are accepted at our discretion and the winner will be selected at random.

PS, if you're running your own giveaway, why not add it to our new competitions page and get some extra publicity? Click here for more information!

Now, over to Nic!

The Daphne Tree - CollageMy name is Nic and I've been customising my clothes since I was a teenager. When my daughter Daphne was born 3 years ago, I noticed that children's clothes were very boy/girl oriented, and I'm not a huge fan of pink!

I started making her clothes in all different colours with her favourite animals on, using retro and funky fabrics and stitching with bright embroidery thread. Some friends with boys were also frustrated at the lack of choice, so I try to make designs suitable for either gender, and with lots of colourful options. As people started to order more t-shirts for their children, I set up a Facebook page and Etsy shop, and

I'm creating different tops all the time! People seem to love that they can get a hand-stitched design of their very own, especially for a child's birthday for example. Some customers even frame them after their children have outgrown them, which is lovely!

The Daphne Tree - Dinosaur ShirtAs the business grows I'm keen to make more dresses and dungarees, and wall hangings and cushions for nurseries. My own house is a bit of a melting pot of all the things I make, and having recently painted our kitchen bright turquoise and the welsh dresser yellow, I can't be entirely sure my husband appreciates it!

I'd like to offer the winner of the giveaway a personalised baby/ toddler t-shirt, with any design they would like. I can make sizes 1-2, 2-3 and 3-4 or babygros in 0-3, 3-6 and 6-12 months.

Visit The Daphne Tree now!

Giveaway listed at: ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions and Competitions Today.

Comments (31)

Gravatar for iain maciver

fandabidozy giveaway

Posted by iain maciver on 17/03/2014 17:01:55

Gravatar for karen hill

gorgeous products

Posted by karen hill on 17/03/2014 17:41:15

Gravatar for Pam Francis Gregory

The Easter Bunny t-shirt is my favourite

Posted by Pam Francis Gregory on 17/03/2014 17:43:08

Gravatar for MANDY DOHERTY

Love the Meerkat T-Shirt, my grandson would look so cute in this

Posted by MANDY DOHERTY on 17/03/2014 19:32:20

Gravatar for Holly

I'm in love with the fairy design and also the two rabbits! They are all so lovely x

Posted by Holly on 17/03/2014 20:59:09

Gravatar for Kate Kathurima

great giveaway

Posted by Kate Kathurima on 17/03/2014 21:01:13

Gravatar for Miss Tracy Hanson

I really like the Babygro with the dinosaur on. :)

Posted by Miss Tracy Hanson on 17/03/2014 21:21:34

Gravatar for Spencer Broadley

My nephew would love a dinosaur one

Posted by Spencer Broadley on 18/03/2014 07:59:53

Gravatar for laura stewart

please enter me

Posted by laura stewart on 18/03/2014 12:36:21

Gravatar for Tracey Whysall

My daughter loves anything with fairies on!

Posted by Tracey Whysall on 18/03/2014 14:05:26

Gravatar for lynn Heath

I really like the retro butterfly t shirt

Posted by lynn Heath on 18/03/2014 14:13:16

Gravatar for Judith (from Israel)

The Woodland theme shopping tote bag "Out Foraging" with rabbit and toadstool is my favourite.

Posted by Judith (from Israel) on 18/03/2014 21:57:38

Gravatar for charlotte

Unique and fun! Brilliant give-away :)

Posted by charlotte on 19/03/2014 16:00:08

Gravatar for Liesl L.

I love the retro butterfly t shirt. It would look gorgeous on my little niece.

Posted by Liesl L. on 19/03/2014 20:50:52

Gravatar for greg price

my grandson would love the dinasor t shirt its fab

Posted by greg price on 20/03/2014 21:09:23

Gravatar for Persha den-Kader

Such lovely creations!x

Posted by Persha den-Kader on 20/03/2014 22:39:25

Gravatar for Margaret McLaughlin

I love the dinosaur in geometric egg!
Very colourful

Posted by Margaret McLaughlin on 21/03/2014 21:59:49

Gravatar for champaklal lad

great t shirts

Posted by champaklal lad on 21/03/2014 22:48:57

Gravatar for jessica newman

great clothing and lovely competition

Posted by jessica newman on 22/03/2014 10:48:40

Gravatar for Sarah Oxley

Geometric snake around neck t-shirt! My friend is has a little boy and his daddy is reptiles breeder...snakes are in!

Posted by Sarah Oxley on 22/03/2014 11:05:56

Gravatar for mat olsen

Great giveaway!

Posted by mat olsen on 22/03/2014 17:27:11

Gravatar for Kirsty Partridge

So cute :)

Posted by Kirsty Partridge on 22/03/2014 19:09:42

Gravatar for Hayley Todd

I love the Sweet Cupcakes design! It's so cute!

Posted by Hayley Todd on 22/03/2014 19:11:43

Gravatar for jacqueline buist

I love the Happy whale Blue Baby onesie, my son is always smiling & this would be perfect for him.

Posted by jacqueline buist on 23/03/2014 08:13:05

Gravatar for Natalie Crossan

I'm tempted to buy the butterfly t-shirt :)

Posted by Natalie Crossan on 23/03/2014 14:03:26

Gravatar for jessica waugh

Oh yes please! Fantastic! x

Posted by jessica waugh on 23/03/2014 14:21:12

Gravatar for lucy rose

Sweet cup cake tee shirt

Posted by lucy rose on 23/03/2014 15:04:44

Gravatar for Terri

Love the dinosaur xx

Posted by Terri on 23/03/2014 16:26:34

Gravatar for erica field

I lie the butterfly and the dinosaur egg t shirt

Posted by erica field on 23/03/2014 17:02:00

Gravatar for Matt @ Handmade Crafts

Thank you everyone for entering (and special thanks to our lovely sponsor). This month's giveaway winner is.. Lynn Heath!

Well done Lynn - Nic will be in touch with you shortly to arrange your prize.

See you all next time!

Posted by Matt @ Handmade Crafts on 24/03/2014 17:13:01


Smiley Tortoise t-shirt - cute geeky applique made with Robert Kaufman fabric

Posted by MARIA ROSA FRAMARIN on 27/03/2014 12:53:26

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