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July 2011 Crafts Giveaway - Artisan Silver


Your chance to win a beautiful necklace from Artisan Silver!

Fine Silver Dog Tags by Artisan Silver So, it's July and (here at least), the sun is finally shining! We're back with another giveaway; this month sponsored by Traceyann from Artisan Silver, who is kindly offering you the chance to win a lovely 'Antique Script Fine Silver Dog Tag Necklace' (pictured here).

The deal is the same as always. To enter, visit Artisan Silver (links at the end of this post) and then come back and leave a comment here about their beautiful makes - and telling us which is your favourite. Entries are accepted at our discretion and the winner will be chosen at random. The giveaway will close at midnight on Wednesday 27th July.

Meet Traceann from Artisan Silver

Earings by Artisan Silver My name is Traceyann of Artisan Silver. I create jewellery treasures from fine silver and vintage inspired supplies. I love roaming secondhand shops and some of my work is vintage jewellery which I have customised or simply refurbished. I have a background in fine art and many years ago I sold my paintings on the railings in Bayswater Road, London (I was a lot braver then!). I started designing jewellery a few years ago whilst recovering from an injury and now it is a way of relaxing from my stressful day job in the NHS.

My silver items are created using precious metal clay which is 99.9% fine silver, sterling silver sheet and sterling silver or silver-plated wire. All other components are chosen by myself from reliable sources and are nickel free. All my silver items over 7.78g are hallmarked with Goldsmith's Assay Office London. Items under 7.78g are stamped with a fine quality silver mark and my registered sponsor's mark from Goldsmiths. All my jewellery is made in a non-smoking environment and all costume vintage style jewellery is nickel free.

Visit Artisan Silver now!

Giveaway listed at: ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions and Competitions Today.

Comments (124)

Gravatar for Emily Hutchinson

Mt fave item is Fairy Wish Door Locket Pendant - just lovely :)

Posted by Emily Hutchinson on 22/07/2011 18:30:08

Gravatar for Tracey Madden

Gorgeous jewellery! This is my favourite, I love owls.

Posted by Tracey Madden on 22/07/2011 18:33:25

Gravatar for Kati

I loved all the owl jewelry and the pocket watch necklaces. All of the items were amazingly cute!

Posted by Kati on 22/07/2011 18:41:35

Gravatar for Shaz

It's much too difficult to choose just one favourite - there are so many gorgeous little birdy treats, the round silver 'Tweet' bird necklaces are lovely but I think I'll plump for this very cute & clever one 'Feathers the owl pendant/watch' - Shaz x. http://www.folksy.com/items/1901405-Feathers-the-Owl-Pocket-Pendant-Watch-?shop=yes

Posted by Shaz on 22/07/2011 18:57:00

Gravatar for Trudi

Ohh Tracyann .... I've just popped into your Folksy Shop and you have a new liker already - me Glitteringprize. I adore the collection of items you have. They're all so individual but go together so well. If I had to pick a favourite it would have to be Feathers the Owl Pocket Pendant Watch!

Posted by Trudi on 22/07/2011 19:22:45

Gravatar for LAURA JONES

i really love the rocking horse pendant so unusual and a delightful reminder of childhood

Posted by LAURA JONES on 22/07/2011 19:52:49

Gravatar for Averilpam

Lovely jewellery, and hard to choose a favourite, I love the gingko necklace

Posted by Averilpam on 22/07/2011 20:52:30

Gravatar for Louise Mathema

Beautiful items - hard to pick just one, but would have to go with the silver seashore necklace.

Posted by Louise Mathema on 22/07/2011 21:17:23

Gravatar for Dee

I love your Vintage Inspired camera pendant its so unusual and pretty x

Posted by Dee on 22/07/2011 22:50:08

Gravatar for Mary Preston

The Lilac Blossoms and Butterfly Bracelet is divine. ALL so beautiful though.

Posted by Mary Preston on 23/07/2011 01:10:08

Gravatar for Jennifer Raney

I have long admired Traceyanns' talent! I would have a hard time choosing between the fairy door locket or the ginkgo leaf pendant. Both are stunning!

Posted by Jennifer Raney on 23/07/2011 04:53:35

Gravatar for Katherine Aitken

So SO beautiful. My favourites are the Vintage Snowy Owl necklace, and the beautiful blue flowers glass bead necklace.

