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January 2013 Giveaway - Kim's Colourway

21/01/2013 - Matt Chatterley

It's cold out there - so warm up with Kim's Colourway!

Kims Colourway banner

Hello everyone and welcome to our first giveaway of 2013 - which is being posted a little late as things have been rather busy here! I'm still in the process of handing bits of the site over to Rosa, and we're both still in the process of juggling little Erik most of the time!

One of our old friends here at Handmade Crafts has stepped in to sponsor this months giveaway - Kim from Kim's Colourway, but if you're interested in sponsoring a future post - please get in touch. The only cost to you is the prize you donate (and any postage) - and you get some great publicity in exchange!

Kim's Colourway Bag Kim is a wonderfully talented crocheter who produces some beautiful items (we've actually just ordered a few things from here - some for Erik and others as gifts for friends) - but because everything is handmade to order, she can tweak things for you too - different colours, different sizes, you name it!

The rules are: to enter, visit our sponsor's link(s) (at the end of the post) and post a comment here, telling us which of their makes you like the most. Entries are accepted at our discretion and the winner will be chosen at random. The giveaway will close at midnight (GMT) on Sunday 27th January 2013.

But for now, over to Kim!

Kim's Colourway BagI wasn't sure which item to giveaway this time so I asked my Facebook page likers to help me decide. The options were an infinity scarf/cowl, a bag or a live forever plant. The item with the most votes won so this month's giveaway prize is a bag!

This bag has been crocheted with various pinks, red and a bit of brown. Then I machine sewed a cotton cupcake fabric lining onto the inside, crocheted the edging and back to the machine to add the beech effect handles. I also attached some beads and braids onto the outside.

I hope you like this prize as I normally make and sell this style of bag for £35.00. Feel free to have a look at my Facebook page (which you should 'like' too!) and website.

Visit Kim's Colourway now!

Giveaway listed at: ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions and Competitions Today.

Comments (71)

Gravatar for Rosalind Blight

Have popped by and liked the facebook page, and popped by the website also. Its so hard to choose my favourite item as they are all amazing and all so bright and colourful but if I really had to choose one item it would be the alphabet cushions they are really cute :D

Posted by Rosalind Blight on 21/01/2013 16:58:50

Gravatar for Mary Mandreit

What a lovely colourful bag just the thing for this time of year

Posted by Mary Mandreit on 21/01/2013 17:25:02

Gravatar for Linda Rumsey

I love the letter pillows! So trendy AND useful!

Posted by Linda Rumsey on 21/01/2013 18:28:28

Gravatar for Dawn Chapman

beautiful prize!

Posted by Dawn Chapman on 21/01/2013 18:30:35

Gravatar for Gillian Holmes

Please put me into the draw - thank you xx

Posted by Gillian Holmes on 21/01/2013 18:58:23

Gravatar for Rebecca Phillips

Really glad you posted about Kim's Colourway. I love the letter cushions. I think I'll order one myself1

Posted by Rebecca Phillips on 21/01/2013 19:15:42

Gravatar for Miss Tracy Hanson

Amazing prize. Wishing everyone good luck and don't blame me if I go green as the Hulk with envy for the winner. :) :D xx

Posted by Miss Tracy Hanson on 21/01/2013 19:31:34

Gravatar for Jo Welsh

I love the ponchos my little girl would look adorable in one.

Posted by Jo Welsh on 21/01/2013 19:45:59

Gravatar for Marian Blackburn

What a beautiful little bag

Posted by Marian Blackburn on 21/01/2013 19:48:26

Gravatar for Stacey Le Page

Kim is so talented. I can imagine this pretty bag with a summery dress. I love your cascade blanket - adorable colours.

Posted by Stacey Le Page on 21/01/2013 20:10:50

Gravatar for Jennifer Toal

I love the hungry Caterpillar hat ;)

Posted by Jennifer Toal on 21/01/2013 20:18:30

Gravatar for Kirsty Fox

There are so many nice things but I really love the cupcake bag, it's gorgeous

Posted by Kirsty Fox on 21/01/2013 21:12:31

Gravatar for Ceri jones

this is a lovely made bag

Posted by Ceri jones on 21/01/2013 21:46:55

Gravatar for Mary Preston

I love the rainbow cap. So many beautiful products though.

