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July Crafts Giveaway - The Winner!


And the winner of the July Crafts Giveaway is...!

Congratulations to Lisa, aka @dharmaflyer (visit her blog here - especially if you're interested in keeping chickens!).

So a big well done to Lisa. We also have to say a massive thank-you to Irene from Reeneegurumi, for sponsoring which I think we can safely say has been the cutest give-away yet.

Where did my link go?

We've had a few queries recently over where links have gone - the answer is they haven't, but because we're busy populating the new craft links directory at the moment (we have hundreds of links to be manually imported, you see) it's temporarily tricky to find some sections of the site.

We'd like to clear this up and prevent more confusion..!

The old craft links page is here - we will be removing this page once all the links are in the new directory. This has now been done! The old page is gone'

The new craft links directory is here - this will contain all the links from the old page, plus new ones we are sent (we add those as quickly as we can, too) - and once we have caught up, we'll be letting you log in to submit links. Done too - you can log in and submit your links!

Our handmade pledge is here - and you should sign it if you haven't already. It's temporarily concealed, but we will be re-linking it prominently very soon - we ran out of space at the top of the page, you see!

I think some people have confused the pledge with our links directory - they're two separate things and although we will eventually be adding links from the pledge TO the directory, there are 400+ of them, so it is going to take ages. Best to send your link in separately too! Plus some of the links in the pledge are not eligible for the directory (either not crafty or not UK enough).

Any news to share?

And finally don't forget that you can always contact us if you'd like a Crafts Press Release publishing. Just make sure it's a decent chunk of text, ideally with at least one picture or photo and we're happy to help!

Comments (5)

Gravatar for Steph @ Glowing Beauty

Congrats Lisa. I envy you.

Posted by Steph @ Glowing Beauty on 29/07/2010 07:47:32

Gravatar for (Keywords removed)

Congrats Lisa - very jealous!

Posted by (Keywords removed) on 29/07/2010 12:02:55

Gravatar for Cheryl

Congrats Lisa!!!!

Posted by Cheryl on 29/07/2010 17:09:35

Gravatar for Daniel

Nice! Congrats!

Posted by Daniel on 02/08/2010 09:24:21

Gravatar for (Keywords removed)

You are very lucky, Lisa. Congratulations to you! So, perhaps this August, there will be a new winner for that Crafts Giveaway. :D

Posted by (Keywords removed) on 03/08/2010 08:36:38

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