Posted by Katherine Aitken on 23/07/2011 06:09:47

Gravatar for Lisa wade

Hi traceyann, wow they are all so beautiful! You have a lovely shop, I think my favourite though has to be the butterfly watch pendant, so unusual x

Posted by Lisa wade on 23/07/2011 07:03:46

Gravatar for laura stewart

they are all very pretty and unique

Posted by laura stewart on 23/07/2011 08:19:34

Gravatar for Trudy

Beautiful jewellery, love the heart/ love necklace and all the floral themed necklaces , and bird earrings! Lovely work!

Posted by Trudy on 23/07/2011 09:25:58

Gravatar for Emma (The Sparkly Fairy)

Its very hard to choose a favourite. They are all fabulous! But I do like this one.


Posted by Emma (The Sparkly Fairy) on 23/07/2011 10:20:35

Gravatar for Gabrielle Therese Svensson

what a lovely website, so hard to chose just one item! My absolute favourite is the Little Owl silver pendant, so cute!

Posted by Gabrielle Therese Svensson on 23/07/2011 10:31:09

Gravatar for Ed Hodges

These are really lovely pendants, and you have taught m something, I did no know there was such thing as precious metal clay!

Posted by Ed Hodges on 23/07/2011 11:36:56

Gravatar for andrea tinkler

Feathers the Owl Pocket Pendant Watch is beautiful. absolutly beautiful. i would be so proud if i could make anything more creative than an ham toastie x x

Posted by andrea tinkler on 23/07/2011 13:00:56

Gravatar for melanie smith

lovely pieces in your collection loved the sea based charm bracelet x

Posted by melanie smith on 23/07/2011 13:13:37

Gravatar for Ashton

I love how unique all the jewllery is! I especially love the "Tufty the Owl" necklace- it's just so cute!

Posted by Ashton on 23/07/2011 14:01:34

Gravatar for Naomi K

Awww! The jewellery is sooo cute!! I never heard of it before - but LOVE the designs. I really liked the Alice in Wonderland collection, but my favourite item is the Rosie the Owl Necklace. I really like the dog tag necklace too - so vintage looking.

Posted by Naomi K on 23/07/2011 14:56:02

Gravatar for Claire Toplis

oh what joy your items are having a cat it would have to be http://www.folksy.com/items/2048257-Little-Cat-Silver-Necklace?shop=yes

Posted by Claire Toplis on 23/07/2011 18:13:57

Gravatar for claire woods

I love the pink rose necklace.

Posted by claire woods on 23/07/2011 19:46:33

Gravatar for Lisa Morrow

Beautiful jewellery! I love the starfish necklace - gorgeous.

Posted by Lisa Morrow on 24/07/2011 00:48:44

Gravatar for Ruth Grover

I just love this little elephant watch pendant.....

Posted by Ruth Grover on 24/07/2011 11:50:58

Gravatar for Winifred Davidson

It would have to be the owl, perhaps some of his wisdom would rub off on me.

Posted by Winifred Davidson on 24/07/2011 11:52:59

Gravatar for Emma Nutter

I love all of them but my favourite is the Little Tweet Dream Necklace!!! xxx

Posted by Emma Nutter on 24/07/2011 11:58:18

Gravatar for Kenneth Deed

I love hand crafted jewellery. They look gorgeous and make beautiful pressies for my better half.

Posted by Kenneth Deed on 24/07/2011 12:10:20

Gravatar for Li Anne

All of the collections are simply stunning, but if I could choose only one as my absolute favourite, it would be the Fine Silver Angel Wing pendant - gorgeous!

Posted by Li Anne on 24/07/2011 12:36:43

Gravatar for Sarah Laycock

The Fairy Wish Door Locket Pendant is exquisite though it was a hard choice as all the items are delightful!

Posted by Sarah Laycock on 24/07/2011 12:36:50

Gravatar for FionaLynne Edwards

I love the Bird Case Vintage Inspired Bronze Earrings. It was really hard to choose - all the items are beautiful x

Posted by FionaLynne Edwards on 24/07/2011 12:56:05

Gravatar for Solange

I love the pink rose necklace.

Posted by Solange on 24/07/2011 13:48:57

Gravatar for Tracy Nixon

I adore the Verdigris fairy brooch - i love anything girly like fairies and angels - stems from my childhood when I began believing and still do! Lots of gorgeous items over there though - love all the Alice in Wonderland collection too!!

