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Four Years Young!

23/04/2014 - Matt Chatterley

Happy Birthday!On April 14th 2010, we launched this blog and although at the time the site was still relatively simple, four years later, there are (at least) ten ways we can help promote your crafts

In that time we’ve featured a myriad of giveaways as well as some great guest posts, some tutorials and the occasional ‘top tips’ post, but we want to take this opportunity to inject some fresh life into the blog and really step it up a notch.

We want YOU to get involved!

That’s right. You! One of the great things about the (online) craft community is that it’s just that – a community of like-minded people – and we want you to share some of your knowledge and experience in exchange for a bit of limelight. Volunteer as a sponsor for one of our giveaway posts, or to write a guest post, which might be a tutorial, a set of tips, event write up or anything else you can think of! We are happy to help edit, resize images and tidy up articles – and to discuss your ideas with you to find something which will both fit the blog and help you to publicise your makes.

We also want to collect more articles for the craft news section – and you can be our roving reporters! Just drop us a line if you have a press release to share, or have come across something news-worthy.

And please don’t forget one of the most important ways to join in – by commenting on our posts and sharing your thoughts. We really do love to hear from you and your feedback has helped to shape this site into what it is today (and will continue to do so in the future).

Making more of your Handmade Crafts account

One of the areas in which we are going to be concentrating in the future is on the features available to registered and logged in users – such as the ability to view links you have submitted and edit them as well as some other features to help you promote yourselves on Handmade Crafts UK. If you’ve got a suggestion, or something you’d like to see, then we’d love to hear from you. So until next time, happy crafting – and here’s to another four years!

PS - Our monthly giveaway is taking a break for April, but we hope to bring you another fantastic competition next month!

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Happy Birthday!x

Posted by Elena on 24/04/2014 09:34:24

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