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January Giveaway - Winstans Woolies

20/01/2014 - Matt Chatterley

Blue Monday? Wipe the worries away with some Woolies!

Winstans Woolies - Ugg Boots Today is allegedly the most depressing day of the year (although to be honest, it's a load of fluff made up by Sky Travel years ago). Just in-case there's any truth to the rumours, we thought we'd bring you another fabulous giveaway to cheer you up!

Our sponsor this month is the lovely Suzy from Winstans Woolies, who will tell you all about herself shortly. The prize on offer this month is an awesome pair of knitted 'ugg style' boots!

Winstans Woolies - Fair Isle Hat Let's get the rules out of the way first. To enter, just visit our sponsor's links (at the end) and come back and leave a comment on this post telling us which of her beautiful makes is your favourite.

Comments left before midnight (GMT) on Sunday 26th January 2014 will be entered into the draw and we'll announce the winner on the following Monday. Entries are accepted at our discretion and the winner will be selected at random.

PS, if you're running your own giveaway, why not add it to our new competitions page and get some extra publicity? Click here for more information!

Meet Suzy, from Winstans Woolies!

Winstans Woolies - Ruffle Booties Hi!

I'm Suzy from Winstans Woolies. I took knitting back up again just over 2 years ago after not touching a pair of needles in nearly 30 years!

I mostly make accessories for children and babies, with the booties being my all time favourite.

I wouldn't say I'm a naturally creative person, however when I have a pair of needles in my hands I surprise myself with what I achieve. I created a facebook page to share my creations with my friends and family and now receive many requests through this. I'm hoping to have my website up and running soon, so looking forward to having my own little business.

Winstans Woolies - Cowl I work part time, so knitting is my evening activity and at any time during the day that I get a spare 5 minutes. I have been known to knit in the car while waiting to pick up my son from nursery..

I have found a great group of friends through our local Stitch and Bitch group, which I go to every week. It's lovely to share and learn from each other.

I hope you like my creations!

Visit Winstans Woolies now!

Giveaway listed at: ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions and Competitions Today.

Comments (119)

Gravatar for Liz ferguson


Please enter me into the knitted Ugg boot comp.

Posted by Liz ferguson on 20/01/2014 11:30:50

Gravatar for Rachel Craig

Nice winter woolies.

Posted by Rachel Craig on 20/01/2014 12:02:19

Gravatar for Sarah Hines

I love these purple style uggs - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=151238221739364&set=pb.150294771833709.-2207520000.1390219333.&type=3&theater

Posted by Sarah Hines on 20/01/2014 12:04:46

Gravatar for Tracy Nixon

I love these gorgeous purple knitted booties! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=157265807803272&set=pb.150294771833709.-2207520000.1390220151.&type=3&theater

Posted by Tracy Nixon on 20/01/2014 12:17:23

Gravatar for sylvia lennox

lovely collection .
ugg boots for me xx

Posted by sylvia lennox on 20/01/2014 12:44:20

Gravatar for wendy spooner

i love making things and go to an art and craft club every other week and another one once a month,sometimes we do nothing but chat,its a great way to spend an afternoon.i,d love to win the ugg style boots.good luck all.xxxx

Posted by wendy spooner on 20/01/2014 13:02:39

Gravatar for Mary Heald

I love the grey and blue Ugg style boots.
Are they for adults as they would be great for cold evenings?

Posted by Mary Heald on 20/01/2014 13:02:52

Gravatar for sharon griffin

i love the hot water bottle cover

Posted by sharon griffin on 20/01/2014 13:10:03

Gravatar for hannah oneill

I love the green uggs

Posted by hannah oneill on 20/01/2014 13:11:18

Gravatar for Angie Allen

These are so cute

Posted by Angie Allen on 20/01/2014 13:16:50

Gravatar for Robert Price

Like the red and white bobble hat as well as the knitted uggs

Posted by Robert Price on 20/01/2014 13:25:35

Gravatar for Clare kendrick

Adorable & so perfect for keeping little tooties warm

Posted by Clare kendrick on 20/01/2014 13:39:18

Gravatar for Judith (from Israel)

The hanging hat and glove holder for our utility room is my favorite.

