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February Giveaway - Light Source Art

17/02/2014 - Matt Chatterley

Don't let the horrible weather dampen your creativity!

Light Source Art - Scriblet 1 Seriously, though, we hope you're all safe and (mostly) dry and that your homes and businesses haven't suffered too much damage. We're quite lucky here at HMC Towers as even though we've been battered with some hefty winds, we're in quite a sheltered location and unlikely to flood (touch wood).

The good news is, of course, that we're back with another fabulous giveaway! This month it's being sponsored by Lindsey and Joanne from Light Source Art who are very kindly offering a voucher for £15 which the winner will be able to spend either on their website or via their Facebook Page (P&P not included).

So, as always, the rules! To enter, just visit our sponsor's links (at the end) and come back and leave a comment on this post telling us which of their lovely pieces is your favourite - what will you be putting your voucher towards if you win?

Comments left before midnight (GMT) on Sunday 23rd February 2014 will be entered into the draw and we'll announce the winner on the following Monday. Entries are accepted at our discretion and the winner will be selected at random.

PS, if you're running your own giveaway, why not add it to our new competitions page and get some extra publicity? Click here for more information!

Light Source Art - Red Mam Hearts

Over to Lindsey and Joanne!

Light Source Art - Fairy Doors We are individual artists, Lindsey Grieves and Joanne Elliott,who are based in the North East of England. We have known each other for a number of years now after meeting through University, when studying for a BA Hons Degree in Fine Art. Both of us have a PTTLS teaching qualification and a social care background and have experience working with people from a wide range of age groups and backgrounds, (Joanne has prieviously worked as a qualified nurse and Lindsey is an holistic therapist)

We love to craft and mosaic, which originally started out as our past times and hobbies until August 2013, when we turned them into a business and created www.lightsourceart.co.uk, which is our online shop and art gallery. From then on our range of gifts and services have rapidly contnued to expand, such as our Pets Corner, Scribble & Patch and Mosaic & Garden departments of handcrafted gifts and accessories.

We have also recently extended our art and design in to Weddings and Special Occasions. This was after a few people got in touch with us to see if we could assist wth their big day and it just continued to developed from there ! We have also started a ceramics course which we are enjoying very much and hopefully will result in us putting to good use our new found skills to produce other product lines.

Light Source Art - Air Freshener We are very grateful to be in a position to work for ourselves and now have a full range of special gifts and services and get to be be involved in customer events, which we love! It's such a pleasure to assist in developing products to suit an individual's needs. No matter how obscure or unusual the request is, we see these as creative opportunities, not challenges, as we get to develop our skills further and in turn, assist in helping to bring dreams to life ! It is also important for us to give something back too and regularly get involved in charity and promotional events to help others were we can.

Love, Lindsey and Joanne 

Visit Light Source Art now!

Giveaway listed at: ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions and Competitions Today.

Comments (55)

Gravatar for Susan Smith

Very professional crafts, all products look wonderful

Posted by Susan Smith on 17/02/2014 18:03:54

Gravatar for karen hill

wow thanks for the chance amazing site

Posted by karen hill on 17/02/2014 18:32:56

Gravatar for Caroline H

So many pretty things - I think my favourite is the handmade owl cushion cover.

Posted by Caroline H on 17/02/2014 18:50:44

Gravatar for laura stewart

Brilliant prize thank you xx

Posted by laura stewart on 17/02/2014 19:24:55

Gravatar for Martina Pichova

I would get two personalized room plaques

Posted by Martina Pichova on 17/02/2014 19:38:37

Gravatar for karen scammell


Posted by karen scammell on 17/02/2014 20:18:43

Gravatar for Ashleigh Allan

Beautiful - I love the Personalised Boy's Room Plaque

Posted by Ashleigh Allan on 17/02/2014 20:55:15

Gravatar for Sabrina Powell

I would like to unleash the creative side of me again :)

Posted by Sabrina Powell on 17/02/2014 21:29:47

Gravatar for rachel

All of the products are beautiful. I would more than likely get some from the Scribble and patch collection :)

Posted by rachel on 17/02/2014 21:45:17

Gravatar for Rachael Barman

I love the cute wee piggy in the Unique gifts sections by Scribble and Patch and feel sure I would have to buy one for me and another for my sister!