Posted by Tracy Nixon on 24/07/2011 14:19:30

Gravatar for Jay

Thanks so much for introducing me to these gorgeous items! I love ALL the bird ones! Especially the Flyaway Dove silver pendant. I could very easily max out the credit card with Artisan Silver items though!

Posted by Jay on 24/07/2011 14:36:55

Gravatar for Judy Wright

Lovely silver jewellery, I especially like the silver owl earrings :)

Posted by Judy Wright on 24/07/2011 14:37:47

Gravatar for Angie Allen

I love all of it- Great comp

Posted by Angie Allen on 24/07/2011 14:46:27

Gravatar for Pauline Wilson

The mad hatters tea party charm bracelet is so quirky. What a unique, unusual but lovely collection

Posted by Pauline Wilson on 24/07/2011 15:18:46

Gravatar for jennie jackson

The are all lovely. especially the owl pendant

Posted by jennie jackson on 24/07/2011 16:05:00

Gravatar for CCook

My favourite is the Vintage Sparkling Eyes Owl Pendant with Decorative Clasp- he's very lovely!

Posted by CCook on 24/07/2011 17:44:39

Gravatar for jane steels

i love these designs but especially eshttp://www.folksy.com/items/1451037-LIttle-Dove-Silver-Pendant-Customizable?shop

Posted by jane steels on 24/07/2011 17:46:02

Gravatar for john radburn

beachcomber silver heart pendant niceremind me next April for my Wife!!!!!

Posted by john radburn on 24/07/2011 18:04:49

Gravatar for nicolene abdesselam

i love the ,Changing Seasons Leaf Silver Earrings--really simple and beautiful.

Posted by nicolene abdesselam on 24/07/2011 18:47:17

Gravatar for natalie goatley

My favourite is the Gingko Silver Necklace. Its beautiful! x

Posted by natalie goatley on 24/07/2011 18:54:35

Gravatar for Victoria Wilson

My favourite is the Bird Cage Vintage Inspired Bronze Earrings.

Posted by Victoria Wilson on 24/07/2011 19:05:37

Gravatar for Clare

I love the Little Bird & Cupcake Silver Necklace, gorgeous.

Posted by Clare on 24/07/2011 19:25:04

Gravatar for emma Cella

I loved all the owl jewelry and the pocket watch necklaces. All of the items were so cute!

Posted by emma Cella on 24/07/2011 20:01:05

Gravatar for Gemma Robinson

i would love to win this http://www.folksy.com/items/2048301-Custom-Silver-15mm-Pendant-Necklace?shop=yes

Posted by Gemma Robinson on 24/07/2011 20:10:16

Gravatar for Andy D

Has to be the Gingko necklace

Posted by Andy D on 24/07/2011 20:24:50

Gravatar for Jenny Eaves

So many nice things, but if I had to choose one I would say this (Changing Seasons Silver Leaf): http://www.folksy.com/items/1812097-Changing-Seasons-Leaf-Silver-Pendant-Customisable?shop=yes is my favourite! :) x

Posted by Jenny Eaves on 24/07/2011 20:56:00

Gravatar for Caroline French

I love the Little Tweet Silver Ring- so cute but also loving the many fantasic necklaces and pendants, the owls would be a huge hit with my mum!

Posted by Caroline French on 24/07/2011 21:12:56

Gravatar for Tony Price

these are really good quality which cannot be beaten!!
my daughter would love to get her hands on one :)

Posted by Tony Price on 24/07/2011 21:15:55

Gravatar for fiona mcbride

beautiful unique items that would please/delight anyone - would love to give as gift to someone special

Posted by fiona mcbride on 24/07/2011 21:31:39

Gravatar for Amanda Robertson

the Ginko fine silver pendant definately, such pretty detail

Posted by Amanda Robertson on 24/07/2011 21:38:35

Gravatar for Sarah Anguish

I love the 'Alice in Wonderland Pocket Watch Necklace' so cute and truly unique gift

Posted by Sarah Anguish on 24/07/2011 21:53:08

Gravatar for Mitty

Very hard to pick! I love the bird silhoutte silver pendant : )

Posted by Mitty on 24/07/2011 22:14:06

Gravatar for Katelyn Townsend

Artisan Silver does great vintage inspired pieces - my favourite would be http://www.folksy.com/items/1572137-Beachcomber-Silver-Handcrafted-Heart-Pendant?shop=yes as I love silver and hearts :)

Katie x

Posted by Katelyn Townsend on 24/07/2011 22:28:58

Gravatar for jo williams

They're all really lovely and the detail is amazing! love the alice in wonderland collection but my fave is the 'curious cat vintage ring'!