Posted by Judith (from Israel) on 20/01/2014 13:49:31

Gravatar for Martina Pichova

I love the fingerless grey gloves

Posted by Martina Pichova on 20/01/2014 14:03:46

Gravatar for elaine dale

love the ugg boots

Posted by elaine dale on 20/01/2014 14:35:25


I love these... beautiful! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=158918887637964&set=pb.150294771833709.-2207520000.1390233677.&type=3&theater

Posted by KATHARINE BOURNE-FRANCIS on 20/01/2014 16:02:12

Gravatar for Michael Clyma

They look comfortable, coy and cool, perfect!

Posted by Michael Clyma on 20/01/2014 16:06:46

Gravatar for karen hill

love these, thanks so much for the chance xx

Posted by karen hill on 20/01/2014 16:20:06

Gravatar for Clifford Sherwood

Red and White bobble hat

Posted by Clifford Sherwood on 20/01/2014 16:22:07

Gravatar for KATHY D

Please enter me for the uggs - need cheering up on the most depressing day of the year

Posted by KATHY D on 20/01/2014 16:33:26

Gravatar for Donna R

The knitted boots are fantastic. I would love to win some - fingers crossed!

Posted by Donna R on 20/01/2014 17:03:28

Gravatar for Nataliejane

I love the purple colour Ugg style boots!

Posted by Nataliejane on 20/01/2014 17:15:30

Gravatar for kelli flanagan


Posted by kelli flanagan on 20/01/2014 18:09:09

Gravatar for Rebecca Richardson

I love the basil green ugg boots!

Posted by Rebecca Richardson on 20/01/2014 18:38:16

Gravatar for Claire D

Ugg boots please, please enter me

Posted by Claire D on 20/01/2014 18:56:52

Gravatar for Francesca Tuck

I love the purple knitted shoes. So cute.

Posted by Francesca Tuck on 20/01/2014 19:02:50

Gravatar for michelle k

love the boots

Posted by michelle k on 20/01/2014 19:13:11

Gravatar for Kathy Cakebread

love your knits they're really good

Posted by Kathy Cakebread on 20/01/2014 19:36:25

Gravatar for Sheila Bound

I like the little mouse

Posted by Sheila Bound on 20/01/2014 19:50:12

Gravatar for maureen findley

i love the ugg boots

Posted by maureen findley on 20/01/2014 19:54:34

Gravatar for Vicky Redfern

Aww gorgeous would love to win any of them.

Posted by Vicky Redfern on 20/01/2014 20:04:24

Gravatar for anthony harrington

please enter me for the knitted Ugg boots, would love them for my baby grandson

Posted by anthony harrington on 20/01/2014 20:05:03

Gravatar for Sarah-Jane Laycock

I simply love these fingerless mittens - stylish yet so versatile - maximum functionality, maximum warmth! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=170536599809526&set=pb.150294771833709.-2207520000.1390248268.&type=3&theater

Posted by Sarah-Jane Laycock on 20/01/2014 20:05:42

Gravatar for Jo Jones

Love the green Uggs

Posted by Jo Jones on 20/01/2014 20:15:55

Gravatar for Mary Preston

I just love the fingerless gloves in alpaca. I could use a pair of these.

Posted by Mary Preston on 21/01/2014 02:51:49

Gravatar for Angie Hoggett

Uggs for me too xx

Posted by Angie Hoggett on 21/01/2014 07:39:45

Gravatar for Lu

the hot water bottle cover

Posted by Lu on 21/01/2014 09:33:15

Gravatar for Pamela Cook

I'm always cold so these would be ideal - snuggly, warm and colourful!

Posted by Pamela Cook on 21/01/2014 09:33:35

Gravatar for Becky Shorting

they look brilliant!

