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July Crafts Giveaway - Reeneegurumi Crochet Critters!


It's that time of the month again! Give-away day!

Thats right! This months give-away is sponsored by Irene from Reeneegurumi, who makes Amigurumi. We had to double-check Wikipedia, so we'll share the definition with you - Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting (or crocheting) small stuffed animals and "anthropomorphic" creatures.

Dictionary definitions aside, what they really are is super-cute, as you're about to discover!

Over to Irine to introduce the prize!

Dreamy Giraffes - Amigurumi This month's prize is a Dreamy Giraffe, an adorable amigurumi crochet miniature toy made just for you in your favourite colours!

Each Dreamy Giraffe is crocheted and embroidered by hand, using the finest natural yarns. No two giraffes are exactly the same, but each one is guaranteed to make you smile!

Any questions about the item should be sent directly to: irenestrange@hotmail.com, or you can learn more about Amigurumi in general or Reeneegurumi in particular at Irene's website: http://www.irenestrange.co.uk/ More about.. Reeneegurumi by Irene Strange Amigurumi Owls

Reeneegurumi happened quite accidentally... About 3 years ago, I desperately needed a present for a friend's birthday, so I picked up some yarn and a crochet hook and tried making something. I didn't have a craft book handy, so I just made up my own thing. Surprisingly, it worked...

Many months, and many finished birthdays presents later, I felt confident enough to try writing my own patterns, and so Reeneegurumi was born!

Right now there are about 20 patterns in the collection, and I try to add a new one at least once a month. In the works for this year are some cute amigurumi purse patterns and accessories, as well as more festive gift ideas, like my owls. Amigurumi Owls

Crochet is a fantastic, though rather addictive, hobby - my living room is taken over with balls of yarn and sketchbooks. I hope to share many more critter patterns with you in the future!

Visit www.irenestrange.co.uk for free pattern downloads, Finished Objects gallery and more.

The rules and fiddly bits

To enter, simply visit Irene's website, then come back here and post a comment telling us which of her amigurumi toy patterns you like the most!

All comments submitted before midnight on Sunday 25th July 2010 will be eligible to enter the draw and one winner will be picked at random, from the moderated comments, early next week.

Giveaway listed at: ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions

Comments (82)

Gravatar for Heather aka Niftyknits

How on earth am I supposed to choose just one favourite? What I particularly like on Irene's toys are the facial expressions, so individual (and also something I find very difficult to achieve) My favourite is the little lion, as he has a very startled look in his eyes. I've downloaded the elephant to attempt myself, I've never followed a crochet pattern before so it should be interesting!

Posted by Heather aka Niftyknits on 21/07/2010 08:11:24

Gravatar for Holly Hinton

I love Irene's Lola the Ladybird pattern the best as this is such a cute little bug and would be a perfect gift for all of the little girls I know...

Posted by Holly Hinton on 21/07/2010 08:15:34

Gravatar for Kella

Oh what a cute prize (would be perfect for my little niece who loves stuffed animals), I have heard of these but haven't worked up the confidence to try them yet.

After visiting the site I was overwhelmed by all the cute pattern ideas but 'Geoffrey The Lion' won hands down, his stripey cardigan and hairy mane is sooooo adorable.

Posted by Kella on 21/07/2010 08:27:19

Gravatar for Martine Ellis

It's just GOT to be Bob and Daisy the sheep - love them. I just love Rene's work :-)

Posted by Martine Ellis on 21/07/2010 08:50:37

Gravatar for Genette Docwra

How gorgeous - my favourite was the Ladybird purse, followed by the Bad Wolf

Posted by Genette Docwra on 21/07/2010 09:08:41

Gravatar for Lisa

I rather like Geoffrey the the Lion, but Patch the Doll is rather different and creative. It reminds me of one of my dolls.

Posted by Lisa on 21/07/2010 09:14:28

Gravatar for Sand Ritchie

I love the Patch Doll. I am a huge 'Nightmare before Christmas' fan and she is very reminiscent of a character in that. Truly amazing pieces. I do love the Big Bad Wolf too, it's hard to choose just one, they are all so sweet and they all have different facial expressions which adds to their charm :)

Posted by Sand Ritchie on 21/07/2010 09:32:27

Gravatar for Helen aka Petal Textiles

OOh, so hard to choose, but has to be Reggie by inflatablerdate.

But they are all great.

Posted by Helen aka Petal Textiles on 21/07/2010 09:39:16

Gravatar for sam jones

Has to be Bunny Ballerina for me, takes me back to my childhood, as my sister had one similar.

Lovely work!

Posted by sam jones on 21/07/2010 10:05:20

Gravatar for Denise Karan

I LOVE giraffes, so dreamy Giraffe is definitely my favourite. I've downloaded the Roosting Birds free pattern to see if I can do this! And patch is amazing, you're very talented Irene.

