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Changes are afoot.. and it's very exciting!

30/11/2012 - Matt Chatterley

Thats right! All change! Well, not all - don't panic - we're not doing anything drastic, but things are going to be different around here and that's for sure. Last week, my wife Rosa and I welcomed a very special new addition to our household - baby Erik!

Erik! This has caused us to hurry up and bite the bullet in terms of a few changes to both my full-time occupation (Mattched IT) and other projects such as this one - handmade-crafts.co.uk.

In reality, the site has been suffering for some time because Steve and I are far too busy with the business to give it the time, attention and love that it deserves, which is a shame as I still feel it has a lot of untapped potential.

So it's time for someone new to take charge..

.. but I'm a big believer of 'keeping it in the family', so my lovely wife Rosa (who is also a keen knitter and helped start what I believe is Jersey's first Stitch'n'Bitch group) is going to be taking charge of this site while she's on her maternity leave.

This should mean a number of things including faster responses to your emails and messages, quicker moderation of your links and hopefully more activity on this blog - but I'm also hoping it will allow us to step back, think about HMC a bit more and push forward some new developments to really make something special from the foundations we've laid.

So it's goodnight from me - and it's goodnight from him (kinda)

Steve and I will still be around, especially to start with - and we're still committed to building HMC into the ultimate portal for UK crafters and makers, we're just not the right people to run it day-to-day any more. So all that remains to say is thank you very much for your support so far - and I we can all enjoy what this site will become as much as we've enjoyed getting it to where it is today!


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Gravatar for Rachelxx

Congratulations on your new addition :-)

Posted by Rachelxx on 30/11/2012 21:06:22

Gravatar for dot

Awww lovely! congratulations to you both.

Posted by dot on 01/12/2012 18:08:49

Gravatar for Handbagsbyhelen

Sounds like a plan. Congrats and good luck to you both

Posted by Handbagsbyhelen on 01/12/2012 19:23:39

Gravatar for Holly Hinton

Congratulations Matt & Rosa! Looking forward to seeing what's to come...

Posted by Holly Hinton on 01/12/2012 19:42:24

Gravatar for Steph

Congratulations, what a sweetie! Best of luck with taking on the website as well as your new baby!

Posted by Steph on 03/12/2012 20:35:52

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