Posted by jo williams on 24/07/2011 23:29:37

Gravatar for Chris W

so hard to pick I love them all, but love the butterfly bracelet.

Posted by Chris W on 25/07/2011 00:00:37

Gravatar for ellen

the little dove pendant

Posted by ellen on 25/07/2011 04:18:44

Gravatar for Jane Graham

little tweet bird - or the heart with wings. Both so special!

Posted by Jane Graham on 25/07/2011 08:52:35

Gravatar for Sarah Jones

I've never seen this shop on Folksy before and I love everything. I do particularly love the bird cage earrings!

Posted by Sarah Jones on 25/07/2011 10:06:35

Gravatar for Anne McCutcheon

Your items are so nice, I like Alice in Wonderland Teacup Necklace.

Posted by Anne McCutcheon on 25/07/2011 10:56:29

Gravatar for Holly

My favourite is the Inspirational Little Tweet necklace as the quote is great and design looks brilliant.

I love everything though!!

Posted by Holly on 25/07/2011 11:09:29

Gravatar for HANNAH EVANS

I love the little owl silver pendant but everything is so pretty!!!

Posted by HANNAH EVANS on 25/07/2011 11:14:40

Gravatar for Nina Crozier

Wow, some lovely pieces. Very hard to choose favourite and was torn between two especially but my favourite has to be http://www.folksy.com/items/1810897-Rosie-the-Owl-Necklace?shop=yes

Posted by Nina Crozier on 25/07/2011 11:27:24

Gravatar for laura sterling

I JUST LOVE Snowy the Owl Vintage Style Necklace

Posted by laura sterling on 25/07/2011 12:51:30

Gravatar for george davidson

gotta be the owl, my daughters fave

Posted by george davidson on 25/07/2011 13:26:01

Gravatar for Claire Butler

Loving the creations especially the seaside silver items, my fav being Silver Starfish Seashore Necklace . Really pretty

Posted by Claire Butler on 25/07/2011 13:47:08

Gravatar for Judith (from Israel)

My favorite item is the Beautiful Blue Peacock Necklace.

Posted by Judith (from Israel) on 25/07/2011 13:47:50

Gravatar for Sarah Mills

Little Cat Silver Necklace

Posted by Sarah Mills on 25/07/2011 18:30:59

Gravatar for Anna Kiho

Tufty the Owl Vintage Antique Bronze Pendant Pocket Watch is my definite favourite. So very cute!

Posted by Anna Kiho on 25/07/2011 19:46:43

Gravatar for laura p

Little Tweet 'Soar' Necklace is my favourite. Simple yet elegant and that word means so much to me!

Posted by laura p on 25/07/2011 19:59:51

Gravatar for Sharon

Silver is my favourite metal ... and what lovely things there are from Artisan ... my fav has to be the Golden Summer Glass Pearl Charm Bracelet

Posted by Sharon on 25/07/2011 20:18:05

Gravatar for hannah allard

their is to many to choose from but pink is my favorite so anythink pink has got to be the best.

Posted by hannah allard on 25/07/2011 21:31:35

Gravatar for Cathryn Smethurst

I love the Happy Heart Locket Watch, but they are all great!

Posted by Cathryn Smethurst on 25/07/2011 23:17:33

Gravatar for Cathy

I just love the silver cat necklace that is going on my wish list now. What an amazing website I'm so glad I found it :)

Posted by Cathy on 25/07/2011 23:34:12

Gravatar for nicola

they are stunning

Posted by nicola on 26/07/2011 01:21:28

Gravatar for Heather Vaux

A treat for the eyes all wrapped up in one website! If I was forced to chose a favourite it would have to be the Alice in Wonderland Charm Bracelet....a unique, romantic and fun item of jewelry that would take pride of place in any jewelry box.

Posted by Heather Vaux on 26/07/2011 08:01:00

Gravatar for jennifer thorpe

its so difficult to make a choice! I really like everything but the verdigris maple leaf stood ut for me - lovely items :-)

Posted by jennifer thorpe on 26/07/2011 09:43:27

Gravatar for Jade Thomas

Crown Pendant Pocket Watch Necklace is gorgeous!!

Posted by Jade Thomas on 26/07/2011 10:11:38

Gravatar for Daisy s

wow such gorgeous pieces love the surfer dude dog tag for my son. but my favourite item( slightly biased} is the Daisy Flower Silver Ring so pretty.