Posted by Mary Preston on 22/01/2013 03:35:22

Gravatar for Ruth Fancett

Love the animal hats ;) X

Posted by Ruth Fancett on 22/01/2013 10:14:00

Gravatar for Gabrielle Svensson

so hard to chose, but me favourite is the Owl bag

Posted by Gabrielle Svensson on 22/01/2013 10:17:16

Gravatar for Saran Benjamin

the animal hats

Posted by Saran Benjamin on 22/01/2013 12:09:47

Gravatar for Laura Pritchard

Liked you on FB

Posted by Laura Pritchard on 22/01/2013 18:42:44

Gravatar for Pauline Wilson

I like the little owl bags, my daughter would love those too. I would like to win this for her birthday

Posted by Pauline Wilson on 22/01/2013 19:00:50

Gravatar for Emma Cella

I love the ponchos

Posted by Emma Cella on 22/01/2013 20:37:15

Gravatar for Emma Ellison

I love the little girls cardigans, so pretty :) Also love the hats too!

Posted by Emma Ellison on 22/01/2013 22:28:13


I love the ponchos my little girl.

Posted by MARIA ROSA FRAMARIN on 23/01/2013 00:07:40

Gravatar for Natasha Gandy

Wow this bag is fab !! I do love the flower garland on your Facebook page - how gorgeous !! As soon as the girls room is decorated, I might need 2 of those to hang around their beds !! x

Posted by Natasha Gandy on 23/01/2013 13:05:44

Gravatar for elaine stokes

what a great bag, im not a pink person normally but i would use this with pride x x x x x x

Posted by elaine stokes on 23/01/2013 14:21:25

Gravatar for Lisa@Lisas Creative Designs

Everything is so cute! I love the alphabet letters and those diggie hats are just too cute!

Posted by Lisa@Lisas Creative Designs on 23/01/2013 14:35:37

Gravatar for karen scammell

i love the owl bags and hats

Posted by karen scammell on 23/01/2013 23:18:50

Gravatar for Nancy Townsend

Love the halloween pumpkin bunting!

Posted by Nancy Townsend on 24/01/2013 06:12:56

Gravatar for Kathy D

Smashing bright bsg - would love one of these

Posted by Kathy D on 24/01/2013 18:46:55

Gravatar for Cheryl

I loved this croched cardi for little girls https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=253506218034585&set=a.197049420346932.65772.114670568584818&type=3&theater

have lived on facebook also.

Posted by Cheryl on 24/01/2013 20:57:36

Gravatar for Natalie White

So cute! I wish I was half that creative! The rainbow cap is gorgeous :)

Posted by Natalie White on 24/01/2013 22:52:39

Gravatar for shirley mackay

gorgeous bag, would love to win it

Posted by shirley mackay on 25/01/2013 02:13:03

Gravatar for Eleanor Jones

I would love to win!

Posted by Eleanor Jones on 25/01/2013 07:32:00

Gravatar for Ally

The letter cushions - llook fab :)

Posted by Ally on 25/01/2013 11:00:19

Gravatar for Aviya Glass

A huge fan of your work, I adore the crochet dresses, if only I had girls! Please count me in for your fab giveaway. xxx

Posted by Aviya Glass on 25/01/2013 11:25:42

Gravatar for Ian Yates

I'd go with the adult poncho for my beloved one. LYKW.

Posted by Ian Yates on 25/01/2013 17:59:11

Gravatar for Sue Devenney

Love Kim's Colourways bag, nice and cheerful - particularly in this snowy weather. Kim's work is such good quality.

Posted by Sue Devenney on 25/01/2013 18:53:16

Gravatar for Melissa Brown

It's all lovely :-)

Posted by Melissa Brown on 25/01/2013 19:58:47

Gravatar for Carl Upshon

Stunning bag, a real talent you have!

Posted by Carl Upshon on 25/01/2013 20:12:29

Gravatar for zoe d

please add me, thats fabulous prize x

Posted by zoe d on 25/01/2013 23:00:04

Gravatar for BeauBrook Boutique

I adore the crochet blanket with the bright colour squares. I also love the alphabet letters. The kind of gifts I love to send, but rarely receive.

Posted by BeauBrook Boutique on 26/01/2013 00:30:40

Gravatar for jayne

gorgeous bag :) have liked your page also on facebook xx

Posted by jayne on 26/01/2013 00:38:02

Gravatar for Kirsty Woods

Great prize

Posted by Kirsty Woods on 26/01/2013 07:18:18

Gravatar for George Brown

great prize

Posted by George Brown on 26/01/2013 08:35:36

Gravatar for Sandra

I adore the flower garland on your Facebook page.

Posted by Sandra on 26/01/2013 13:34:03

Gravatar for Fiona Foskett

Such a lovely bag would certainly go with most of my outfits.

