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February 2012 Crafts Giveaway - Spirit of Harlequin


February Giveaway - Fascinating Fascinators!

Welcome back to our blog - and our monthly giveaways! Due to our current work-load, we weren't able to organise anything in time for January, but happily, several kind people have offered to sponsor pots - and we're getting started with a bang this month!

If you're interested in becoming a sponsor yourself, please get in touch - there are lots of spaces available in 2012, still.

The rules are as follows: to enter, visit our sponsor's links (at the end of the post) and then post a comment here, telling us which of their items is your favourite. Entries are accepted at our discretion and the winner will be chosen at random. This giveaway will close at midnight on Wednesday 29th February 2012.

And the prize? An amazing fascinator, which will be bespoke-made for the winner, up-to the value of £45. Time for us to introduce our generous sponsor and her beautiful work, so without further ado, meet Rachel from Spirit of Harlequin!

Spirit of Harlequin (by Rachel Fawcett)

Spirit of Harlequin I make fascinators, headpieces and related items such as shoe clips and corsages too. I always have items for sale in my Etsy shop which are always one-off, unique designs - you can rest assured that no-one else will have one like it!

Mostly, though, I make my pieces as a bespoke service, so someone will get in touch with me when they have an outfit for a particular occasion for me to make something to co-ordinate with that. This way I can consider what will suit them and their hair type, and can incorporate certain features that they particularly like - a little like pick 'n' mix headpieces!

Spirit of Harlequin I have always loved dressing up, I need very little excuse! but I would always find it very hard to find something in the shops to match a particular outfit perfectly and in the right colours, so I decided to learn to make my own creations. Sinamay, which is the material I use a lot in my designs, is wonderful to work with, comes in so many beautiful colours and with a little imagination there is so much you can do with it.

I made a couple for myself, but then just got carried away and I couldn't stop, making them for friends and family and then putting some for sale on Etsy, and the rest, they say, is history! It is the best feeling in the world to know that someone likes your designs and really appreciates your craft, and I have received some wonderful feedback from my Etsy shop.

Spirit of Harlequin And for the future? I am involved in a couple of exciting photo shoots next month and I am hoping to introduce a range of evening bags in the autumn, so I'll be working on that over the summer in-between commissions for Ascot and the wedding season. In time I am hoping to complete a City & Guilds qualification in millinery, and then there will really be no stopping me!

New designs, news and special offers can be found on my Facebook page, so do please come and say hello, 'like' my page and keep in touch, it will be fabulous to see you there!

Visit Spirit of Harlequin!

Giveaway listed at: ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions and Competitions Today.

Comments (24)

Gravatar for Kirsty Fox

I like the Fascinator in red and black with flowers and spirals

Posted by Kirsty Fox on 22/02/2012 17:21:21

Gravatar for Holly Hinton

Oh wow - these are just gorgeous and you're just down the road from me! My favourite is the bronze & cream flower headband as I have short hair and find it hard to get things to stay put - but would love a brighter colour combination! Added your Etsy shop to my favourites too xo

Posted by Holly Hinton on 22/02/2012 18:14:15

Gravatar for Rachel Fawcett

Thanks both :-) Holly, I have short hair myself, so I know your problem exactly! Any design can go on any fitting - elastic, crocodile clip, hairband - and I test the hairbands so they are comfortable and you don't get that awful hairband headache part way through your day/evening! I can also make a tiara style band to hide under your hair and fit to your head if you didn't want to make a feature of the band :-)

Posted by Rachel Fawcett on 22/02/2012 18:26:42

Gravatar for Jessie Cluett

* am going to have my hair cut on Friday,I ysed to have a crew cut but ket it grow out. You can imagine the probkems I am having with the same llebgth hair all over. Roll on Friday. Jessie

Posted by Jessie Cluett on 22/02/2012 19:21:17

Gravatar for helen kirkby

Hi there well its got to be the hair comb its stunning can you imagine going to the races and wearing that it would be the talking point keep up the good work

Posted by helen kirkby on 23/02/2012 08:24:31

Gravatar for Linda Rumsey

The Navy and White fascinator - great for a Spring wedding.