Posted by Denise Karan on 21/07/2010 10:51:47

Gravatar for Terry Wren

How cute they all are! Tough decision. I love African animals and think the Dreamy Giraffe is just fab!

Posted by Terry Wren on 21/07/2010 11:23:57

Gravatar for pip

Sniff... it's got to be Sniff!!

Posted by pip on 21/07/2010 12:32:36

Gravatar for Nicole (Hollybird Beads)

How to choose a favourite from all that cuteness? If you're going to make me I guess it has to be Noodle the elephant :)

Posted by Nicole (Hollybird Beads) on 21/07/2010 12:39:37

Gravatar for Elisa

I don't have to visit her website to tell what is her amigurumi I like most... I've already bought her fantastic elephant, for me one of the most cute amigurumi I've ever seen!

Posted by Elisa on 21/07/2010 12:41:56

Gravatar for Gail Reid

Definitely the exotic elephant.... so cute!

I can just about crochet a dodgy basic square so I think I'll pass on trying to make one for now! lol


Posted by Gail Reid on 21/07/2010 13:36:00

Gravatar for Katie

The Roosting birds are so cute! My mum has always nicknamed me 'bird' from a young age and I suppose it reminds me of us two at home. They are all so beautiful and would make lovely, heartfelt gifts. I wish I could make them!

Posted by Katie on 21/07/2010 13:38:29

Gravatar for Terry Wren

How cute they all are! Tough decision. I love African animals and think the Dreamy Giraffe is just fab!

Posted by Terry Wren on 21/07/2010 14:10:36

Gravatar for Michele Almon

Sniff is my favorite.

Posted by Michele Almon on 21/07/2010 15:10:43

Gravatar for Beadyjan

I love them all - but adore Sniif the small cretaure an dthe pattern for the sharp nosed mice (if only I could knit/crochet)

Posted by Beadyjan on 21/07/2010 15:52:21

Gravatar for Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics

The sheep are cute but the giraffes are my favourite, I love giraffes anyway but these are soo lovely! I'd be over the moon to win! Irene has a great website. Good luck everyone :)

Posted by Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics on 21/07/2010 16:21:58

Gravatar for Cheryl

Wow! They are so adorable.
I love both of the Tlephants, because I love Elephants.
I love the baby rattle and the Cheeky Munky! I couldn't just choose one :)

Posted by Cheryl on 21/07/2010 16:28:22

Gravatar for Ray Southerden

Super, fantastic just love the two owls twit to woo


Posted by Ray Southerden on 21/07/2010 17:09:56

Gravatar for claire woods

I like the owl. It reminds me of our 'Outing with Owls' with my 5 year son samuel at centreparcs.

Posted by claire woods on 21/07/2010 20:32:27

Gravatar for elaine knight

ermm i love them all!!!! my fav fav fav tho is sniff the small character, but then i love the sheep too, they look fantastic!

Posted by elaine knight on 21/07/2010 20:57:39

Gravatar for suzanne goodwin

I like the dreamy giraffes most closely followed by the elephants. Very cute!

Posted by suzanne goodwin on 21/07/2010 21:51:40

Gravatar for ella

I like the sharp nose mice most! SO CUTE!!!

Posted by ella on 22/07/2010 00:28:34

Gravatar for maycheang

Your giraffe is so CUTE!!!

Posted by maycheang on 22/07/2010 08:04:24

Gravatar for Nimbii

Has to be Sniff, he reminds me of watching Moomins as a kid. :)

Posted by Nimbii on 22/07/2010 09:01:06

Gravatar for Lani Herschensohn

I have been a great fan of reeneegurumi for a long time, after finding her on ravelry. I love the patch doll from nightmare before christmas, wonderful details! she is on my to do list!

Posted by Lani Herschensohn on 22/07/2010 10:09:09

Gravatar for Adam

Donkey likes the Giraffes... very cute!

Is there a donkey pattern?

Posted by Adam on 22/07/2010 10:16:19

Gravatar for Kati

All of the toys were amazing! I'm going to have to go with the Sniff, because I'm from Finland, and I grew up with the Moomin creatures and Tove Jansson's stories.

Posted by Kati on 22/07/2010 10:27:31

Gravatar for Katy

I love the giraffes, with the owls coming in a very close second. Each creature seems to have its own unique personality, and looks so chunky yet smooshable. Gorgeous!

My first baby is due in the next few weeks and we have a bit of a woodland theme for his or her bedroom. I've tried and failed at crochet so many times, but I'm tempted to try yet again so I can treat myself to some patterns. I'd love a row of owls for the windowsill...

Posted by Katy on 22/07/2010 10:28:07

Gravatar for Pebbles

My favourite pattern must be Noodle the Elephant. When I first saw it, I was instantly attracted to it. It wasn't like the normal amigurumi. Not only does it look cute, it is elegant as well, because it has really beautiful patterns on it. Also, I love elephants, that's what made me like this amigurumi even more.