Posted by Becky Shorting on 21/01/2014 10:19:46

Gravatar for Laura Oxley

I love the grey uggs :)

Posted by Laura Oxley on 21/01/2014 19:36:23

Gravatar for Clint Howat


Posted by Clint Howat on 21/01/2014 19:57:17

Gravatar for sarah birkett

I love the pink scarf. warm, smart and trendy

Posted by sarah birkett on 21/01/2014 20:51:30

Gravatar for Jennifer Bailey

I like the boot cuffs

Posted by Jennifer Bailey on 21/01/2014 22:44:34

Gravatar for Harriet

The hot water bottle cover

Posted by Harriet on 21/01/2014 22:47:44

Gravatar for ally

Love the frilly purple scarf - so intricate & delicate

Posted by ally on 22/01/2014 09:27:01

Gravatar for Emma Wolski

The grey uggs!!!

Posted by Emma Wolski on 22/01/2014 12:55:33

Gravatar for Nichola Williams

The little pink poncho with the butterfly design is my fave :)

Posted by Nichola Williams on 22/01/2014 13:22:21

Gravatar for David Holland

These are lovely :)


Posted by David Holland on 22/01/2014 14:02:35

Gravatar for sascha cooper

these are cute :)

Posted by sascha cooper on 22/01/2014 14:24:48

Gravatar for tracey huber

I love lots of things but especially the little ugg boots

Posted by tracey huber on 22/01/2014 18:04:08

Gravatar for Lyn

Love the little ugh boots. Do you make them for adults? my feet are always cold, these might solve the problem.

Posted by Lyn on 23/01/2014 11:34:29

Gravatar for Christine Greaves

Please enter me for the competition, thanks!

Posted by Christine Greaves on 23/01/2014 15:26:14

Gravatar for Graham Parriss

wow they really are in the Ugg style. Very nice

Posted by Graham Parriss on 23/01/2014 20:11:04

Gravatar for nicola white

fantastic competition love the ugg boots , look so comfortable x

Posted by nicola white on 24/01/2014 07:40:34

Gravatar for Hayley Todd

Thank you for this lovely giveaway! I love the pink and white ruffle detail scarf

Posted by Hayley Todd on 24/01/2014 09:27:33

Gravatar for Katie Walker

I love the little boots so cute. I love little shoes and these ones are gorgeous especially the purple ones.

Posted by Katie Walker on 24/01/2014 11:54:47

Gravatar for Jennifer Rhymer

I love the Picot Uggs - a gorgeous colour for my baby girl :)

Posted by Jennifer Rhymer on 24/01/2014 16:10:28

Gravatar for richard hill

great prize hope i can win these

Posted by richard hill on 24/01/2014 16:42:33

Gravatar for caroline wood

This is really really beuatiful https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=196891970507322&set=pb.150294771833709.-2207520000.1390583800.&type=3&theater I would be honoured to wear such a item, you truely are 1 talented person

Posted by caroline wood on 24/01/2014 17:18:38

Gravatar for yolanda davis

i love the bear cowls; so cute and different

Posted by yolanda davis on 24/01/2014 18:22:13

Gravatar for Sally Collingwood

Fingers crossed, boots look ace!!!!

Posted by Sally Collingwood on 24/01/2014 19:39:41

Gravatar for TRACY MOORE

Its the Grey Uggs for me.

Posted by TRACY MOORE on 24/01/2014 20:23:46

Gravatar for Diana

Woolies are so cute, love the hat too :)

Posted by Diana on 24/01/2014 21:36:41

Gravatar for lisa fairway

I am so jealous of people who can knit... no matter how many times I try I just cannot seem to get the hang of it. If I was lucky enough to win a pair of these 'ugg boots' it can inspire me to give it one more go!

Posted by lisa fairway on 24/01/2014 22:04:00

Gravatar for Anne KIAZ Brookes

the purple uggs are my favorite

Posted by Anne KIAZ Brookes on 25/01/2014 00:21:04

Gravatar for Robyn Logan Clarke

I love this! Its so cute: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=199988703530982&set=pb.150294771833709.-2207520000.1390615664.&type=3&theater

Posted by Robyn Logan Clarke on 25/01/2014 02:08:34

Gravatar for Dawn Henson

I love the Ugg Boots. They are gorgeous

Posted by Dawn Henson on 25/01/2014 05:54:10

Gravatar for erica field

The mini ugh boots are so cutex

Posted by erica field on 25/01/2014 07:32:14

Gravatar for liz

I love the olive/green uggs.