Posted by Fiona Foskett on 26/01/2013 15:16:16

Gravatar for Kerry Brown

i love the flower garland! perfect for making the home feel more 'springy' lol :)

Posted by Kerry Brown on 26/01/2013 16:22:47

Gravatar for Rachel Webb

Wish i had this kind of talent! Sharing this with my friends.

Posted by Rachel Webb on 26/01/2013 16:54:44

Gravatar for Sheri Darby

What a beautiful colourful bag. How amazing to actually be able to make these

Posted by Sheri Darby on 26/01/2013 16:57:46

Gravatar for Tamarin

Beautiful bag! I love the Facebook page. The hats are my favourite, especially the animal ones! Such a cute idea.

Posted by Tamarin on 26/01/2013 17:28:02

Gravatar for lisa barnes

I am just starting to learn how to crochet and love the little hats with the flowers!

Posted by lisa barnes on 26/01/2013 18:18:58

Gravatar for olivia kirby

The shark hat is soooo cute!!!

Posted by olivia kirby on 26/01/2013 20:05:22

Gravatar for Sam R

i love the hungry catterpillar hat, so cute!

Posted by Sam R on 26/01/2013 20:14:44

Gravatar for karen dixon

i love the letter pillows

Posted by karen dixon on 26/01/2013 20:37:28

Gravatar for Susan Hoggett

The Shark Hat

Posted by Susan Hoggett on 26/01/2013 21:44:35

Gravatar for janine atkin

i love the hats. fab that you can ask for things to suit you too

Posted by janine atkin on 26/01/2013 22:07:06

Gravatar for Stacey Guilliatt

Love the personalised name bunting!

Posted by Stacey Guilliatt on 26/01/2013 22:34:39

Gravatar for Vicky Salter

LOve the look of all your proucts so cute but especially love the Ponchos the best, especially the pink ones, very pretty and girly!
Thanks for the giveaway, what a pretty bag, love the lining inside too!

Posted by Vicky Salter on 26/01/2013 23:44:41

Gravatar for Sue McCarthy

The owl bags are cute.

Posted by Sue McCarthy on 27/01/2013 07:34:55

Gravatar for J. Gallant

Great colours

Posted by J. Gallant on 27/01/2013 09:34:08

Gravatar for mechelle williamson

such a lovely bag, am off to get out the hook and have qa crochet session

Posted by mechelle williamson on 27/01/2013 09:54:08

Gravatar for lesley doodnath


Posted by lesley doodnath on 27/01/2013 11:42:21

Gravatar for Katie Usmar

As always Kim you amaze me with your items. Got lots in my house already made by you but have been eyeing up the bags for a while (saving the pennies!) Need you to teach me crochet soon!

Posted by Katie Usmar on 27/01/2013 12:17:35

Gravatar for Lynne Callister

l like the dinosaur hat. My three year old grandson is crazy about Raaah's as he calls them

Posted by Lynne Callister on 27/01/2013 12:24:14

Gravatar for Janet Lambert

I've tweeted about this giveaway - had a look and my favourite item of all the things you've made is this lovely bag so I hope I win it :)

Posted by Janet Lambert on 27/01/2013 14:05:24

Gravatar for Helen Carson

lovely :-)

Posted by Helen Carson on 27/01/2013 15:23:31

Gravatar for Tracey Watson

Beautiful! So may gorgeous items - luv the hats, and really luv this month's giveaway!

Posted by Tracey Watson on 27/01/2013 15:46:52

Gravatar for CLAIRE DAVEY

i would love this

Posted by CLAIRE DAVEY on 27/01/2013 17:52:40

Gravatar for Michelle Louise Weston

What a lovely bright and colourful bag - just waht is needed to cheer us all up through this cold snap

Posted by Michelle Louise Weston on 27/01/2013 19:00:38

Gravatar for amanda durley

Awesome Prize

Posted by amanda durley on 27/01/2013 19:46:30

Gravatar for Debi Gillard

I love the little Owl Bags. Facebook fan and loving your page.

Posted by Debi Gillard on 27/01/2013 22:13:24

Gravatar for Rosa @ Handmade Crafts

Thanks everyone for taking part on this month's giveaway and to Kim's Colourway for kindly sponsoring it! Big congratulations to our winner, Kathy D!!! :-)
Don't despair if you didn't win this time because we have another very interesting giveaway next month. So watch this space! ;-)

Posted by Rosa @ Handmade Crafts on 28/01/2013 17:25:54

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