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January 2011 Giveaway - The Winner!


And the winner of the January Giveaway is...!

Victoria from Little Wren Pottery, who was chosen at random from all those of you who were kind enough to join in the blog comments!

Huge thanks go to Martine of iMake for not only stepping in at the last moment to sponsor January, but for donating such a beautiful (made to measure) item as well.

Did you complete our poll(s)?

In our most recent newsletter, we asked you to rate three potential new features for the Handmade Crafts website - and the results are in! All three options received a good number of votes and provded popular, however, there was one out-right winner and we will be introducing a new feature to the site in the near future..

.. allowing you to list upcoming craft events! Although we will moderate entries (as we do our directory - to prevent spam), we will be offering a free service for registered users to submit details of Workshops, Open Houses, Stitch'n'Bitch sessions and anything else crafty you can think of!

It'll be a little while before we're ready to launch, but we'll keep you posted as things develop.

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Gravatar for littlewrenpottery

Thanks for picking me out as the winner! So pleased to have won, looking forward to it arriving : )

Posted by littlewrenpottery on 08/02/2011 14:57:40

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