Posted by Rachael Barman on 17/02/2014 22:53:57

Gravatar for Amy Lancashire

All lovely definitely seen plenty I would buy!!

Posted by Amy Lancashire on 17/02/2014 23:21:19

Gravatar for Laura Theobald

beautiful pieces. just my style x

Posted by Laura Theobald on 17/02/2014 23:34:06

Gravatar for monika s

I love Flowered Garden Pot

Posted by monika s on 18/02/2014 00:15:53

Gravatar for kim neville

Personalised Girl's and boy's Room Plaque

Posted by kim neville on 18/02/2014 08:33:54

Gravatar for Spencer Broadley

Lots are great, but probably Scribble & Patch

Posted by Spencer Broadley on 18/02/2014 09:19:55

Gravatar for Ruth Davies

fab prize

Posted by Ruth Davies on 19/02/2014 18:23:13

Gravatar for Patricia Edwards

I like the Owl cushion

Posted by Patricia Edwards on 20/02/2014 13:21:06

Gravatar for Claire D

Brilliant prize, please pick me

Posted by Claire D on 20/02/2014 15:32:50

Gravatar for Laura Pritchard


Posted by Laura Pritchard on 20/02/2014 19:12:31

Gravatar for Donna Lawton

I love the illustration "Some day my plinth will come". At £120 that voucher will come in handy to buy it! :-) x

Posted by Donna Lawton on 21/02/2014 10:26:00

Gravatar for Sheila Bound

I like the campervan. I know someone who would just love this

Posted by Sheila Bound on 21/02/2014 19:00:05

Gravatar for Sarah Cooper

Love the illustration of the little girl.

Posted by Sarah Cooper on 21/02/2014 19:21:40

Gravatar for sj wesley

I adore the Nautical Drift Wood Heart Mobile Hanging Ornament and would definitely putting the voucher towards it if I am lucky enough to win :)

Posted by sj wesley on 22/02/2014 02:47:03

Gravatar for Susan Carter

Some lovely pieces x

Posted by Susan Carter on 22/02/2014 08:33:57

Gravatar for Karen Whittaker

I like the mosaic heart garden pots

Posted by Karen Whittaker on 22/02/2014 09:05:41

Gravatar for Victoria Easton

Handmade Pink / White Flower Cushion Cover - I am "into" cushions at the moment!

Posted by Victoria Easton on 22/02/2014 11:09:31

Gravatar for samantha

my daughter love arts id let her pick for her bedroom :)

Posted by samantha on 22/02/2014 11:21:08

Gravatar for kay ellerby

My favourite item is http://www.lightsourceart.co.uk/storev2/open-product.php?page=viewproduct&product=-weddings-and-special-occasions-table-room-display-ornaments-large-ceramic-personalise-tree-candle-bowl-ornament

Posted by kay ellerby on 22/02/2014 11:31:41

Gravatar for andrea lloyd

campervan air freshner is sweet and very useful

Posted by andrea lloyd on 22/02/2014 11:37:39

Gravatar for Steph McIntosh

My partner and I have been to see a house today as we are looking to buy (first time buyers) - we've fallen in love with a house we saw today so the 'home is where the heart is' ornament would be the perfect addition to the perfect home! :)

Posted by Steph McIntosh on 22/02/2014 15:18:35

Gravatar for erica field

I really like the large ceramic tree candle bowl xx very beautiful

Posted by erica field on 22/02/2014 16:01:26

Gravatar for Sheri Darby

So many beautiful quality products - Wonderful prize

Posted by Sheri Darby on 22/02/2014 18:27:42

Gravatar for Laura Oxley

I love the PERSONALISED WALK WITH A FRIEND DOG LEAD PLAQUE. My mother in law would love this for her best friend Rory.