Posted by Pebbles on 22/07/2010 13:31:10

Gravatar for meeyeehere

Oh my,I do love the patch doll!!! What a cool place with all these fun toys!!!! Is this giveaway open to the USA??? I am in the US so just curious.

Posted by meeyeehere on 22/07/2010 15:29:20

Gravatar for Matt Chatterley

@meeyeehere, Yep, the give-away is open to anyone, anywhere - thats one of our rules!

And wow - 34 comments so far, a new record. Wonder how many we will get to.. it must be because the amigurumi giraffes are SO cute :)

Posted by Matt Chatterley on 22/07/2010 15:31:07

Gravatar for Amit

I love the owls, they look really chilled out.

Posted by Amit on 22/07/2010 15:56:35

Gravatar for Marie Bassett

I absolutley love all of them, such crafts(wo)manship! My fave has to be the topsy turvy red riding hood and big bad wolf (who looks too cute to be bad!!) I might just have to get that pattern and have a go at making them. Really though, fabulous patterns, she has a very creative eye.

Posted by Marie Bassett on 22/07/2010 16:27:02

Gravatar for Hayley

Oh my GOSH! These are adorable!!
Noodle The Elephant is my favourite. Elephants are my favourite animal and I can't get enough of these. Well done! x

Posted by Hayley on 22/07/2010 17:32:47

Gravatar for Surf Jewels

I have admired the Giraffes for ages, their gorgeous and definatly my fav!!

Posted by Surf Jewels on 22/07/2010 19:43:30

Gravatar for domestic diva

I love 02. Bob& Daisy The Sheep. So cute!

Posted by domestic diva on 22/07/2010 19:52:08

Gravatar for kari

Bernard the fox is so very cute.

Posted by kari on 22/07/2010 19:52:54

Gravatar for Di Coke

Oh my! These are so cute they almost made me cry! I love Noodle the Elephant the best!

Posted by Di Coke on 22/07/2010 20:11:16

Gravatar for Tracey Watson

They are all so adorable! If I have to pick one, I think the Bob & Daisy are lovely sheeps! x

Posted by Tracey Watson on 22/07/2010 21:47:26

Gravatar for Steph @ Glowing Beauty

Scarlett The Squirrel - my fav

Posted by Steph @ Glowing Beauty on 22/07/2010 23:52:12

Gravatar for Liza

I'd have to say the dreamy giraffes and very closely followed by the Bunny Ballerina.

Posted by Liza on 23/07/2010 03:54:55

Gravatar for Morgan

I think Lola the Ladybug is my favorite. Not only is she cute but useful too!

Posted by Morgan on 23/07/2010 05:58:57

Gravatar for kim

Cheeky munky definitely or perhaps Lola... very difficult to choose

Posted by kim on 23/07/2010 06:23:15

Gravatar for Julietdh

Irina is truly a creative genius. I totally love Bob & Daisy the sheep. Trouble is I totally love all the other animals too!

Posted by Julietdh on 23/07/2010 06:46:50

Gravatar for emma

ohh i love the patchwork doll,my lil one would adore it.

Posted by emma on 23/07/2010 09:00:59

Gravatar for Rossella

I love the patch doll, it's so "Tim Burton style" ^___^

Posted by Rossella on 23/07/2010 09:57:49

Gravatar for Jenny

They are all lovely but it would have to be the Dreamy Giraffe as my little one LOVES giraffes!

Posted by Jenny on 23/07/2010 09:58:34

Gravatar for jojoebi

it has to be the ladybird purse, although the others are all pretty darn cute, I really need to get the hand of this crochet lark.

Posted by jojoebi on 23/07/2010 10:25:08

Gravatar for LauraCYMFT

My eye was immediantly drawn to the sleep elephant. Really cute! I remember when we were kids my grandma's friend would make us crocheted dolls. They weren't as nice as Irene's stuff though!

Posted by LauraCYMFT on 23/07/2010 10:54:26

Gravatar for (Keywords removed)

My favourite is definitely sniff. I was a complete "Moomin Lunatic" when was young. Although Bernard the fox is kinda cool! I still cant pronounce the Japanese word though !!!

Posted by (Keywords removed) on 23/07/2010 14:29:05

Gravatar for Victoria Savill

Such a talented lady, it's almost too hard to choose but I think it's Sniff by a nose!

Posted by Victoria Savill on 23/07/2010 20:00:05

Gravatar for (Keywords removed)

Wow! I want to ave these kind of crafts. It's simple and very cute.

Posted by (Keywords removed) on 24/07/2010 12:56:13

Gravatar for Kim

I LOVE the elephants!! I have always loved them since I first saw them on the MISI website and I even saw one in the window of a house in my street!! I would love to make one!

