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Hello everyone and welcome back to the Handmade Crafts blog. Our grand plans to renovate a few bits of the site have temporarily fallen by the wayside, but we're determined to push ahead with the most important point - bringing some more life to the blog!

A while ago, we posted some of your top tips for people involved in craft fairs - and carrying on from that idea, we asked for your recommendations for people thinking of starting their own craft business, via our facebook page.

This is obviously a topic very close to many of our hearts - although the many forms of crafting are wonderful hobbies, a lot of people want to try and take it further and as with any job that is fundamentally creative, it can be a wonderfully exciting, yet stressful process. We're trying to line up a few blogs on the subject of running your own craft business - so if you have an interesting story to share, please do get in touch.

The next post will be a guest post from a crafter in Croatia who runs her own business - we found it fascinating to read her story and learn how different things are not so far away in Europe! But before that, your tips! We've divided these into two groups..

The Practical!

Sheena: Find a good wholesaler. Shop around for one as they differ, possibly go to a larger city for one as the choices will be better.

Melanie: Remember Loving something, being good at it and wanting to do it all the while is very different from running your own business if you want it to succeed.

Emma: Don't try to save money buy buying things on the cheap - spend money on the important things like website design and equipment - you will only have to buy twice if you buy the cheapest.

Glad Turnings: Make sorting arrangements with HMRC and getting on their courses a top priority.

Leigh: Sign up for a business start up course, outset run them around the country. You will learn loads, meet like minded people and get a years free mentoring.

Julia: Try to be original, make things that stand out from the crowd.

Julie: Make a spreadsheet of Work Management! It's so easy to lose hours on Facebook!

Karen: If you are going to sell online or in galleries then good, clear and well thoughtout photography of your work is essential. Patience is the other essential.

Truly Madly Crafty: Remember it won't happen over night and research before you start.

Hazel: Learn that your work is not about you, but about your customers.

Craft Blog UK: Write a social media strategy!

The Inspirational!

Elin: Believe in yourself. If you wont, who will?

Sarah:Follow your dream and stay positive and focused... don't give up at the first obstacle there will be many more ahead of you!

Dolly Dimple: Believe in yourself.

Kiki's Umbrella: Make sure you believe in your work and you love what you do!

And our favourite tip?

We had to single out this tip as our favourite, because honestly - although we are in a different industry - it's very close to how we feel about our own business and sums up the main reason why we think working for yourself just suits some people better!

Merhavia: Only set up a business with something you love doing. Financial success will be a bonus rather than a necessity! And on the way you'll have lots of fun, feel satisfaction and usually you get to meet great people... I'm trying to live by this myself with my very new online shop - proof is in the pudding, right? ;)

So there you have it!

Those are the top tips from those who kindly joined in our discussion on Facebook, but do you have your own tips to add? What do you think and how do you feel about running your own business? Just scroll down to leave your thoughts in a comment!

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Gravatar for Jessica

Does anyone know of a group like Outset running in Wales as they seem really great but appear to be England only and my Wales based searches so far aren't turning up anything helpful, just crappy assembly government pages :(

Posted by Jessica on 19/09/2011 11:30:15

Gravatar for Stephen

Some very good tips. If you can follow these, you'll have a good chance at creating a successful business.

Posted by Stephen on 19/09/2011 16:51:17

Gravatar for littlewrenpottery

Lots of great tips here, if I had to give one it would be to be engaging and genuine in everything you do!

Posted by littlewrenpottery on 20/09/2011 17:03:03

Gravatar for Barbra @ Collage Ideas

These are all hugely inspirational. If I could share mine it would be that we should never forget why we started this in the first place, the passion.

Posted by Barbra @ Collage Ideas on 06/12/2011 06:11:47

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