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How to make a foam fairy wand

16/07/2012 - Stacey Lowe

Guest post by Stacey Lowe

Make all her wishes come true with this delightful fairy wand. It is easy to make and is the perfect finishing touch for fancy dress parties or dressing-up games.

Below is a great tutorial provided by cutfoam who offer foam cut to size.

You will need:

One wooden skewer
Two pipe cleaners
Pink foam
Gift ribbon

Step 1

Take two pipe cleaners, one pink and one purple, and twist around a wooden skewer.

Step 2

Cut out two star shapes using the first one as a guide for the second one.

Step 3

Take five varying lengths of gift ribbon, in two colours, gather in the middle, fold and secure with tape.


Step 4

Spread glue over one star and place ribbon and top of skewer down before sticking other star on top. Hold firmly until dry.

Step 5

Decorate wand with sequins and/or glitter and use scissor edge to curl the ribbon.

This tutorial was created by the family owned business Cutfoam, the cushion foam specialists.

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