Posted by liz on 25/01/2014 08:17:38

Gravatar for Karen Whittaker

Love the grey Ugg boots!

Posted by Karen Whittaker on 25/01/2014 09:56:19

Gravatar for Emily Knight

I love the fingerless gloves in alpaca!

Posted by Emily Knight on 25/01/2014 10:05:18

Gravatar for jodie harvey

i love this hat https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=199988703530982&set=pb.150294771833709.-2207520000.1390645145.&type=3&theater

Posted by jodie harvey on 25/01/2014 10:20:15

Gravatar for Sian Evas

These creations are amazing - just wish Suzy did them in adult sizes - soooo cute!

Posted by Sian Evas on 25/01/2014 10:58:57

Gravatar for Lauren Main

The Red and white bobble hat is lovely!!

Posted by Lauren Main on 25/01/2014 11:22:18

Gravatar for Lani Nash

This is so gorgeous! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=199988703530982&set=pb.150294771833709.-2207520000.1390652198.&type=3&theater

Posted by Lani Nash on 25/01/2014 12:17:50

Gravatar for eleanor bennett

the cutest things i've seen today!

Posted by eleanor bennett on 25/01/2014 12:43:31

Gravatar for leanne williams

These are so cute

Posted by leanne williams on 25/01/2014 13:31:52

Gravatar for Amber

The purple booties are gorgeous! definitely my favourite!

Posted by Amber on 25/01/2014 14:09:59

Gravatar for Maya Russell

I like the slouchy beanie in pea green.

Posted by Maya Russell on 25/01/2014 15:19:08

Gravatar for Alison Barker

Bear cowl

Posted by Alison Barker on 25/01/2014 15:33:11

Gravatar for Gillian Hutchison

I love the ruffle scarf. Really gorgeous!!

Posted by Gillian Hutchison on 25/01/2014 15:40:12

Gravatar for jacqueline roberts

how talented are you? Wish I could do things like that.

Posted by jacqueline roberts on 25/01/2014 16:44:57

Gravatar for Barbara Waller

I am a knitter & appreciate beautiful work when I see it. I love the red & white beanie hat

Posted by Barbara Waller on 25/01/2014 16:53:01

Gravatar for shelly p

I love, love, love those knitted ugg style boots!

Posted by shelly p on 25/01/2014 17:44:58

Gravatar for Suzy Winstanley

Wow, I'm truly amazed and so grateful for all your lovely comments :-) I love what I do and receiving this feedback inspires me to do more and better!
Just so you know, I'm actually working on creating an adult pair of knitted uggs. Watch this space ( or even better like my page and you'll see them in progress!) xx

Posted by Suzy Winstanley on 25/01/2014 17:50:39

Gravatar for champaklal lad

slouchy beanie in pea green

Posted by champaklal lad on 25/01/2014 18:46:26

Gravatar for kerry thwaite

i love the purple booties , first time i have seen anything like that and they are gorgeous , so lovely made x

Posted by kerry thwaite on 25/01/2014 19:09:55

Gravatar for simon hardy

My wife would like these

Posted by simon hardy on 25/01/2014 19:28:54

Gravatar for kim webster-marsh

I love all of your work, really love the Uggs xx

Posted by kim webster-marsh on 25/01/2014 20:10:21

Gravatar for Karen Ries

I love the Knitted ruffle scarf, but there are so many lovely items there :)

Posted by Karen Ries on 25/01/2014 20:15:39

Gravatar for teresa sheldon

please enter me for the ugg boot slippers there fab

Posted by teresa sheldon on 25/01/2014 20:31:01

Gravatar for Laura Corrall

I love https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=199988703530982&set=pcb.199988790197640&type=1&theater
It's super cute and so very practical as well at keeping little ones warm. It's genius.

Posted by Laura Corrall on 25/01/2014 20:36:31

Gravatar for carol leadbeater

WOW, these are all so cute, Love both the ugg boots, Thank you for the chance x

Posted by carol leadbeater on 25/01/2014 21:05:26

Gravatar for Emily

i love the knitted uggs so cute!

