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June Crafts Giveaway - The Winner!


And the winner of our June Giveaway is...

Velvet McCarthy! Congratulations - we'll be in touch very soon with details of how you can claim your prize!

All that remains is for us to say a huge thank-you to Gingerbread for very kindly sponsoring our June Giveaway.

We must also thank everybody who took part - it was a great turnout and we really do appreciate your participation - it helps us to turn the spotlight on a crafter for a few days, which is always fantastic.

And it will continue.. with the July Giveaway!

As both giveaways have gone so well and we still have several crafters on the list who have said they would be willing to offer a prize, we will be making the monthly give-away a regular feature for the time being.

Remember those new features we mentioned?

We're still slaving away behind the scenes, but you may start to notice some changes to the site being rolled out very soon. We won't be announcing them too loudly until we're ready for you to start taking part, but if you have a link listed with us, you'll definitely be glad when we finally upgrade our craft links page!

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Comments (5)

Gravatar for GingerBread

Congrats Velvet! we very very very much look forward to maiking you the perfect match to your Uggs!

Everyone else is equally lovely, many thanks for your kind comments and please do keep checking back on our facebook, twitter and website for updates.

Remember we have a Boutique Evenving showing off old and new in our Surrey studio this Saturday, and our new collection launches on August 21st in London City Centre. Check the website for details, do try and come along!

Ange and Chris

Posted by GingerBread on 22/06/2010 17:46:20

Gravatar for (Keywords removed)

Congratulations Velvet McCarthy! from my side as well.

Posted by (Keywords removed) on 23/06/2010 12:17:32

Gravatar for Jo Ann

I am a crafter at heart and have just found this site. My entire family are crafters. For the last few years my primary interests have been in the area of paper crafting and crocheting.

While I am currently about to roll out a kitchen site, I am working on a conceptual plan for a craft site. Love it; love it; love it!!!!

Posted by Jo Ann on 23/06/2010 13:53:59

Gravatar for Daniel

Glad I found this site. Been looking for a great resource for crafting. I am very much into clay myself, although a beginner.

Will definately come background here regularly.

Posted by Daniel on 28/06/2010 21:32:11

Gravatar for (Keywords removed)

Hey nice blog! I'm a bit of a crafter myself, though my hobby may be a little obscure. I make old fashioned style signs - you know "ye old shoppe.." etc. It's great fun!

Posted by (Keywords removed) on 02/07/2010 08:10:29

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