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Christmas Giveaway - Little Flat Bear

10/12/2013 - Matt Chatterley

Warm up the egg-nog, it's our Christmas Giveaway!

Little Flat Bear It doesn't seem like long since our November giveaway closed, but all things being equal, we have to start early with the Christmas one in order for the winner to have any chance of receiving their prize in time!

Our sponsor this month is the lovely Claire from Little Flat Bear, but she'll be able to tell you all about herself shortly.

Let's get the rules out of the way first. To enter, just visit our sponsor's links (at the end) and come back and leave a comment on this post telling us which of her lovely festive items is your favourite.

Little Flat Bear decorations Comments left before midnight (GMT) on Sunday 15th December 2013 will be entered into the draw and we'll announce the winner on Monday 16th. Entries are accepted at our discretion and the winner will be selected at random.

And once Christmas is out of the way and thoughts turn to the new year, why not find out about some of the ways we can help you promote your crafts!

But for now, over to Claire..

Meet Claire, from Little Flat Bear!

Little Flat Bear Cards I have always been creative from as early as I can remember. What started out as a hobby, making cards and gifts for family and friends, turned into what is now Little Flat Bear.

I use a variety of materials and techniques throughout the products I make, gaining craft skills and knowledge with every new project.

Arts and crafts inspire me, and I love to see the finished product making its way to its new home. It is always a pleasure to personalise an item and I encourage people to do so.

I make jewellery rolls and bags, using quirky colour and fabrics combinations that are sure to grab your attention. Also variety of hand stamped cards, notebooks and gift tags.

With Christmas upon us, what would be more fitting than this lovely handmade Gingerbread House Doorstop. Made from 100% cotton, fleece, felt and added sprinkles…. Erm I mean trimmings. This would make a perfect gift for a loved one, or a great addition to your own Christmas collection.

Little Flat Bear gingerbread house Little Flat Bear Christmas Pudding

Visit Little Flat Bear now!

Giveaway listed at: ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions and Competitions Today.

Comments (51)

Gravatar for KATHY DOWNING

lovely doorstop

Posted by KATHY DOWNING on 10/12/2013 17:23:31

Gravatar for emma ord

Love the gingerbread man.never too old!!!

Posted by emma ord on 10/12/2013 17:49:49

Gravatar for Natalie

Love the christmas cards!

Posted by Natalie on 10/12/2013 18:05:33

Gravatar for Spencer Broadley

Lovely Jubbly Yummy

Posted by Spencer Broadley on 10/12/2013 18:47:18

Gravatar for Linda Rumsey

I love the handbound journals. So cute!

Posted by Linda Rumsey on 10/12/2013 19:56:31

Gravatar for Kathy Cakebread

cute prizes

Posted by Kathy Cakebread on 10/12/2013 21:28:17

Gravatar for Caroline Blaza


Posted by Caroline Blaza on 10/12/2013 23:52:55

Gravatar for Mary Preston

So many items to love. The Hand bound Yellow Dragonfly A5 blank note book or journal caught my eye.

Posted by Mary Preston on 11/12/2013 01:59:07

Gravatar for Charlotte Geo

Oh wow, the gingerbread house is amazing, what a clever idea. Good luck everyone and please appreciate this amazing little doorstop!

Posted by Charlotte Geo on 11/12/2013 04:35:27

Gravatar for laura jones

got to be the gingerbread house its amazing

Posted by laura jones on 11/12/2013 16:05:12

Gravatar for JENNY MACE

The felt Christmas Tree Decorations are absolutely delightful. We have a real 'bits and pieces' tree with lots of home-made pieces including things that my(now grown up)kids made at Nursery School!

Posted by JENNY MACE on 11/12/2013 19:00:09

Gravatar for Sue Bowden

I like the Felt ChristmasTree decorations, very nice.

Posted by Sue Bowden on 12/12/2013 08:18:06

Gravatar for KATHARINE

The Gingerbread House

Posted by KATHARINE on 12/12/2013 16:58:31

Gravatar for Sarah Norgrove

Fantastic doorstop what a truly great giveaway

Posted by Sarah Norgrove on 13/12/2013 03:41:14

Gravatar for Kim-Hannah

How adorable, I wish I was able to make lovely items like this. XXX

Posted by Kim-Hannah on 13/12/2013 11:35:02

Gravatar for amanda

Felt Christmas Pudding Tree Decoration

Posted by amanda on 13/12/2013 11:39:50

Gravatar for Rebecca Gransden

The felt christmas tree decorations have such a classic seasonal style to them.

Posted by Rebecca Gransden on 13/12/2013 20:55:54

Gravatar for Robert Price

Nice prize

Posted by Robert Price on 13/12/2013 21:10:58

Gravatar for Christine Twist

love the doorstop

Posted by Christine Twist on 14/12/2013 14:21:13

Gravatar for Christopher Phillips

The gingerbread house is amazing!