Posted by Emily on 25/01/2014 21:39:44

Gravatar for victoria wilkes

What lovely items :) such a cute idea for a gift. Unique and with thought. x

Posted by victoria wilkes on 25/01/2014 21:53:38

Gravatar for Georgia Keogh

Wow, these are fantastic. I've been learning how to knit and crochet and aspire to be this good!

It's difficult to choose a favourite from above, I'd probably have to say the Fair Isle hat.

Posted by Georgia Keogh on 25/01/2014 22:07:49

Gravatar for joanne saunders

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=199988703530982&set=pb.150294771833709.-2207520000.1390688340.&type=3&theater THIS IS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING LOVE IT I ALSO LOVE THE HOT WATER BOTTLE COVER TOO :)

Posted by joanne saunders on 25/01/2014 22:20:42

Gravatar for Michelle Hughes

Oooo so much choice hot water bottle cover is beautiful x

Posted by Michelle Hughes on 25/01/2014 22:46:58

Gravatar for Donna Kent

I love the uggs but think the bear cowl is the most adorable things I've ever seen. You can see that she puts a great amount of love and attention into her creations.

Posted by Donna Kent on 25/01/2014 22:55:11

Gravatar for Danika Grace Lloyd

How pretty!! Very cute

Posted by Danika Grace Lloyd on 26/01/2014 00:23:34

Gravatar for Christine Howorth

I love the Ugg boots, as my granddaughters have ugg boots, I think its now time for Grandma

Posted by Christine Howorth on 26/01/2014 07:56:09

Gravatar for kim styles

I love these blue and grey boots

Posted by kim styles on 26/01/2014 11:32:47

Gravatar for Joy Jenkins

I love these knitted boots and would very much like to be entered into the draw to win a pair.

Posted by Joy Jenkins on 26/01/2014 13:32:52

Gravatar for aaron milne

Love to win

Posted by aaron milne on 26/01/2014 13:56:55

Gravatar for lisa tebbutt

Please enter me into the knitted Ugg boot comp. fab comp

Posted by lisa tebbutt on 26/01/2014 16:11:14

Gravatar for Charlotte G

I love the bear cowl :)

Posted by Charlotte G on 26/01/2014 16:41:26

Gravatar for JO

super cute!!

Posted by JO on 26/01/2014 17:28:09

Gravatar for Samantha R

love the blanket with the hand and foot print on, the little mouse toy is adorable too

Posted by Samantha R on 26/01/2014 19:34:10

Gravatar for Katie Walden Hall

Very pretty :)

Posted by Katie Walden Hall on 26/01/2014 19:56:08

Gravatar for Solange

I love the basil green ugg boots

Posted by Solange on 26/01/2014 20:07:57

Gravatar for jackie curran

I love the purple hat .

Posted by jackie curran on 26/01/2014 20:30:51

Gravatar for Katrina Fox

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=199988703530982&set=pb.150294771833709.-2207520000.1390772422.&type=3&theater My favourite has to be this- too cute!

Posted by Katrina Fox on 26/01/2014 21:41:53

Gravatar for elaine garnett

love the ruffle bootees xx

Posted by elaine garnett on 26/01/2014 21:54:37

Gravatar for sarah gray

I cannot knit at all. I would love to make some but wouldn't know where to start, so winning would be so awesome. x

Posted by sarah gray on 26/01/2014 22:08:48

Gravatar for Nicole P.

The little purple booties are so adorable!

Posted by Nicole P. on 26/01/2014 22:29:10

Gravatar for tina edwards

these are so cute they would be perfect for my granddaughter

Posted by tina edwards on 26/01/2014 22:34:38

Gravatar for Jennifer Baker

I love the red and white bobble hat! x

Posted by Jennifer Baker on 26/01/2014 22:36:44

Gravatar for Matt @ Handmade Crafts

Thank you all for making this giveaway such a success.. it's now closed.. and the winner.. is..... Katie! Congratulations and Suzy will be in touch with you shortly. To everyone else.. thanks again.. commiserations.. and we'll see you next time! :)

Posted by Matt @ Handmade Crafts on 27/01/2014 08:33:57

Gravatar for Emma Wolski

The Ugg boots are amazing!

Posted by Emma Wolski on 18/03/2014 14:16:49

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