Posted by Kim on 24/07/2010 14:59:45

Gravatar for Jane Willis

They are all gorgeous but my favourite is Noodle the Elephant

Posted by Jane Willis on 24/07/2010 16:42:06

Gravatar for RICHARD

ladybird purse

Posted by RICHARD on 24/07/2010 16:58:34

Gravatar for MARK

the lephant

Posted by MARK on 24/07/2010 16:58:58

Gravatar for LISA

the giraffe

Posted by LISA on 24/07/2010 16:59:26

Gravatar for Thelma

bunny ballerina

Posted by Thelma on 24/07/2010 17:00:19

Gravatar for THOMAS


Posted by THOMAS on 24/07/2010 17:00:44

Gravatar for Miss Michelle Pitt

These little creations really made us smile!

My 6 year old personally thinks Noodle The Elephant is adorable and I just know I am going to be pestered until I purchase one!

I am a mummy to two little lads and a passionate Arts & Crafts Addict so I thoroughly enjoy seeing talented independent artists succesfully out there with unique, well designed products on offer.

Irene's designs are super cute, original and charming. I want them for my children and am sure lots of other mothers will feel the same!

Thank you for the patterns and for sharing your inspiration! Good Luck!

Posted by Miss Michelle Pitt on 24/07/2010 17:25:15

Gravatar for helen rooney

Lola the Ladybird pattern is fabulous! i want one!

Posted by helen rooney on 24/07/2010 18:15:54

Gravatar for Samantha Ripley

Geoffrey The Lion and the Cheeky Munky's are both great its hard to choose just one. My crochet talents so far start and stop at blankets, i'd love to attempt some of these! So cute

Posted by Samantha Ripley on 24/07/2010 18:45:43

Gravatar for Mesina

Pick one?! Ok ok...I am in love with Noodle the Elephant! I need one! What a fab shop she's got, such a talented lady!!

Posted by Mesina on 25/07/2010 11:47:12

Gravatar for Tracy Smith

I love the elephants and owls but I think the dreamy giraffe is my favourite

Posted by Tracy Smith on 25/07/2010 12:42:44

Gravatar for Kate

My favourite is Rupert the Owl - gorgeous!!

Posted by Kate on 25/07/2010 19:23:32

Gravatar for MIchelle Rice

Love Girly girl bear pattern. I have recently relearnt to crochet and am keen to try some toy patterns. I also love Lola the ladybird. They're all sooooo cute!!

Posted by MIchelle Rice on 25/07/2010 20:56:25

Gravatar for Nickie C

Gorgeous! Would love one - fingers crossed :)

Posted by Nickie C on 25/07/2010 21:51:57

Gravatar for Nickie C

Oops, forgot to say my favourite one! It's hard to choose but I like the dreamy giraffes.

Posted by Nickie C on 25/07/2010 21:54:01

Gravatar for Matt Chatterley

Thats all folks! Thank you very much for entering, but our July Giveaway is now closed. :)

We'll be putting all your names into a hat shortly and we will draw and announce a winner as soon as possible!

Posted by Matt Chatterley on 26/07/2010 06:13:38

Gravatar for (Keywords removed)

What a great set of dolls, sad I missed out on the give away, happy to know that these dolls are available. Will make a great present.

Posted by (Keywords removed) on 26/07/2010 10:18:00

Gravatar for Irene Strange

Thank you everyone, for your lovely comments! I'm so happy you like the critters + best of luck with picking the winner to Matt!

Posted by Irene Strange on 26/07/2010 10:37:58

Gravatar for (Keywords removed)

Wow they are unbelievable, how cute are they.

Posted by (Keywords removed) on 26/07/2010 11:08:06

Gravatar for (Keywords removed)

The green giraffe is very cute. It takes a lot of talent. Very nice. Where did you learn? I'm very curious?

Posted by (Keywords removed) on 26/07/2010 15:02:52

Gravatar for julie booth

Bob and Daisy the sheep - love them. I just love Rene's work :-)

Posted by julie booth on 27/07/2010 14:38:15

Gravatar for val

okay....couldn't resist...just bought the owl pattern!

Posted by val on 08/10/2010 03:06:36

Gravatar for Cory

Wow! Those are really great. Very cute designs.

Posted by Cory on 14/01/2011 20:39:08

Gravatar for Alexander Kennedy

I'd have to say that the Bunny Ballerina by punky-wunky is the finest example on the entire site. Well...actually I wanted to vote for the patch doll, but my 8 yr old stepdaughter said i should vote for bunny, because she is 'more qualified in cute than me'..she wins everytime.

Posted by Alexander Kennedy on 21/07/2011 19:37:01

Gravatar for Justine

woww!! What a fantastic design of this really nice.

Posted by Justine on 09/07/2013 11:16:48

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