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August Giveaway - Corinne Lapierre Creations!


Happy Give-Away day, craft fans!

Hello and welcome back to the Handmade Crafts give-away. We're slightly late this month, because we've been busy with updating the site to allow you to Submit Craft Links to our directory - did you think we'd forgotten about the give away?

A little word from our sponsor

This month's prize has been kindly donated by Corinne Lapierre (of Corinne Lapierre creations). She's got a few words to say - both about the prize and herself, so we'll hand you over in just a second.

You can enter as usual - simply visit Corinne's website, look through her "gallery" and leave a comment on this post telling us which of her lovely items you like best. Entries will be accepted up until Midnight GMT on Sunday 29th August 2010, at our discretion.

Corinne, meet everybody - everybody, meet Corinne!

With a background in fashion design, I have always been passionate about crafts and more so about textiles. Whilst studying millinery, I came across felt and was instantly amazed by the unique qualities of this material!

Felt Pixies I researched and taught myself how to make felt with different wool and in 2009 I launched my craft business Corinne Lapierre Creations, making unique handmade felt accessories, mainly using Merino wool as it is soft and luxurious.

I make a range of fashion accessories (bags, purses and brooches), home accessories (cushions and tableware), children accessories ( soft toys, decorations and baby slippers) and I have recently developed a range of kits for people to make their own creations. I sell online, at craft fairs and to the trade. I also run feltmaking workshops so I can pass on the bug!

Gingerbread Men Felt Kit The prize: Felt Gingerbread Men Kit!

A lovely kit including everything you need to make two felt gingerbread men decorations.

Presented like a baking kit, you will find two pre-cut handmade felt shapes (colours of ginger and cinnamon). The felt is handmade with pure Merino wool.

A small bag of 'raisin-beads', a bag full of 'icing ric-rac', 'icing sugar embroidery cotton', ribbons and a needle as well as the stuffing (Merino wool) and 'recipe'.

More about Corinne Lapierre Creations?
Website: www.corinnelapierre.co.uk
Contact: mail@corinnelapierre.co.uk

Giveaway listed at: ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions

Comments (31)

Gravatar for Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics

Am I the first? :)
I LOVE Corinne's cushions and little felted pots. Her website has a nice welcoming feel about it too.
How fun to win a gingerbread decoration kit. Good luck everyone!

Posted by Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics on 25/08/2010 08:58:36

Gravatar for Kella

It is such a professional welcoming site to visit well done on its design.

My favourite item, though hard to choose from all the fab felted designs, has got to be the 'Scallop green purse bag with black gun metal clasp', the design is so unique and classy.

I hope I win my little girls would love to do this together.

Posted by Kella on 25/08/2010 10:11:36

Gravatar for Sarah Laycock

I simply adore the Pixie dolls - they are so unusual and gorgeously designed - a pleasure for both adults and children alike

Posted by Sarah Laycock on 25/08/2010 10:56:36

Gravatar for Abi

what a lovely website, really nice feel to it too. I love the felted pencil pots - beautiful!

Posted by Abi on 25/08/2010 12:17:20

Gravatar for Anne Nelson

Corinne's website is just great..unclutterd! I love anything made with felt...a great medium to work with.
My favourite item in the gallery is the 'Scallop green purse bag with black gun metal clasp' as well!

Posted by Anne Nelson on 25/08/2010 12:21:03

Gravatar for Michelle Rice

What a fabulous site with so many gorgeous items! My favourite is the BF101 Brown shoulder bag with diagonal green stripes and a long leather strap. What a beautiful bag :o))

Posted by Michelle Rice on 25/08/2010 13:08:08

Gravatar for Patricia Larkin

I love the Pixie stocking in turquoise & moss. This would be so great to hang up for christmas. My daughter has fallen in love with it!

Posted by Patricia Larkin on 25/08/2010 20:49:21

Gravatar for Mary Preston

I have always wanted to try felting. I did it by accident once when I put a wool jumper through the washing machine & then the dryer. I would love this Felt Gingerbread Men Kit as a project for my daughter & myself.

Posted by Mary Preston on 26/08/2010 00:23:55

Gravatar for K. Ashford

My favourite item on Corrine Lapierres website is BF102 - the orange handbag with applique flowers and brown handles.

Posted by K. Ashford on 26/08/2010 01:48:44

Gravatar for c.coldicott-Stirmey

I love everything,the sites a joy to browse.I love all the shoulder bags,but BF 101 is the tops for me

Posted by c.coldicott-Stirmey on 26/08/2010 01:55:55

Gravatar for Emily Proctor

I have to say that I adore the little green merino wool baby slippers!! Wish I had a little one to put them on :)

Gorgeous things galore on the website!

