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A Jubilant June - with Kims Colourway


The June Giveaway - A beautiful bag by Kims Colourway

Welcome back to our blog - and another giveaway. A friend of ours, who has sponsored several before has stepped in at short notice to rescue us this month, while we organise a load of new sponsors for the rest of the year - many thanks to everyone who has contacted us (there are more spaces if anyone else is interested, too)!

The rules are as usual: to enter, visit our sponsor's links (at the end of the post) and post a comment here, telling us which of their makes you like best. Entries are accepted at our discretion and the winner will be chosen at random. The giveaway will close at midnight on Thursday 28th June 2012.

Kims Colourway

Hello there, I am Kim from Kims Colourway. I love to crochet and have been doing it for about 4 years now. I started my own business soon after that. I make a variety of items which are mostly custom made.

Kims Colourway - Letter Pillows

I have recently started making bags with a cotton lining. I love the granny stitch bags I have made which you can see on my Facebook page along with so many other items I have made in the past.

Kims Colourway - Jubilee

For the giveaway this month, I have made this Jubilee inspired bag using both my crocheting and sewing skills. Each square was crocheted in blue, red and white, sewed together then I have sewed the London inspired cotton lining using my sewing machine.

Visit Kims Colourway now!

Giveaway listed at: ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions and Competitions Today.

Comments (36)

Gravatar for Linda Rumsey

I love the Letter Cushions. They look great in a bedroom.

Posted by Linda Rumsey on 22/06/2012 19:53:07

Gravatar for iain maciver

fab giveaway

Posted by iain maciver on 22/06/2012 23:17:53

Gravatar for Mary Preston

I absolutely love this. What a great bag. I wish my crochet skills were up to this standard.

Posted by Mary Preston on 23/06/2012 00:26:44

Gravatar for Pauline Wilson

I love the name bunting, its great for people with slightly unusual names who can't buy personalised stuff. I can't get my daughters name on stuff in shops so she would love this :-D

Posted by Pauline Wilson on 23/06/2012 08:53:48

Gravatar for Gina Andrews

I wish I could crochet, really awesome stuff! Well done
Gina x

Posted by Gina Andrews on 23/06/2012 09:19:32

Gravatar for wendy evans

I would love to learn to crochet the granny square bag is lovely

Posted by wendy evans on 23/06/2012 09:41:50

Gravatar for Diane Radford

What a lovely bag, funky!

Posted by Diane Radford on 23/06/2012 10:40:06

Gravatar for Alice Howard

The stripy alphabet cushions are amazing, I need some in my life! Wow

Posted by Alice Howard on 23/06/2012 12:41:11

Gravatar for Helen Woolgar

My daughter aged 3 loves wearing the crochet items from kims colourway. We get comments on how lovely wherever we go. I have just seen this bag and love it to bits!!! Helen xxx

Posted by Helen Woolgar on 23/06/2012 13:51:39

Gravatar for claire griffiths

lovely :)

Posted by claire griffiths on 23/06/2012 18:21:11

Gravatar for Kathy  D

Great bag - would love this

Posted by Kathy D on 23/06/2012 18:46:16

Gravatar for andrea tinkler

Your very clever. Thats beautiful. Love the letter cushions too x x

Posted by andrea tinkler on 23/06/2012 21:43:43

Gravatar for Donna Lawton

I absolutely love the ear flap hat. I don't know what size it is but either me or my daughter would happily wear that. "Share Mummy, share!" is all I would hear...lol x

Posted by Donna Lawton on 24/06/2012 09:16:13

Gravatar for christina king

lovin the letters, LFC would be amazeballs lol x

Posted by christina king on 24/06/2012 14:51:04

Gravatar for siobhan

brilliant giveaway :) i adore the jubilee inspired bag its so unique. id be so proud to wear this on my shoulder. cushions are fab too wish i had a talent like this x

Posted by siobhan on 24/06/2012 22:31:19

Gravatar for HELEN  LLOYD

Love the crocheted Jubille bagss
Great for all our summer celebrations!

Posted by HELEN LLOYD on 25/06/2012 05:12:52

Gravatar for Katie Usmar

Amazing items as always, Love the crocheted cakes that we got off you and these bags are stunning, am saving up for one now!!

Posted by Katie Usmar on 25/06/2012 16:51:42

Gravatar for Chris Hyde

Hi, my favourite item is the rosette top and matching bag, in red, white and pink.

But I must admit I like everything that Kim makes, and having had some of her pieces in the past, I KNOW how well made they are.

Posted by Chris Hyde on 25/06/2012 17:29:56

Gravatar for Jilly Martin

This bag is beautiful. I love that it is a jubilee inspired bag but what I love most of all is how vintage it looks! Xx

Posted by Jilly Martin on 25/06/2012 18:55:00

Gravatar for Claire D

Please enter me

Posted by Claire D on 25/06/2012 20:03:31

Gravatar for Samantha Ripley

I love the little owl bags and hats! there so cute

Posted by Samantha Ripley on 25/06/2012 22:14:33

Gravatar for Nancy Townsend

I love the blanket in the cover photos. My nan made me one a long time ago with a blue border. I still treasure it.

Posted by Nancy Townsend on 25/06/2012 23:01:50

Gravatar for leslie

I love the letters they are fantastic, you are such an amazing person, with a brilliant skill. Would love LEL in pillows <3

Posted by leslie on 26/06/2012 12:26:31

Gravatar for Emma Bradshaw

Love the owl purses as I'm into all things owl and they are so cute!

Posted by Emma Bradshaw on 26/06/2012 21:16:47

Gravatar for kim plant

fantastic comp wonderfull prizes x

Posted by kim plant on 26/06/2012 21:36:08

Gravatar for harriet westcott

The letter cushions are fab.

Posted by harriet westcott on 27/06/2012 00:19:32

Gravatar for georgina sudron

what a lovely design a great necessity to take away on holiday

Posted by georgina sudron on 27/06/2012 11:42:57

Gravatar for Maria Messruther

wow that bag is gorgeous i would use it especially for the beach its big, bright and colourful.

Posted by Maria Messruther on 27/06/2012 12:28:52

Gravatar for Richard Moore

I love the bags with the owl faces on, they are so quirky and cute! The jubilee bag looks great, nice handywork!

Posted by Richard Moore on 27/06/2012 15:40:21

Gravatar for olivia kirby

Aww I like the little Owl purses! So cute!

Posted by olivia kirby on 27/06/2012 15:43:59

Gravatar for Lois Pethybridge

Love the owl hats!!

Posted by Lois Pethybridge on 27/06/2012 16:18:32

Gravatar for claire matthews-curtis

love this, would be great to win it :)

Posted by claire matthews-curtis on 28/06/2012 10:01:35

Gravatar for Irene Murdoch

Love the jubilee bag - very British!

Posted by Irene Murdoch on 28/06/2012 15:56:13

Gravatar for kim heeps

wow they are lovely so unique!

Posted by kim heeps on 28/06/2012 20:42:09

Gravatar for Hayley Kinnaird

Love these, fab competition thank you xx

Posted by Hayley Kinnaird on 28/06/2012 22:20:37

Gravatar for Matt @ Handmade Crafts

Thank you so much everyone for entering. We've picked the winner (with random.org) and it is..... Emma Bradshaw! Congrats Emma - Kim will be in touch with you shortly.

And we'll be back next month with another giveaway!

Posted by Matt @ Handmade Crafts on 29/06/2012 07:01:43

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