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July Giveaway - Becky's Crystals


Add some sparkle to your July with Becky's Crystals!

July Giveaway - Beckys CrystalsWell, here we are. Just two weeks ago, we were being rained on and lamenting the lack of a summer - and now in true British fashion, people are already starting to complain that it's too hot! But we're not - the sunshine has put a smile firmly on our faces and so has the fact that we're able to bring you another lovely giveaway!

The rules remain as before: to enter, visit our sponsor's link (at the end of the post) and post a comment here, telling us which of their makes you like best. Entries are accepted at our discretion and the winner will be chosen at random. The giveaway will close at midnight on Sunday 29th July 2012.

And don't forget - if you'd like to sponsor a future giveaway, just drop us a line.

And now, over to Becky from Becky's Crystals

July Giveaway - Beckys CrystalsHi I am Becky and I am a qualified crystal healer, but please don't let that put you off :)

Everything I make or sell is picked for it's properties, what it can bring to us on a daily level without having to put much effort in ourselves.

Now while I fully understand that a large portion of people don't really believe in crystal healing I have tried to make things pretty too with lots of colour (don't get me started on colour therapy, lol) so that while you might not care about the properties of the stones you might be drawn to something without realising it.

July Giveaway - Beckys Crystals I would not call myself arty at all, I can't even draw a straight line with a ruler and my hubbie sews better than I ever will but when it comes to gems and metal work, after many months of trial and error, courses and burns I like to think I have finally got the hang of it and am making pieces that people are enjoying for themselves and as gifts for others.

Each and every piece I make is different, that is the nature when working with gemstones but I also make on off pieces for people and it is one of those pieces I am offering today. An amethyst pendulum two way necklace.

July Giveaway - Beckys Crystals A 21 inch silver plated necklace with a simple front clasp that allows it to be used as a pendulum if you wish. The chain is finished with opalite, rose quartz and pink banded agate. I normally sell a custom piece like this for £15 inc postage.

Visit Becky's Crystals now!

Giveaway listed at: ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions and Competitions Today.

Comments (28)

Gravatar for Kim Harvey-Nash

I love your angelic range and the tumblestone wands. I would love to win the prize and maybe order some items in the future.

Posted by Kim Harvey-Nash on 24/07/2012 07:29:26

Gravatar for Joanna S

The Handcrafted Triple Pendulum collection would be my favourite, particularly with the Tigers Eye & Yellow Aventurine stones :)

Posted by Joanna S on 24/07/2012 13:03:19

Gravatar for Linda Rumsey

The Chakra Collection is really pretty and wearable with most outfits!

Posted by Linda Rumsey on 24/07/2012 18:44:28

Gravatar for Robyn Loughlin

The angelic earrings I think are very cute. And the amethyst pendulum prize is epic! :D

Posted by Robyn Loughlin on 25/07/2012 03:11:31

Gravatar for Steph McIntosh

Stunning! Utterly stunning! The necklace is absolutely gorgeous and I am amazed at how someone can make that.

Good luck to everyone else who has entered!

Posted by Steph McIntosh on 25/07/2012 12:51:12

Gravatar for Judith (from Israel)

I like the chunky triple chip bracelet the best - especially as it can be ordered with three amethyst chips.

Posted by Judith (from Israel) on 25/07/2012 13:38:39

Gravatar for Gillian Holmes

The Chakra Collection is my favourite.

Posted by Gillian Holmes on 25/07/2012 19:17:23

Gravatar for sharon

I love the use of using the products of nature for items to wear there is nothing better than getting close to nature in this way.

Posted by sharon on 25/07/2012 19:50:58

Gravatar for Rachael ozimek

I like the angelic collection - deffo gonna share this with my Aunt, these are right up her street :)

Posted by Rachael ozimek on 26/07/2012 11:28:19

Gravatar for steve tutt

The Amethyst Chakra Pendant radiates both beauty and divine energy.

Posted by steve tutt on 26/07/2012 20:08:27



Posted by LORRAINE.MALPAS on 27/07/2012 08:03:16

Gravatar for Samantha Ripley

I love the Handcrafted Chakra Pendants - so pretty

Posted by Samantha Ripley on 27/07/2012 14:10:42

Gravatar for siobhan

i love the chunky triple chip braclets xx

Posted by siobhan on 27/07/2012 14:50:47

Gravatar for Isobelle Forde

I was drawn to the amethyst necklace as I have problems with my throat and this is my stone apparently! Beautiful thoughtfully crafted jewellery x

Posted by Isobelle Forde on 27/07/2012 21:09:15

Gravatar for Emma Bradshaw

Love the Angelic Collection - so pretty!

Posted by Emma Bradshaw on 27/07/2012 21:18:40

Gravatar for Liam Stephens

Would love to give that as a gift to my eldest daughter she would love it :)

Posted by Liam Stephens on 28/07/2012 08:56:07

Gravatar for Lorraine

Love love love it all got people in mind for gifts

Posted by Lorraine on 28/07/2012 11:34:43

Gravatar for Maria Messruther

I love the angelic collection especially the keycharm she makes absolutely stunning things.

Posted by Maria Messruther on 28/07/2012 16:59:34

Gravatar for Juliet Kavanagh

I love the pendulum necklaces - they're so original and also so pretty!

Posted by Juliet Kavanagh on 28/07/2012 17:22:48

Gravatar for Elizabeth yeates

Amethyst is my birthstone and i adore this necklace!

Posted by Elizabeth yeates on 28/07/2012 17:53:12

Gravatar for Jo Boyd

I love the Tiger's Eye pendant. Gorgeous colour, and an unusual shape.

Posted by Jo Boyd on 29/07/2012 02:19:17

Gravatar for Helen Cruse

I love the Clear Quartz triple pendulum.... I'm very drawn to it, despite not having used pendulums before. I like the energies and have practised Reiki for years now, but am becoming curious about crystals, maybe this is my moment?

Posted by Helen Cruse on 29/07/2012 11:48:59

Gravatar for Sam

My favourite is the Angelic Keycharm

Posted by Sam on 29/07/2012 12:21:45

Gravatar for Claire Reavy

I love your angelic collection x

Posted by Claire Reavy on 29/07/2012 13:57:15

Gravatar for Angie Hoggett

love the pendulum necklaces

Posted by Angie Hoggett on 29/07/2012 17:00:37

Gravatar for lesley styles

Lapis Lazuli Chakra Pendant - beautiful and powerful!

Posted by lesley styles on 29/07/2012 20:19:31

Gravatar for Mel K

So pretty and calming. Love the amethyst one

Posted by Mel K on 29/07/2012 22:25:59

Gravatar for Matt @ Handmade Crafts

Well, that's all folks - the giveaway is now closed! Congratulations to Lesley Styles, our winner for this month - Becky will be in touch with you shortly. To everyone else, thanks for entering - and we'll see you soon!

Posted by Matt @ Handmade Crafts on 30/07/2012 06:31:33

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