Posted by Emily Proctor on 26/08/2010 07:40:26

Gravatar for Holly Hinton

I love the red & white polka dot cushions - they would match my decor so well and they look really lovely to snuggle up to. Everything is so lovely though...

Posted by Holly Hinton on 26/08/2010 09:05:45

Gravatar for (Keywords removed)

Nice and beautiful creations. They are well made creations and very unique. Corrine you are really an artist, and you showed it with your creations. Keep making more crafts. Fabulous website by the way. Thanks for the post.

Posted by (Keywords removed) on 26/08/2010 09:40:10

Gravatar for Lucy Hill

What a gorgeous website, choc full of gorgeous little pretties! x I actually like the gingerbread men d.i.y. kit best of all, as then I could kid myself that I had half your talent! ;o) Plus it would be a godsend for me atm, as pouring rain + me on crutches = a very bored lil' me, lol!

Posted by Lucy Hill on 26/08/2010 11:08:12

Gravatar for andrea tinkler

Scallop green purse bag with black gun metal clasp' beautiful products. so cute and would make great xmas gifts x

Posted by andrea tinkler on 26/08/2010 14:18:11

Gravatar for Lewis

I like the green wave cushions, would go great with my sofa!

Posted by Lewis on 26/08/2010 15:05:57

Gravatar for laura jones

i love her handbags unique and individual but practical i can imagine they would turn heads and make my friends envious!!

Posted by laura jones on 26/08/2010 15:39:22

Gravatar for Charlotte

These are lovely, I was looking at the website with my daughter and would love to sit with her and make one!

Posted by Charlotte on 27/08/2010 09:45:30

Gravatar for Annabelle

Stumbled upon you ... what a great site and so inspiring. Love the pixie dolls especially.

Posted by Annabelle on 27/08/2010 10:49:07

Gravatar for Martine Ellis

Gorgeous! Lovely website and products. Love the gingerbread men kits:0)

Posted by Martine Ellis on 27/08/2010 11:33:31

Gravatar for Samantha Ripley

My little girl loves the gingerbread man in shrek and would think this kit is the best ever! she loves creative tasks.
My favourite item on the site is the blankets/playmats my princess cant sleep without a blanket she lovingly refers to as a snuggy wuggy and these are just gorgeous

Posted by Samantha Ripley on 27/08/2010 21:38:25

Gravatar for NIckie C

These are so sweet, would love them!

I'm a handbag nut so my favourite item is the trapeze bag.

Posted by NIckie C on 28/08/2010 09:51:09

Gravatar for (Keywords removed)

I myself really loves gingerbread man. Actually. I really love everything above... the art, the creativity and etc. She is such a talented artist. Keep it up!

Posted by (Keywords removed) on 28/08/2010 10:11:05

Gravatar for LISA

i love them all

Posted by LISA on 28/08/2010 12:14:57

Gravatar for emma barron

my daughter would love these, she's only 4 but she is so creative already - designer in the making!!

Posted by emma barron on 28/08/2010 20:52:35

Gravatar for Michelle P

To my mates i'm Polka Dot Princess
So imagine my delight
When your creations caught my eye and
I visited your site
Your polka dot cushion filled me with glee, I "NEED" it now - it's true!
The problem is, it doesnt stop there
I want the handbag too!

Posted by Michelle P on 29/08/2010 00:37:44

Gravatar for Hel cruse

I love the duck down filled cushions. Only thing is, I'd love them too much to leave them for other people to snuggle into. I'd have them all for myself on my bed!

Posted by Hel cruse on 29/08/2010 11:12:42

Gravatar for Amy Walter-Thomas

Pixie dolls are realy cuuute!

Posted by Amy Walter-Thomas on 29/08/2010 13:39:55

Gravatar for (Keywords removed)

Love those little craft kits. Its a great idea. I would do more stuff like that if i didn't have to chase down the materials

Posted by (Keywords removed) on 29/08/2010 13:45:49

Gravatar for Matt Chatterley

Just a short note to let everyone know that the give-away is now closed - we will announce the winner shortly!

Posted by Matt Chatterley on 31/08/2010 05:11:32

Gravatar for Corinne

Hi everyone and thank you for your lovely positive comments! Just got back from holiday and reading them all has really motivated me! A big thank you to you all!
More craft kits to come very soon!

Posted by Corinne on 03/09/2010 12:09:38

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