Posted by Laura Oxley on 22/02/2014 18:45:56

Gravatar for victoria wilkes

I love the campervan air freshener :) they would go perfectly with my new campervan wallpaper :p

Posted by victoria wilkes on 22/02/2014 22:40:10

Gravatar for claire little

the night night sleep tight plaque is adorable

Posted by claire little on 23/02/2014 00:52:06

Gravatar for Mary

I would buy the femininity artwork!

Posted by Mary on 23/02/2014 01:26:27

Gravatar for catriona nation

The owl cushion

Posted by catriona nation on 23/02/2014 08:38:41

Gravatar for Erica Price

I like the mosaic garden pots

Posted by Erica Price on 23/02/2014 09:46:41

Gravatar for claire sen

i like the tall mosaic pot for the garden with the heart on it. It would really brighten up my little garden!

Posted by claire sen on 23/02/2014 11:35:11

Gravatar for jacqueline roberts

i adore the owl cushion

Posted by jacqueline roberts on 23/02/2014 11:46:58

Gravatar for Clint Howat

owl cushion cover.

Posted by Clint Howat on 23/02/2014 14:49:31

Gravatar for Claire toplis

My friend would love the camper van

Posted by Claire toplis on 23/02/2014 16:09:23

Gravatar for Laura Vitty

I love the owl cushion! Owls are everywhere at the moment aren't they x

Posted by Laura Vitty on 23/02/2014 16:20:46

Gravatar for Katie Walden Hall

Lovely prize!

Posted by Katie Walden Hall on 23/02/2014 19:27:44

Gravatar for Gareth Hamilton

I put the voucher towards some personalised large shabby chic wooden hearts to give to give to some loved ones as gifts :-)

Posted by Gareth Hamilton on 23/02/2014 20:13:45

Gravatar for Charlotte G

Very inspiring and unique!

Posted by Charlotte G on 23/02/2014 20:33:12

Gravatar for Lauren

My fave item is the SHABBY CHIC PERSONALISED LOVE DREAM LETTER BUNTING - would be perfect for my wedding

Posted by Lauren on 23/02/2014 20:51:04

Gravatar for champaklal lad

There are great items on the web site

Posted by champaklal lad on 23/02/2014 20:58:09

Gravatar for Lynsie Lynn

I adore the Personalised embroidered girls name, it looks absolutely gorgeous! :) Amazing give away by the way!

Posted by Lynsie Lynn on 23/02/2014 21:52:40

Gravatar for judi

What a lovely site. So pleased I found it as many interesting things.

Posted by judi on 23/02/2014 22:17:27

Gravatar for Natalie Gillham

Great prize thanks :)

Posted by Natalie Gillham on 23/02/2014 22:34:17

Gravatar for Gemma Matthews

I love this camper air freshener as we own one just like it, would be lovely to hang inside and keep it fresh http://www.lightsourceart.co.uk/storev2/open-product.php?page=viewproduct&product=-scribble-and-patch-shop-car-and-room-air-freshners-campervan-room-or-car-fabric-air-freshener

Posted by Gemma Matthews on 23/02/2014 23:34:00

Gravatar for Matt @ Handmade Crafts

Thank you very much for entering everyone.. we've just picked this month's name out of a hat and the winner is... Kat Ellerby - congratulations! Our sponsor will be in touch with you shortly. To everyone else, sorry you didn't win, but thank you for entering - and we'll see you next month! :)

Posted by Matt @ Handmade Crafts on 24/02/2014 07:46:46

Gravatar for Solange

Personalised girl's and boy's room plaques

Posted by Solange on 24/02/2014 09:39:27

Gravatar for Thomas

I think owls are really in at the minute they're everywhere. Great comp and prizes, thank you light source art.

Posted by Thomas on 25/02/2014 17:48:41

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