Posted by Daisy s on 26/07/2011 10:18:09

Gravatar for Kelly Reeves

The baby Blue glass bead necklace is really beautiful, my two yr old pointed at the screen and said 'pretty' one of her few words so this is our favorite.

Posted by Kelly Reeves on 26/07/2011 13:04:57

Gravatar for Katherine Coldicott

Cheshire Cat Alice in Wonderland Earrings, fun and cute.

Posted by Katherine Coldicott on 26/07/2011 13:15:27

Gravatar for Kristina corne

Wow such beautiful pieces!
My favourite definately has to be the mum & daughter dove pendant set, something that is very close to my heart!
I may have to order some for Christmas pressies x

Posted by Kristina corne on 26/07/2011 13:15:28

Gravatar for Paula

They are all lovely but my favourite is the silver cat necklace very hard to make a choice

Posted by Paula on 26/07/2011 13:18:04

Gravatar for Vanessa Gorton

The Ivy leaf necklace is gorgeous & matches the ring I wear which is a copy of my late mothers engagement ring.

Posted by Vanessa Gorton on 26/07/2011 14:27:56

Gravatar for Elaine (ChatElaine)

I love all the pocket watch necklaces but I especially like the sweetheart and Olivia owl. I love owls and hearts, I have favourited your shop and all the items I loved. Would love to win your dog tags necklace its lovely too.

Posted by Elaine (ChatElaine) on 26/07/2011 14:46:49

Gravatar for katherine grieve

My fave is the Beautiful Butterfly Pendant Watch Necklace

Posted by katherine grieve on 26/07/2011 14:50:57

Gravatar for Emma

I absolutely adore the simplicty silver ring, it is sucha lovely simple, unfussy piece, something I can see myself putting on and never taking off again! Lovely website, fab jewelry!

Posted by Emma on 26/07/2011 15:39:08

Gravatar for Donna C

My fave item has to be the Little Tweet Bird & the Magic Crystal Bottle Necklace, found here: http://www.folksy.com/items/2059753-Little-Tweet-Bird-the-Magic-Crystal-Bottle-Necklace?shop=yes very pretty!

Posted by Donna C on 26/07/2011 17:20:41

Gravatar for Bobbins & Balms

great giveaway, i love the necklace :)

Posted by Bobbins & Balms on 26/07/2011 17:35:27

Gravatar for Nicole Shahsafdari

I just adore the Little Owl Silver Pendant, SO ADORABLE! All of your items are just Gorgeous!

Posted by Nicole Shahsafdari on 26/07/2011 18:43:26

Gravatar for Colle L

The jewellery collection is just outstanding, especially the Mad Hatter's tea party charm bracelet. The bird cage vintage earrings would make a lovely gift as would a lot of the necklaces!

Posted by Colle L on 26/07/2011 18:44:06

Gravatar for Jo Boyd

So many beautiful and unusual things. I could spend hours looking at them all, but one that really caught my eye was Little Tweet Flying Over the Moon Bronze Pendant Watch.

Posted by Jo Boyd on 26/07/2011 19:57:17

Gravatar for Lisa Williamson

This is some of the nicest jewellery I've seen. My favourite is Beautiful Blue Peacock Necklace x

Posted by Lisa Williamson on 26/07/2011 20:18:02

Gravatar for Caroline

I love love LOVE the rocking horse pendant - so pretty x

Posted by Caroline on 26/07/2011 21:12:41

Gravatar for Katie B

I L.O.V.E this http://www.folksy.com/items/2058069-Little-Owl-Silver-Pendant-?shop=yes. Gorgeous little owl. So cute!

Posted by Katie B on 26/07/2011 21:27:25

Gravatar for carol phile

http://www.folksy.com/items/1944309-Daisy-Flower-Silver-Ring-?shop=yes This is so gorgeous and I hope you make it in biggirl sizes as I may be dropping hints for a Xmas present if you do :)

Posted by carol phile on 26/07/2011 21:47:41

Gravatar for lois levy

the blue flowerglass bead necklace is my favourite

Posted by lois levy on 26/07/2011 22:39:44

Gravatar for lorna

WOW! They are all lovely! Love the Beautiful Blue Peacock.

