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February Giveaway - Dotties Doll Clothes


February 2011 Crafts Giveaway: Dotties Doll Clothes Emporium

Dotties Doll Clothes Emporium

Hello everyone and welcome to the February Crafts Giveaway! It's been a busy month here at handmade-crafts.co.uk, with the launch of our free craft event listings, which has lead to our highest traffic month ever!

Rest assured we've got more lined up for you this year - although we'll be giving "craft events" a bit of a chance to settle in before we add anything else to the site (we also want to tidy up the links directory a bit).

Anyway, back to the main event! This month's giveaway is sponsored by Dotties Doll Clothes Emporium, but more about that in a moment. The usual rules apply - you must leave a comment (about Dottie's website and/or her Doll's Clothes) below, before midnight on Monday 28th February 2011. Entries will be accepted at our discretion and a winner will be chosen at random.

About Dotties Dolls Clothes Emporium

Baby Annabell outfit by Dotties Dot makes and sells dolls clothes for all the popular dolls of today, including Annabell, Baby Born, American Girl, Barbie, Bratz, ty Girlz and various others. Her ranges of outfits cover a wide variety of styles made to suit most of the popular dolls - and most of the things that children would want for their dolls!

Most designs are unique as they are only produced once and Dottie's Emporium also offers a bespoke service producing custom orders such as judo and karate suits to fit American Girl.

In addition to her wonderful range of dolls clothes and outfits, Dot also makes 13 inch Rag Dolls along with exclusive clothes to fit them.

So say "No!" to mass produced, factory fit Dolls Outfits and take a look at the lovely, original and hand-made alternative - Dotties Doll Clothes Emporium!

This months prize, as donated by Dot, is an outfit to fit Baby Annabell, consisting of a dress and mop-cap, as shown in the photo to the right.

Find out more about Dotties Doll Clothes Emporium

Giveaway listed at: ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions

Comments (18)

Gravatar for bella smyth

i like the fact that they are hand made with love rather than being mass made,and Dotties Doll Clothes Emporium is a fab site with loads of lovly things just brilliant for our little girls dollys, nice one keep up the fab work x

Posted by bella smyth on 23/02/2011 12:42:24

Gravatar for Kella

My girls would certainly fight over this if I am lucky enough to win.

Dotties handmade dolly creations are definately unique.

I particularly like the doll jewellery ideas.

Posted by Kella on 23/02/2011 12:55:27

Gravatar for Yvonne

This is a lovely site. I particularly like the adorable rag dollies - they are very good value considering the time it must take to make them.

Posted by Yvonne on 23/02/2011 13:19:19

Gravatar for claire woods

This is very pretty.

Posted by claire woods on 23/02/2011 22:05:14

Gravatar for laura stewart

This site is great wish i could of found it earlier. My daughter is very much into her dolls at the moment.

Posted by laura stewart on 24/02/2011 09:27:55

Gravatar for Margaret Hamilton

A beautiful online shop that treats the doll owner seriously. No matter your age, if you love dolls you want them to be dressed beautifully and uniquely.

Posted by Margaret Hamilton on 24/02/2011 17:29:42

Gravatar for andrea tinkler

beautiful prize. I remember when my daughter was first born. she only weighed 4lb and we had to go to a doll dress maker for clothing as premature clothing was not available then. I would love to win this and give her a good home x

Posted by andrea tinkler on 24/02/2011 19:58:28

Gravatar for Kirsty Jane Fox

Fantastic clothes, really great because they are original

Posted by Kirsty Jane Fox on 24/02/2011 20:33:41

Gravatar for Catharine

Lovely site, my little girl would love this as she prefers handmade garments.x

Posted by Catharine on 24/02/2011 20:34:58

Gravatar for Sherrie

Love the rag dollies! Just found your site, i really like it. Bookmarked!

Posted by Sherrie on 24/02/2011 20:54:53

Gravatar for jerry

cant believe there still places were they produce hand-made things! good for you guys!

Posted by jerry on 25/02/2011 16:41:40

Gravatar for phyllis ellett

What a brilliant website Dottie's website is. Have bookmarket it. As Grandparents of a 2 1/2 year old who now is getting into dolls. This site is on our list to buy her extras for her soon to be expanding collection. Thanks for letting us know this site exsits xx

Posted by phyllis ellett on 26/02/2011 09:42:31

Gravatar for Zoe Campbell

How lovely to be able to get such unique things rather than mass market

Posted by Zoe Campbell on 27/02/2011 12:03:03

Gravatar for KATHY  DOWNING

The best dressed dolly in town

Posted by KATHY DOWNING on 27/02/2011 16:12:07

Gravatar for Marzena

this shop has beautiful ans unusual rag dolls.I had similar doll when I was a child

Posted by Marzena on 28/02/2011 14:34:59

Gravatar for Samy

such beautiful unique pieces and some great ideas, so much better look and quality than anything you could find mass produced

Posted by Samy on 28/02/2011 14:40:56

Gravatar for Matt Chatterley

Thanks for all your entries, everyone - the give-away is now closed! We will be drawing the winner later today and will update the blog with the results.. :)

Posted by Matt Chatterley on 01/03/2011 06:47:33

Gravatar for Dot

Congratulations Laura, I have e-mailed you for your address so that I can send your givaway to you. Thanks to you all for your lovely comments.

Posted by Dot on 02/03/2011 10:21:46

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