Posted by Linda Rumsey on 23/02/2012 08:54:07

Gravatar for jenni stobbs

Ohhh its a pretty hard choice .. I do think I've fallen in llove with feathers recently and it has to be the turquoise feathery comb :)
Hope the wedding season brings you lots of exciting work x

Posted by jenni stobbs on 23/02/2012 09:17:37

Gravatar for Maria Hunt

I love the natural coloured fascinator with the small cream flowers and bow - so perfect for a spring event. I am looking for a special fascinator for my daughters wedding so have bookmarked your etsy page :)

Posted by Maria Hunt on 24/02/2012 10:43:34

Gravatar for Judith (from Israel)

My favorite item is the sinamay flower, headband style fascinator in ivory and bronze.

Posted by Judith (from Israel) on 24/02/2012 15:44:58

Gravatar for laura stewart

love them all so unique

Posted by laura stewart on 24/02/2012 16:39:55

Gravatar for Rachel Fawcett

Wow Maria, that would have to be a special fascinator! There's no time limit to this prize, if you win you can keep hold of it until you have a special outfit to co-ordinate with :-) Thanks all, it's great to have the feedback x

Posted by Rachel Fawcett on 24/02/2012 18:01:05

Gravatar for Claire Stentiford

Would love to win & hope you can help with a challenge - I'm over 6 feet tall with very curly hair, so hats and me don't mix. Is there a fascinator that could cope??!! :)

Posted by Claire Stentiford on 25/02/2012 10:29:35

Gravatar for Natalie Ellis

I am going to a wedding in May so I would love to win a bespoke fascinator.

Posted by Natalie Ellis on 25/02/2012 13:20:07

Gravatar for Rachel Fawcett

Claire - I'm sure we could come up with something! Something simple yet stunning, a trimmed mini beret perhaps? If you use Facebook keep an eye on my page and I will design a couple of headpieces for the taller lady just for you!

Posted by Rachel Fawcett on 25/02/2012 16:37:39

Gravatar for helen rhoads

i love the Black mini top hat fascinator in sinamay with feathers and decorative trim

Posted by helen rhoads on 26/02/2012 08:33:09

Gravatar for Elizabeth Wai

Love the middle turquoise one..would be great with any outfit

Posted by Elizabeth Wai on 26/02/2012 19:33:42

Gravatar for Linda Hobbis

These are lovely. I adore 40's glamour, hats and gloves and wish we could all start dressing this way more often.

Posted by Linda Hobbis on 27/02/2012 21:43:47

Gravatar for Hannah Ellis

I would love this one: http://www.etsy.com/listing/77207244/royal-blue-fascinator-style-flower-clip

would contrast against my auburn hair and be a lovely item to cheer me up - gorgeous items you have :) x

Posted by Hannah Ellis on 28/02/2012 01:19:55

Gravatar for Bridget garrett

They are all very pretty, but I really like the movement and eye-catching nature of the Sky Blue Fascinator Comb - it's beautiful. I too have a wedding to go to in August and don't want to get hat hair! A fascinator seems like an ideal option..... good luck with your business.

Posted by Bridget garrett on 28/02/2012 11:41:18

Gravatar for Sarah Hands

I love all the designs <3

Posted by Sarah Hands on 28/02/2012 17:01:41

Gravatar for Louise MacGregor

Love the feathery turquoise beaded one...utterly breathtaking!

Posted by Louise MacGregor on 29/02/2012 10:16:26

Gravatar for Leanne McLoughlin

Wow!!! I love all of these - I only wish I was talented enough to make them!

My absolute favourite is...


Posted by Leanne McLoughlin on 29/02/2012 22:04:20

Gravatar for Rachel Fawcett

Thank you all for your comments, I look forward to finding out who the winner is! It's really interesting to get feedback on what you like. :-)

Posted by Rachel Fawcett on 01/03/2012 16:51:32

Gravatar for Matt @ Handmade Crafts

Congratulations to... Louise MacGregor, you're the winner of the fabulous February giveaway! Thank you everyone else for entering - and to Rachel for so kindly sponsoring us. We'll be back soon with the March giveaway!

Posted by Matt @ Handmade Crafts on 05/03/2012 15:31:52

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