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Advertisers wishing to promote Arts & Crafts related products to our audience have a choice of three different levels of advertising.

Details and prices given here are correct at the time of publication and all prices are exclusive of VAT.

All prices are for the display of an advert, in rotation, on certain pages, for a period of time - no charge is made based on the number of clicks or impressions. We are able to offer graphic design services upon request (at extra cost).

All revenue from advertising goes directly towards the maintenance and further development of

Would Classifed Advertising suit you better?

If you're trying to advertise a product or service, having a sale or even de-stashing, then our Classified Advertising section might suit you better than our Site Advertising slots. To use Classifieds, you buy tokens (for £1 + VAT each) and spend them on adverts. A standard advert costs just £1 (+VAT) for a month.

As of September 2013, a Classified Advert was receiving an average of 92 hits (users who click the advert in our listings to see the full details) per month. That's more or less a penny a view!

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Banner/Slot Adverts - The Benefits!

The main thing you need it know is: "How many people will see my advert?" so we've included our traffic statistics below for you to see. They go all the way back to 2009. In a typical month we currently receive 2000-2500 visits, which we are always working on increasing.

Options start from just £5 a month + VAT

2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
January 1176 846 2166 2386 2538
February 640 872 2416 2447 2495
March 1090 971 2681 2356 2455
April 639 993 1976 2539 1987
May 571 1234 2192 2771 2243
June 638 1191 2286 2204 1939
July 641 1555 2588 1997 2132
August 709 1897 2627 2335 2400
September 618 1872 2578 2761 2773
October 680 1821 2799 2955 2243
November 658 1776 2872 2856 2091
December 457 1577 1928 1712 1617

Standard Adverts

£50 per year (12 months) or £5 per month

125 x 125 pixel graphic advert

Displayed as one of a block of four adverts on the side of advertising pages, in a rotation (not guaranteed to be above the scroll point, as they are in the bottom section of the page).

Premium Adverts

£100 per year (12 months) or £10 per month

125 x 125 pixel graphic advert

Displayed as one of a block of two adverts on the side of advertising pages, in a rotation (above the scroll point, as they are in the top section of the page).

Banner Adverts

£200 per year (12 months) or £20 per month

468 x 60 pixel graphic advert

Displayed as single, stand-alone adverts at the top and bottom of advertising pages, in rotation.

Which pages show adverts?

We are currently showing advertisements on all pages of the site, however, if we feel that adverts compromise the quality of a specific area, we reserve the right to make some pages advert-free. We will always show advertisements on the main (landing) page of the site.

Please note that all craft advert links are marked as no-follow in order to comply with Google's Webmaster Guidelines on Paid Links.

We're happy to add a do-follow link to our craft directory for you, though!

How does advert rotation work?

All adverts will be rotated evenly, e.g. if there are ten Premium Adverts in the system, a different one will be shown on each page view, and each advert will repeat once every ten pages.

If you want your advert to show up more often, you can always buy more than one block, to obtain more places in the rotation!

Can I use an animated gif for my advert?

In general, the answer is no. We'd rather not have too many moving/distracting elements on the site - and in broader terms, we reserve the right to reject an advert if it is very brighly coloured and might prove a distraction.

However, that said, we always try to be reasonable and might be prepared to accept an animation if it is subtle and does not detract from the site/it's content in any way, so please do ask first.

Get more information or reserve your slot now!

If you'd like to know more about advertising and the conditions under which we provide it, then please get in touch. As well as answering any questions which you have, we will update this page (if appropriate), as an aid to future visitors.

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