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A few little changes..


It's been quite a while since we've made any changes here at HMC - and today we've released the latest version of our site. This includes a few fixes, newer bits of code and other internal things that aren't going to make a lot of difference to you.

The main change is that we've moved the site onto our in-house CMS platform, Cloudeware. This means it'll be much easier for us to update the blog and to post news articles (previously we had to edit files by hand), so we should be able to be more active on here - and to post your craft news faster.

As part of these changes, we've also integrated our blog and news with our newsletter - so you'll automatically get an email when we post something new. As you know we're always looking to improve things, so we'd love your feedback on how you feel this is working, once you've seen it in action.

This is a bit of a milestone for us and we feel it gives us better tools with which to move HMC forwards in the future with the end goal of bringing as much attention as possible to the wonderful things crafted in the UK.

Quick, look right!

See those lonely, empty advert slots to the right? We normally sell them for £5/month + VAT, but to celebrate finally getting this release out the door, we're offering them for half price.

The first four people to buy a standard advertising slot will be asked to pay £2.50/month (or £25/year) + VAT. Offer open until the end of April 2012 or until four slots have been sold - which ever happens first. Doesn't apply to banners or the two premium slots at the top of the page.

Send in your news!

And thats all. We'll see you soon. The April giveaway is in the pipeline, so is another guest blog about starting and running a craft business - but if you'd like to write a guest blog, or have some news you'd like us to publish, just get in touch!

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