Posted by lorna on 27/07/2011 00:03:09

Gravatar for Christine Bray

Love the Olivia owl watch it's my favourite... Tweeted @chrriss88

Posted by Christine Bray on 27/07/2011 00:10:33

Gravatar for Gillian Cooke

Wow. What a gorgeous range of jewellery, really different and unusual. It's difficult to choose a favourite as they are all lovely, but I love the pendant watches, especially Tufty the Owl Vintage Antique Bronze Pendant Pocket Watch.

Posted by Gillian Cooke on 27/07/2011 00:10:35

Gravatar for Holly Green

I absolutely LOVE Summer Starfish Silver Necklace, beautiful :)

Posted by Holly Green on 27/07/2011 01:54:27

Gravatar for Martine

Just stunning, I love it all!

Posted by Martine on 27/07/2011 08:16:26

Gravatar for vivian allman

Antique Script Fine Silver Dog Tag Necklace'now this is one class necklace.....

Posted by vivian allman on 27/07/2011 08:35:26

Gravatar for Rebecca Denyer

I love the silver Daisy ring, they are my favourite flowers

Posted by Rebecca Denyer on 27/07/2011 09:08:00

Gravatar for Paul Casella

Beachcomber Silver Heart Pendant - reminds me of golden sands, holding hands, walking miles, laughs and smiles

Posted by Paul Casella on 27/07/2011 10:46:38

Gravatar for littlewrenpottery

I love your 'tweet' necklace, I'm such a twitter addict! http://www.folksy.com/items/2037281-Tweet-Bird-Silver-Pendant-with-Verdigris-Dragonfly-Necklace?shop=yes

Posted by littlewrenpottery on 27/07/2011 11:37:38

Gravatar for Clares Creations

your designs are stunning! I love the Snowy the owl vintage style necklace. Beautiful! x

Posted by Clares Creations on 27/07/2011 14:36:54

Gravatar for Linda Rumsey

The Little Owl Silver Pendant is so cute!

Posted by Linda Rumsey on 27/07/2011 14:37:13

Gravatar for Gloria Camm

I just love the Pretty Orchid Flower silver ring. Class!

Posted by Gloria Camm on 27/07/2011 15:09:08

Gravatar for Hari Menon

My fav item is 'Shabby Chic Silver Heart with Glass Pearl Handmade Chain'.. Fabulous and lovely...

Posted by Hari Menon on 27/07/2011 15:25:48

Gravatar for Charlotte Morris

beautiful and unique jewellery my favourite is the 'beachcomber silver heart pendant' it was a hard choice between that and the flower charm braclet.

Posted by Charlotte Morris on 27/07/2011 18:26:37

Gravatar for Jackie Foster

I love this Jewellery , I particularly like the Vintage inspired Heart earrings with verdigris finish .

Posted by Jackie Foster on 27/07/2011 20:01:25

Gravatar for Sally W

Starfish Silver Necklace. Though I would be happy with more or less anything! Love the majority of it.

Posted by Sally W on 27/07/2011 20:25:14

Gravatar for Stuart Osborne

The tweet necklace - my wife would love it.

Posted by Stuart Osborne on 27/07/2011 20:28:30

Gravatar for BOULOUIZ Myriam

Wow ! I just love hand crafted jewellery. They are just wonderful crations and so beautiful...I would love them...

Posted by BOULOUIZ Myriam on 27/07/2011 21:48:01

Gravatar for Steve Dickinson

They're lovely

Posted by Steve Dickinson on 27/07/2011 22:22:34

Gravatar for Lesley Smith

Loving your vintage style rings, especially the cat designs, I will have to come back after payday!

Posted by Lesley Smith on 27/07/2011 22:38:09

Gravatar for Brian Barnes

I am really in love with the rings. My wife is in love with them as well. I will buy some as soon as I can get another paycheck from the boss.

Posted by Brian Barnes on 28/07/2011 03:05:18

Gravatar for Matt Chatterley

Thanks to all of you for entering (and making this one of, if not the, busiest give-away posts yet).

We will be drawing the winner shortly and will post the results!

Posted by Matt Chatterley on 28/07/2011 07:06:45

Gravatar for Matt Chatterley

Congratulations to Lisa Williamson - July's winner. Traceyann has your details and will be in touch shortly. THanks again everyone for entering - we'll be back with another give-away next month!

Posted by Matt Chatterley on 01/08/2011 08:25:43

Gravatar for (Keywords removed)

I see that I'm late, but never mind. I just want to say that this silver unique jewellery is very interesting.

Posted by (Keywords removed) on 04/08/2011 21:15:50

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