Posted by Christopher Phillips on 14/12/2013 16:09:27

Gravatar for Gabrielle Svensson

I really like the felt Robin Christmas tree decoration

Posted by Gabrielle Svensson on 14/12/2013 19:59:11

Gravatar for teresa sheldon

Love this so original and so different to other doorstops

Posted by teresa sheldon on 14/12/2013 20:23:36

Gravatar for gemma clark

I love the gingerbread man decoration!

Posted by gemma clark on 14/12/2013 21:57:57

Gravatar for Lelia V

Love the felt robin! One of my favourite birds all year around.
Journals are lovely too, complete fiend for them.

Posted by Lelia V on 14/12/2013 22:50:46

Gravatar for Amanda young

I love the gingerbread house :)

Posted by Amanda young on 14/12/2013 23:14:49

Gravatar for Jessica Waugh

Fantastic! Thank you for the chance to win :) Good luck everyone xx

Posted by Jessica Waugh on 14/12/2013 23:22:47

Gravatar for sarah gray

I love the gingerbread men for festive fun. But im a bit of a stationary freak so the notepads are my ultimate want. x

Posted by sarah gray on 14/12/2013 23:32:22

Gravatar for Lauren Main

the felt christmas tree decorations are so gorgeous!

Posted by Lauren Main on 14/12/2013 23:32:39

Gravatar for Laura Plews

Beautiful items :)

Posted by Laura Plews on 14/12/2013 23:34:33

Gravatar for Katie Walker

Has to be the gingerbread house doorstop it is adorable, so talented

Posted by Katie Walker on 14/12/2013 23:45:32

Gravatar for Harriet

Would love to win the nice doorstop

Posted by Harriet on 15/12/2013 00:01:27

Gravatar for Lu

The Christmas cards!

Posted by Lu on 15/12/2013 03:36:29

Gravatar for Karen wright

Love the gingerbread house x

Posted by Karen wright on 15/12/2013 09:01:09

Gravatar for Sarah Cooper

The Gingerbread House

Posted by Sarah Cooper on 15/12/2013 12:06:59

Gravatar for helen atkins

Love them all especially the gingerbread house xx

Posted by helen atkins on 15/12/2013 12:34:44

Gravatar for Jo Booth

I love this :)

Posted by Jo Booth on 15/12/2013 13:20:13

Gravatar for Erica Field

The gingerbread house x

Posted by Erica Field on 15/12/2013 13:21:02

Gravatar for Pam Gregory

Felt Christmas Pudding Tree Decoration

Posted by Pam Gregory on 15/12/2013 13:34:58

Gravatar for Natalie Crossan

I love the Christmas cards :D xx

Posted by Natalie Crossan on 15/12/2013 13:44:36

Gravatar for Susan H

The doorstop looks fun

Posted by Susan H on 15/12/2013 14:32:57

Gravatar for George Brown

now this prize is really something different

Posted by George Brown on 15/12/2013 14:59:38

Gravatar for Amanda Norwood

The Christmas Pudding tree decoration

Posted by Amanda Norwood on 15/12/2013 15:01:27

Gravatar for sam Stevens

difficult choice, but I do especially like the floral journals.

Posted by sam Stevens on 15/12/2013 16:39:59

Gravatar for Liz ferguson

I love the gingerbread house.
I also love the floral journals.

Posted by Liz ferguson on 15/12/2013 18:16:01

Gravatar for Sam Toms

fab giveaway could really use this, thanks

Posted by Sam Toms on 15/12/2013 18:49:30

Gravatar for Sam Toms

love the gingerbread house doorstop

Posted by Sam Toms on 15/12/2013 18:52:06

Gravatar for champaklal lad

nice prize

Posted by champaklal lad on 15/12/2013 19:58:25

Gravatar for julie baxter

i love the christmas pudding decoration :)

Posted by julie baxter on 15/12/2013 20:13:03

Gravatar for Natalie Gillham

I love the doorstop, thanks

Posted by Natalie Gillham on 15/12/2013 22:09:49

Gravatar for Samantha Fernley

Gorgeous items, cute name for a company and I love the decorations.

Posted by Samantha Fernley on 15/12/2013 23:14:28

Gravatar for Matt @ Handmade Crafts

And it's all over! That's it for giveaways this year, folks - we'll be back early in 2014, of course.

Our lucky festive winner is.. Amanda! Well done, Claire will be in touch with you shortly. To the rest of you, thanks again for entering and we'll be back soon with our Christmas blog..!

Posted by Matt @ Handmade Crafts on 16/12/2013 09:59:23

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